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Save the date: Katie + John, Tyninghame Beach

2014 December 9

It’s freezing and wet outside but this two birds will warm your hearts for sure!

Spending lovely autumn afternoon with this two actually I should write three ( Katie beloved dog Telly joined us for the shoot as well) was nothing but a pleasure! Everything was there light, joy, and love- my three favourite things!

Love Katie’s blue eyes which perfectly suited the shoot theme and her smile which brighting up the whole frame better then the sun! She is defo one lucky girl who is happy to have a man beside her like John -charming, handsome and strong like a rock. Sounds like a perfect match? I don’t know but what I know is that world is slightly brighten and warmer  when they are next to each other.. <3

Their save the date session makes me want their wedding to happen NOW! But I just have to be patience and wait till next July and dream about the perfect wedding ….

Too many photos from that day that you can’t miss the animation which is at the bottom of the post with more photos in it!

May your heart and souls warm up after this post!



01_Save the date  Dunbar

02_Save the date  Dunbar
03_Save the date  Dunbar
04_Save the date  Dunbar
05_Save the date  Dunbar
06_Save the date  Dunbar
07_Save the date  Dunbar
08_Save the date  Dunbar
09_Save the date  Dunbar
10_Save the date  Dunbar
11_Save the date  Dunbar
12_Save the date  Dunbar
13_Save the date  Dunbar
14_Save the date  Dunbar
15_Save the date  Dunbar
16_Save the date  Dunbar
17_Save the date  Dunbar
18_Save the date  Dunbar
19_Save the date  Dunbar
20_Save the date  Dunbar
21_Save the date  Dunbar
22_Save the date  Dunbar
23_Save the date  Dunbar
24_Save the date  Dunbar
25_Save the date  Dunbar
26_Save the date  Dunbar
27_Save the date  Dunbar
28_Save the date  Dunbar
29_Save the date  Dunbar
30_Save the date  Dunbar
31_Save the date  Dunbar
32_Save the date  Dunbar

Hit play below to see watch a sideshow with more photos in it from Katie’s and John save the date photo session.

Save the date: Elaam + Ho Yan, Pettycur Bay

2014 November 21
Elaam & HoYan first met at a church in Edinburgh during their teenage years. It wasn’t long until Elaam fell for HoYan… If you ask Elaam, she can assure you that her crush on HoYan was no big secret! Five years later, in summer 2010, they finally got together! All the magic happened on a beach near Burntisland, where HoYan asked Elaam out & where he proposed! A truly special place for the both of them. And well… the rest is history!
So have said that we have back to the Pattycur Bay to recreate the proposal! I loved that you can really see that Elaam was really enjoyed the shoot and so all of us!  Ho Yan he was quite shy in front of the camera at the bigging but every time he looked his beautiful girl it was like he gets some super power! I love that sparkle in between two  people!  Nothing but great things are in store for them!
I would like to share with you few words which Elaam and Ho Yan wrote about each other:
What Elaam loves about HoYan:
- I love how I can be silly & childish around HoYan 
- He is a very easy-going person & always available to help others
- For me, he is super funny & he is my handsome man! :) 
What HoYan loves about Elaam: 
- She was the first girl I ever asked out (on that beach)
- We are very much opposites in thought process and personality
- She likes helping those in need
- She makes me feel that I can be myself around her
- Her smile and her laugh
- She is always beautiful to me, even when she doesn’t think so

Do I have to add something else? I don’t think so! All I can say that you must watch an animation at the bottom of the post to see whole session from that day! And definitely watch out for their wedding photos next year which I’m sure will be a FABULOUS day!!

p.s. Elaam , Ho Yan thank you so much for amazing day! I truly can’t wait for 2015! Bring it on!


Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography

If you want to see more photos from Elaam and Ho Yan engagement photo session hit play below! Enjoy!


Save the date: Ailsa + Neil, Dollar

2014 November 13

Hello, how are you getting on with cold wind and wet weather? I’m having a wee sunshine in the house which Makes me happy everyday – of what is this I will write in the another post! Very excited to post that soon!

Today I will be sharing engagement photos of my last couple this year Ailsa and Neil.
I can’t wait cuz it will be filled with all the festive atmosphere!
For their shoot we went to their home town Dollar and again we visited place that I’ve never been! Beautiful woodland with castle on the top of the hill make outstanding surrounding! Ailsa have one of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! And she is beautiful girl! I love how Neil was making Ailsa laugh and relaxed, definitely right person by her side!

Counting days to the BIG DAY!

With love



p.s. Check the slide show at the bottom for more photos from Ailsa and Neil save the date shoot!


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Save the date: Melissa + Rob, Edinburgh

2014 October 30

I start with this, that Melissa wrote to me some time ago that she’s coming to Edinburgh with her fiance from her homeland USA :) and they really would like to do some engagement shoot while they are here. They both like to travel and visit new places so it was great opportunity to get the shoot done in beautiful surroundings of old town in Edinburgh. We emailed for a few weeks so we can know each other better. During that time I already knew that it’s gonna be very special photo shoot.

Day of their arriving was coming with the huge steps, and I was very excited about the session. On the day of their arrival I got an email from Melissa that their luggage was on it’s own trip somewhere else. We hoped that their stuff will arrive until our session day. On the next day they found out that their luggage not gonna be here for the next few days, and I was worrying about our shoot. Fortunately they decided to get some new clothes so the session just slipped few hours. I must say and I know it must sounds cruel that I couldn’t be more happy that someone lost their luggage. lol That is of course cause if the session would be at the planned time we couldn’t get so perfect sundown for the pictures. The most excited and extraordinary was the approach of  Rob and Melissa. The fly carrier lost their luggage  and trust me they had no stuff at all, but they still kept smiling and had lot of fun together on the shoot :)) It was great to experience that! I could shoot with them all day long and I wished to spent more time with them. They are really great people to be around. Also the sparkle between them was a nice thing to see and I wish them happy engagement :)

Hope You enjoyed the stay in Scotland.

I hope that these photos will put smile on your face!

Stay Fabulous!

p.s. Don’t forget to see an animation with more photos at the bottom of the post!



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Save the date: Julie + John, Grassmarket – Edinburgh

2014 October 28

Outside the window is proper Autumn – cold and wet but in my office the temperature is so hot from a lot of work!

Early this autumn I meet with Julie and John who come from England for their save the date photos. They are getting married this coming Saturday in Edinburgh at the lovely Lothian Chambers. Today I’m happy to share the images which me made.

I love the fact that when I meet with them they were quite nervous. They didn’t know what to expect, but then I could see how quick they started to relax and at the end they told me they really enjoyed! Nothing make me happier then to hear from my clients that they don’t feel that I take photos :)

Julie and John like quirky and  atmospheric location so was no doubt that it has to be Grassmarket in Edinburgh.

I look forward for Saturday!


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Save the date: Heather + Sthephen, South Queensferry

2014 October 21

Hello everyone.

It’s lots of going on still in the wedding season and in my privet life as well.  I’m happy to say that today it’s one of the most excited time of my life cause my sister just gave birth to her first baby and I’m officially proud auntie.

Right. Let’s go back to photos. Today I present you an engagement session I took few weeks back with Heather and Stephen at my favourite spot – South Queensferry. As you can see the weather was perfect and the couple was great as well. I can’t wait for their big day which is this Saturday at Signet library in Edinburgh.

Great, have a lovely week and don’t forget to see the animation at the bottom of the post with more photos from this session :)



01_Engagement session edinburgh
02_Engagement session edinburgh
03_Engagement session edinburgh
04_Engagement session edinburgh
05_Engagement session edinburgh
06_Engagement session edinburgh
07_Engagement session edinburgh
08_Engagement session edinburgh
09_Engagement session edinburgh
10_Engagement session edinburgh
11_Engagement session edinburgh
12_Engagement session edinburgh
13_Engagement session edinburgh
14_Engagement session edinburgh
15_Engagement session edinburgh

Here’s the animation to see more photos :)



Save the date: Jill + Rob, Bo’ness

2014 October 5

” We first start speaking on the train to and from university in Glasgow…  and the love has begun…”

No wonder why this two clicked with each other. The chemistry between them is like a cherry on top of the cake! For their engagement session we want to re create their beginning, so we went to Bo’ness to have  a nice steam train but on that day we found out that it’s a special day for kids with “Thomas the tank”! We had a lots of fun with that and still made photos which  are one of my favourite! I loved loved loved how natural they both were, and I’m so super excited for their wedding which is this Saturday!!

Please enjoy the photos and don’t forget to see the slideshow with more photos in it which is at the bottom of the post!





001_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
002_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
003_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
004_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
005_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh

I love that Jill made this cute manicure for the date.

006_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
007_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
008_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
009_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
010_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
011_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
012_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
013_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
014_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
015_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
016_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
017_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
018_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
019_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
020_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
021_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
022_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
023_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
024_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
025_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
026_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
027_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
028_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh
029_engagement Jill and Rob Edinburgh

Hit play to see more photos!

Save the date: Silvia + Ferenc, Cramond, Edinburgh

2014 August 30
by Karolina Kotkiewicz
I have never had so drastic change of the weather on my engagement shoot. I’ve met with Silvia and Ferenc in summer evening knowing it’s gonna be sunny and warm. After the initial meeting in the nice Cramond pub we found out that outside had been totally different weather then when we walked in to it. It was really foggy and a wee bit chilli. How great was our surprise!

That was not the end of the surprises. When we walked for our session, we saw a little kitten crying on the nearby roof. He couldn’t get off of it. We decided to help him and knocked the door informing the owner of the cat. The lady asked us for help and Ferenc as a guy should be climbed up the ladder to rescue the poor thing. Of course I have to captured it :)

After Rescue mission we could start our session.

Silvia and Ferenc met in Scotland all thou they come from the different parts of Europe. Silvia is Spanish and Ferenc is Hungarian.

There is a similar saying about finding your second half. Spanish say you need to find another half of your orange and Hungarians You need to find another half of lemon. They decided to connect and they took for the session mixed basket of oranges and lemons.They had so much fun with it. :)

I think it’s bold to say that no matter you’re orange or lemon, it’s important that you bathe in the same juice of love.
Their wedding is in week time from now and I bet it’s gonna be juicy :)) and in the mean time I invite you to watch the pictures below.


To see more photos and the ” Rescue mission” click the slideshow at the bottom of the post.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!





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Wedding sneak peak: Elizabeth + Ken, Solsgirth House

2014 August 28

Today I will  share with you a small selection of the photos I took on the Elizabeth and Ken’s wedding at lovely Solsgirth House few weeks back. They flew from America to get married in beautiful scenery in Scotland.  Elizabeth was gorgeous bride  to work with and by the Ken’s side she was blooming even more! 


With love ,






Save the date: Melissa + James, Dean Village, Edinburgh

2014 August 16

I love to work in beautiful weather and amazing light with pretty bride to be and handsome groom. That was the case when I took off to Dean Village in Edinburgh with Melissa and James. It was sunny and warm day and the couple – you can see it yourself – was good looking too. James reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise from the Top Gun movie – funny enough he is the pilot too!   What to wish more?  :))  We had great time walking under the Deans bridge on the banks of Water of Leith, with a company of nice grey cat :) It was walking behind us almost all the time. Pity it had only one eye like a pirate. James and Melissa were there for the very first time and I’m very happy that they love the place cuz is one of my favorite spots in Edinburgh.

Overall it was great afternoon spent with very relaxed couple and I can’t wait for their Big day in few weeks! 

As always I invite you to watch the video at the bottom of this post.





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