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Drumtochty Castle Wedding | Natalie & Adam

2017 September 16

I want to take you today on a trip to Drumtochty Castle Wedding. This is one of the most extraordinary venues up North and we will definitely be back for more 🙂

Natalie and Adam are originally form down South where they live now, but chose this fantastic venue to tie the knot. Getting ready is always nervous. I would say that it’s mostly nervous for the brides, but it’s not true. It was the case though with Natalie. I could see that under the pretty face there’s so much going on 🙂 It’s always nice to see those emotions, as I believe it shows how much this means for her. Also the weather in the morning didn’t help either, was pouring down. But we were still in faith that our lucky charm will work again later on…

The ceremony took place in the nearby St Palladius Church. Natalie was brought to the church by very romantic horse carriage. We had a really bad weather in the morning and was thinking it’s gonna by like that whole day but luckily after the ceremony the rain stopped and we had a chance to take fabulous photos by the nearby pond, as well as on the castle grounds.

The day finished with ceilidh dances and we can easily say that everybody enjoyed that.

Natalie and Adam. We wish you all the best and hope that you’re enjoying married life as much as you’ve enjoyed your wedding day.


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Dalhousie Castle Wedding – Jenn & Ant

2017 September 12

It’s been a while since last time we were in Dalhousie Castle but we were very happy to come back here with lovely couple – Jenn and Ant. Jenn looked like a real princess and the Castle suited her so well! 

As always we started morning with shooting details and went straight to the preparation for the day. It was quite emotional for Jenn  and her parents. Jenn’s mum shed few tears, when seeing her daughter dress up in the stunning dress. Ant patiently waited for his wife to be and was rather excited to finally marry love of his life.

There is lovely ritual at the Dalhousie castle as the owl brings the wedding rings to the couple and everyone was very excited about it. Best man bravely dealth with this lovely bird and at the end Jenn and Ant had opportunity to hold it as well!    

We had quite a  mix of weather on the day so we had to work along. Once the rain stopped, we sneak to the castle grounds for some portraits. Ant’s heritage is Chinese, so there was a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony. As Jenn is huge fan of Hello Kitty (she have sweet tattoo on her feet) they couldn’t be missed  beside the cake! The day went so well and everyone seems to really enjoy it. It’s been a pleasure to work for Jenn and Ant and their family and friends! They are such a generous people with big hearts!


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Glencorse house wedding – Lynsay and Stuart

2017 September 6

It was definitely “purple rain” at the Glencorse House on Lynsay and Stuart’s wedding all in positive meaning of course! From the early morning when Lynsay was quite nervous about her emotions, through burst during the ceremony, to actual fun and relaxed at the end! We had literally 10 min after the ceremony for portrait shoot at the pond when rain started to fall again. But that did not spoil the great party that was about to happen at the evening! Cocktail themed wedding couldn’t go wrong! The dance floor was shaking from all those great dancers! And we call it successful and happy day! 

Congratulations once again to Lynsay and Stuart! It was an honour to be part of the day! 


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Calton Hill engagement session | Joey + Terry

2017 August 31

Last week we have “travelled” with you and our couples love stories to different places but today we are taking you back to beloved Edinburgh with Joey and Terry. They settle their life in London but their heart and family are in the centre of Scotland and this is the place where they are going to get married next Monday.

For their engagement session they choose the most popular spot in Edinburgh where you can see the whole city – Calton Hill. We had glorious weather that day and really enjoyed the walk. When we were getting back down to the city at the back of Calton Hill local lady spotted us taking photos of lovely couple. She offered that she will open the secret garden for us. Of course we took the offer and we sneak to the most beautiful garden in the city centre with amazing private view on the whole city! The spacious Royal terrace gardens is one of the most extraordinary place you’ll probably won’t read in the city guide. Only the locals can get access to that place and we were lucky to be at the right place at the right moment 🙂

There was nobody there so we had the whole place for ourselves. The light was magical and Joey and Terry really made our job easy! They are very beautiful, fun couple with whom you can hang about! Even tho they are so energetic and fun couple there is something very calm about them, something that feels right…

I know it will be emotional and exciting day on Monday and I can’t wait to document their first day as a husband and wife! On top of that it will be my last wedding this year!

Let’s take a look at their photos!


Carlton Hill engagement session (1)

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Glencoe – Save The Date | Denise + Perry

2017 August 22

I’m quite excited about today’s post because it’s a first shoot of this kind that I ever done in highlands – Glencoe engagement session. I have been many time to Glencoe and always loved this place so much and wished that one day, one of our couples would like to have a shoot up here. And the dream came true, with Denise and Perry. What was more special, that fact it was first time for them in highlands. I was able to capture the real feelings of them when they saw this outstanding views.
The weather unfortunately wasn’t good for us and we got very soaked wet, but in my opinion this rain and fog made this photos even more intimate and romantic. And the fact that Denise and Perry didn’t care much about it, just embrace the wind and rain.

Earlier this year I did photograph Perry’s sister wedding and that way we know each other. I was chuffed when Perry and Denise asked me to be their story teller on their wedding too.

Denise and Perry have been together for 5 years and they both value same things – family, and care for each other. Denise has a heart of gold filled with love and always wishes for the best for people. What Denise love about Perry is his singing and calmness which he brings to those around him.
They so looking forward spending everyday together as husband and wife and sharing their special moment with their closest friends and family.
 I look forward to document their first day as a husband and wife!

Take a look at this amazing couple and views! To see more photos please scroll down and click play on the animation! Enjoy!


Glencoe engagement session (1)

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St. Andrews Save The Date | Eilidh + Ben

2017 August 21

This week we will take you for couple of journeys to different places of course with our love stories 🙂 

Today we are heading to St.Andrews where we met with Eilidh and Ben for their engagement photo shoot some time ago. It was lovely, but windy evening walk at the beach and stonish pier. 
They live down south, but Eilidh is from Scotland and they’ve met at St.Andrews Uni. This is the place where they will get married as well this coming Saturday. I can’t wait to see them again cuz on our shoot they both was already super excited about their Big Day, so I can only imagine how they are  feeling right now! 
As I mentioned above they met at St.Andrews Uni and even tho, they know each other for some time they’ve clicked at their friend’s birthday party some time later. Ben won Eilidh over with his amazing chat about being a ‘bouncer’ at the “Bop”. 
Apparently Eilidh was the only person who did not see the proposal day coming. It is not a surprise as she was under the impression they had only been going out for 3 years when for real it was more like 4 and a half! 
When their colleagues said Ben might propose she replay “I think I know my boyfriend better than you guys,” Woops! 
There were tell tail signs in Paris as well, however Eilidh didn’t see them again. They had plans to see the show in the Moulin Rouge, but Ben being so excited about the proposal,  forgot the tickets for the show. He thought he only had to remember the ring :)! A small win for Eilidh, as  she got to eat two desserts when he ran back to the hotel for the tickets.
Ben was graced with the moment to propose, when She asked him on a scale of 1 to 7  about how serious things were between them. You may ask why 1-7 ?! Funny enough I was thinking about that as well and they said that “there is no middle on that scale”. Obviously the answer was probably 11 as she said yes when he proposed. They’ve decide to keep the big secret until the next day, before saying the news to everybody 🙂
The wedding ceremony is the thing that they are more excited about. It means so much to them to stand in front of their friends and family where it all began (St Andrews) and show their promise to each other.

St. Andrews Save The Date (36)

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