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Save the date: Silvia + Ferenc, Cramond, Edinburgh

2014 August 30
by Karolina Kotkiewicz
I have never had so drastic change of the weather on my engagement shoot. I’ve met with Silvia and Ferenc in summer evening knowing it’s gonna be sunny and warm. After the initial meeting in the nice Cramond pub we found out that outside had been totally different weather then when we walked in to it. It was really foggy and a wee bit chilli. How great was our surprise!

That was not the end of the surprises. When we walked for our session, we saw a little kitten crying on the nearby roof. He couldn’t get off of it. We decided to help him and knocked the door informing the owner of the cat. The lady asked us for help and Ferenc as a guy should be climbed up the ladder to rescue the poor thing. Of course I have to captured it :)

After Rescue mission we could start our session.

Silvia and Ferenc met in Scotland all thou they come from the different parts of Europe. Silvia is Spanish and Ferenc is Hungarian.

There is a similar saying about finding your second half. Spanish say you need to find another half of your orange and Hungarians You need to find another half of lemon. They decided to connect and they took for the session mixed basket of oranges and lemons.They had so much fun with it. :)

I think it’s bold to say that no matter you’re orange or lemon, it’s important that you bathe in the same juice of love.
Their wedding is in week time from now and I bet it’s gonna be juicy :)) and in the mean time I invite you to watch the pictures below.


To see more photos and the ” Rescue mission” click the slideshow at the bottom of the post.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!





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Wedding sneak peak: Elizabeth + Ken, Solsgirth House

2014 August 28

Today I will  share with you a small selection of the photos I took on the Elizabeth and Ken’s wedding at lovely Solsgirth House few weeks back. They flew from America to get married in beautiful scenery in Scotland.  Elizabeth was gorgeous bride  to work with and by the Ken’s side she was blooming even more! 


With love ,






Save the date: Melissa + James, Dean Village, Edinburgh

2014 August 16

I love to work in beautiful weather and amazing light with pretty bride to be and handsome groom. That was the case when I took off to Dean Village in Edinburgh with Melissa and James. It was sunny and warm day and the couple – you can see it yourself – was good looking too. James reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise from the Top Gun movie – funny enough he is the pilot too!   What to wish more?  :))  We had great time walking under the Deans bridge on the banks of Water of Leith, with a company of nice grey cat :) It was walking behind us almost all the time. Pity it had only one eye like a pirate. James and Melissa were there for the very first time and I’m very happy that they love the place cuz is one of my favorite spots in Edinburgh.

Overall it was great afternoon spent with very relaxed couple and I can’t wait for their Big day in few weeks! 

As always I invite you to watch the video at the bottom of this post.





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Save the date: Monika + Harry, Eyemouth

2014 August 7

As the era of computing is growing and growing more and more, couples meeting each other online.. . That’s how it was with Monika and Harry. Harry had wonderful romantic idea of proposing Monika on their first date spot at the  Eyemouth cliff  but that day was terrible it rained so he split the question at home without the doubt that Monika will say Yes!
To make it more special they choose Eyemouth for their engagement session with me and that couldn’t be a better idea! They were well organised with props and outfits. We visited as well lovely Gullane beach at the end to blow some lanterns for good luck. Those two has definitely a style and love to each other. The word – Boring does not exist in their dictionary! Look at the photos! Even middle of the session they were showing me some tango steps on the beach! Ahhh Aren’t they romantic?
Counting days to the big day this month!

Make sure you watch a slideshow with more photos at the bottom of the post.

With love,




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Save the date: Michalina + Chris, Gullane Beach

2014 July 15

When two people meet each other in their life and share same passion nothing can be more perfect. Michalina and Chris couldn’t be better match. Both love travelling with their cute caravan ( I’m so jealous ;) ) and spend time together in nature. It looks like they don’t need anybody to accompany them. Pure joy of love. And I’m so excited to document their special day this Saturday!

To see more photos from Michalina and Chris’s engagement session please hit play at the bottom of the post.





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Save the date: Sarah + Tom, North Berwick

2014 July 2

Tom used to work with Ricky in the past so we know each other. When we found out that he propose his partner Sarah and they want me to photograph their wedding I couldn’t be more happier, cuz I know it will be lot of fun! There will be good wine and champagne ( Tom is French ), beautiful details ( Sarah’s part ), fun and loving couple and if everything goes well ceremony at the North Berwick beach. Isn’t sound like perfect wedding?

Obviously we have made the engagement session at the North Berwick where Sarah come from. We had beautiful weather and lighting. It was so much fun taking the photos of them two. But when they hit close to each other the sweetness was melting the heart.

The wedding is going to be this Saturday so please everyone who is invited let’s do the sunshine dance to make sure it will shine for Sarah and Tom.


To see more photos from their save the date session please hit play at the bottom of the post for animation.


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Save the date: Elizabeth + Ken, Edinburgh

2014 June 28

She was reading a book on plane, the minute after they started talking to each other, and then magic happened…. She still have a book on which she wrote his number…

Elizabeth and Ken each of them from different side of the world met in the middle …. Love hasn’t its geographical boundaries :)

I meet them yesterday  after they flew from USA for a very little pre wedding session and discus last details about their Big Day which is just on Monday! I was amazed how stunning and natural they are! Very looking forward for Monday!

Enjoy the photos. To see more photos from this photo session click on the slideshow at the bottom of the post.




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Save the date: Cheryl + Anthony, Edinburgh

2014 June 20
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

I met Cheryl and Anthony first time last year on their best friends wedding. Few months after Cheryl contacted me about their wedding plans and saying that they would like me to be their wedding photographer! I couldn’t be more happier!

I know that for some people (a specially guys) is hard to be in front of the camera. Anthony was one of that guys and I were unsure if we actually going to do engagement shoot. I was very stubborn and keep nagging him that this is why I do this shoot. I wanted him to see how I work and get use to me so on the Big day he will be fine with lot’s of shoot not only from me but also from other guest.  In the very last minute he finally said YES! And i’m so glad that we did this shoot. Cuz he not only learn how I work and get confident with me but I think he also had good fun and at the end he was doing it like a pro! Not to mention that Cheryl, stunning girl was so easy to work with! Such a natural beauty! Very inspiring! Ant is a big fan of motorbikes and there was no question for me not to have one on the shooting day! I think both of them look great together and I can’t wait for the big day which is this Saturday! Looking forward to shoot again in the Orocco Pier at the South Queensferry.

Please check the slideshow with more photos at the bottom of the post!


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Wedding sneak peak: Colleen + Stuart, Balbirnie House

2014 June 17

It was an insanely gorgeous day at Balbirnie House for Colleen and Stuart’s wedding. The morning start with a lovely sunshine and then pouring rain for the ceremony and end up with amazing sunny light just straight after the ceremony when was needed for photographs! Once again my lucky charm has worked!

I was amazed by so classy look of Colleen and charming Stuart. So beautiful and natural couple to work with! I wish you eternal happiness! Thank you – it was a honour for me to be there for you.


Venue: Balbirnie House

Make up and Hair: Made Over Ladies

Registered Celebrant: Marilyn Jackson

Cake: DediCAKEd



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Wedding sneak peak: Kirsty + Darran, Royal Scots Club Edinburgh

2014 June 7

It’s time for another sneak peak from last Saturday’s wedding. I always say this all the time that no wedding is the same, and every time I feel that each wedding is unique and special. This time was exactly the same. I was blown away by stunning look of the bride and amazing speech ( I should say singing !! ) by the Bride’s sister! It was incredible emotional and beautiful! Her sister use a lot of music from many musicals and wrote her own song/story about her sister! With the help of the bridesmaids they made huge WOOWW factor! 

The whole wedding was very emotional and beautiful- people , details and the atmosphere- incredible to capture!

I would love to thanks Kirsty and Darran for letting me witnesses it, and capture all of it for you! I know you are on honeymoon right now and hope you have FABULOUS time so I would love to wish you many happy years together! It was a honour to be your wedding story teller!

Enjoy your sneak peak!


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