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Ingliston Country Club wedding: Jordan + Craig

2015 November 23

Today will be a bit emotional post because I will show my last wedding of the year here. 

And I just want to take a moment to thank every couple who trusted me to document their one of the most beautiful days in their life. It’s been an honor to be part of your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being amazing for us! With many of you we made great friends and I couldn’t wish for better clients. Because of you we are motivated to keep going and improving our service and skills! 

We will now have  a month break, when we will be charging our batteries for next season, which starts just on the 2nd of January! 

But before that please let me show you a small collection from last Saturday’s wedding which took place at the Ingliston Country Club

Jordan and Craig had black bow tie style wedding which I think perfectly suited the Salerno Suite atmosphere. The dimmed and cozy lights this is something what I really like. The weather was great, a bit chili but dry. The whole wedding party was great fun! Jordan and Craig looked like a million dollars and really enjoyed every minuted of it!  Couldn’t wish for better end of the season! 




0001_Ingliston Country club wedding

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Save The Date: Jordan + Craig

2015 November 16

Like most of the young people they met on the day out at the night club and things get further. Their first date was Chinese and a movie. Both of them felt very nervous. Craig wanted to really impress Jordan as he straight away felt she is the one! He thought she is beautiful and have good sense of humor. Have said that Jordan had butterflies all that evening and remember that day like it was yesterday. What’s Jordan really likes about Craig is that  he is different from anyone that she have ever met, very shy but very persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

As Craig knew from the very beginning that she is the one he doesn’t want to wait long to propose her. So after 6 months being together he decided to ask the question and the perfect place for that, was taking Jordan for a holiday  to Spain where Jordan spend every summer with her family and she call this place “secret garden”. Having already so many beautiful memories from that place Craig wanted to make it even more memorable and special for her. With a help of Jordan’s sister they arranged the proposal to take place within the garden.  Jordan and Craig went for dinner alone whilst her sister arranged a candle display within the garden. Later that evening he proposed to her. Obviously Jordan couldn’t  dreamed  for a better proposal – and she said YES!!

They both really excited for this coming weekend as they are going to tie the knot in style! But the future is bright for them as they will raise their family together! 




001_Engagement photography Scotland

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Altskeith House Wedding: Nicola + Andrew, Loch Ard

2015 November 6

So yesterday I was documenting a beautiful wedding of Nicola and Andrew. 

If I would have to describe with one word that day it would be :  romantic. 

It was cozy, it was romantic, even the weather made it suited to the wedding atmosphere.  Most of all, the love and passion that those two have for each other was beyond beautiful! And I wish them keep loving each other the way they do!


Congratulations Nicola and Andrew! 

Thank you for trusting us to document your wedding day  for you and your family. It was a huge honor! 

Wishing you marvelous honeymoon!


01_Altskeith wedding

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Save The Date: Nicola + Andrew

2015 November 2

Autumn still showing us her beauty and today’s post will be in the mood of autumn apples, yellow leaves and mature love… 

Nicola and Andrew I can not wait for Thursday! 



01_Nicola and Andrew engagement session

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Save the Date: Rhian + Gareth, Edinburgh

2015 October 6

They used to meet walking their dogs up the Blackford Hill in Edinburgh. Gareth used to walk Black Labrador – Archie after work every day and Rhian walked her two Yorkshire Terriers -Robbo and Ruby. There were about ten people in the group with dogs who used to meet. Rhian was the youngest female in the group, the other dog walkers were all in their sixties, mostly divorced women. Rhian thought that Gareth is really funny and the most lovely person she ever meet, so she did everything to make sure that his eyes are on her! She didn’t have to, as he was very drive into her chatty and happy being personality.

Their first date…. hmm both of them had two different memories so I would only say that they end up laughing and kissing the whole day :)

Three and a half years after, Gareth propose Rhian on Christmas day. And it wouldn’t be Gareth if he did not made something funny so he wear Santa Mankini and pop the question to Rhian. She was absolutely thrilled with excitement. And so Gareth was as she said yes :)

“You only live once” – this is the motto that exactly describe both of their personalities. They don’t take life too seriously at all. That’s why they always smiling. And they are very looking forward to celebrate best day in their life with their family and friends.

And after this engagement session I’m thrilled and excited to document that day for them! I bet I will have sore tummy the next day from laughing!


01_save the date Edinburgh

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Save the date: Kim + Danny, Edinburgh

2015 September 21
by Karolina Kotkiewicz


They meet at the ski resort in France, he push her in the snow, she push him back and they met their match!

First date involved Kim coming to Scotland to visit from Hertfordshire where she lived. They spend all weekend like a tourists hanging around Edinburgh including trip to Loch Lomond where Danny organize romantic dinner at the lovely restaurant. He centrally want Kim to fall in love with Scotland and probably not only Scotland… The cheeky side of Kim attracted Danny so much and the way she put him at easy when they chat made him want her stay forever.

Weekend get to end and in the next few month they been travelling Edinburgh – London just so they can spend some time with each other. They were hooked! One day Kim handed her notice at work, move up to Scotland and never look back. Best decision ever? Sure it was! She love his smile and the way his eyes light up. She felt that being with Danny is best feeling in the world so why not to feel that all the time!? :)

You can literally say their love was on fire!

A year after being with each other they planned romantic weekend ‘nessy hunting’ in Loch Ness. As Danny is romantic everyday Kim didn’t found it strange when he start fussing around with lighting candles for the dinner and makes room ambient. He asked Kim to get the champagne flutes which she got. After missing the ring In the cupboard and being redirected, she spotted it and was speechless….

However as she reached to retrieve the ring her pashmina got caught by Danny’s very romantic candles. He had to get up from one knee to put out the flames! Once the fire on Kim’s pashmina was put out, Danny got back down on one knee and said the most beautiful things and asked Kim to be his wife, of course she said yes :)

Danny is  most excited about seeing Kimberley walk down the aisle. And this dream will come true this weekend! She obviously cant wait to see his reaction to it!

Having someone to share life’s experiences with, starting a family and knowing that no matter what their face, Danny and Kim always be able to get through it together.  This is what they look forward after the wedding day.

And I can’t wait to document begging of their married life at the beautiful Loch Lomond this weekend.



01_Danny and kim save the date

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