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Danish wedding traditions at Balbirnie House with Gillian and Rene

2016 April 28

Danish wedding traditions at Balbirnie House’ wedding.

So lovely to be back in our beloved venue Balbirnie House in Markinch, Glenrothes! And great start of the spring with new fresh interior design in some of the rooms!

Last weekend wedding was one of the weddings you’ll remember for long time, as this was mixed wedding of Scottish girl Gillian and Danish guy Rene. I’ll remember weddings like that for their extraordinary atmospheres. Specially that it’s always different wedding traditions in each country. As many of us know the Scottish wedding traditions there’s new once here. In Denmark until the time after the ceremony everything is quite this same. The fun starts at the meal time 🙂 

001_ Balbirnie House wedding photos

I always like to come back to Balbirnie House. The weather never disappoints here.

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Inverleith Park Engagement photo session with Erin and Andrew

2016 April 25

Erin and Andrew first met through one of their mutual friends. They met in a bar in Stockbridge. They had good time and  then Andrew felt like asking Erin out on a date and the rest is history…  First date – one pizza and few cocktails. Since then Erin and Andrew have always loved trying out new cocktails together. They now always make it a goal to try new cocktail places when they travel.

More and more dates  went on, and they couldn’t help falling for each other. Both of them felt there is something special about their relationship.

It was early December after being over a year together when Andrew and Erin were not going to be spending Christmas together. He told Erin that he booked somewhere for Christmas Dinner so they could have a meal.  The night before he told Erin where lunch was which was Edinburgh Castle but she was still unaware of what he was going to do. They had fantastic romantic time there. Andrew knowing what he was going to do he suggested that they take a walk around the castle after the meal. Fortunately they found part of the castle ramparts that where clear of tourists. He looked around, to check it was empty and asked her to marry him.  After she said yes a wedding car passed by.  Andrew choose Edinburgh Castle as it’s so visible from around of Edinburgh. Therefore it will always remind both of them of that special day.

And they will drink many cocktails together as the years pass by 🙂 

For the Engagement session they chose Inverleith Park for a nice walk and a view on their beloved Edinburgh Castle where it all begun. They wedding also will take place at the heart of Edinburgh – St Andrew’s Church at the George street following by the reception at the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens.  And It’s just few days left to their big day now! 



Inverleith park

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Fab Copenhagen engagement shoot

2016 April 16

Today I would like to take you to Copenhagen.

Last September when I was visiting my sister in Denmark I had a chance to meet Gillian and Rene who live in Copenhagen. They are getting married in Scotland where Gillian comes from but I thought it will be great idea to do it there and make round in this beautiful city!  I do love shooting engagement sessions in the city cuz is giving us so many lovely backgrounds and textures to the photos. And Copenhagen ohhh!!! This colors!  just wonderful!  But let me tell you a bit about Gillian and Rene…..


Rene and Gillian met in Australia in  2009.  She was living in Melbourne with 2 friends in a big townhouse, having been working in Australia for about a year.  They were looking for a fourth housemate so put out an advert on one of these “flatmate finders “ websites. Rene came to view the place, which he didn’t get as he was going back to Denmark too soon. But they hit it off from the beginning and start dating.

They first date was at a French restaurant in Melbourne called Madame SouSou. They had a romantic dinner and a few drinks afterwards with a long chat. They were going to this place after quite a bit to reminisce about their first date. 

After he finished his degree, Rene moved back to Australia in 2010 and they lived there together until recently.

On their fifth year anniversary Rene had something special  in mind but he din’t want Gillian to be suspicious so he let her organize weekend away. While having a great time  and celebrate their 5th year together Rene surprise Gillian with a question and the ring. Guess what she said? 🙂 YES !!! 

They are so looking forward to bringing their families and friends together to celebrate. Especially excited that the Danes will get to experience some Scottish wedding traditions and vice versa! and me to photograph all this moments for them!

Not long to their big day! Just one week to go!!




Copenhagen bikes and buildings

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Lothian Chambers Edinburgh : Dominika + Patryk

2016 April 12

Lothian Chambers is very familiar venue for us so coming back here once again we felt like home. Patryk was already waiting for their family and friends to arrive smiley but nervous a bit. Looking sharp in his blue shade suit and green Dominka’s favorite color tie.  When all the guest arrived Dominka appear in the style with white long limo. She was ready to get married to the love her of life. 

They had intimate day with the closest family and friends as they planning big catholic ceremony in Poland. Dominka combine this day with her 30th birthday which was right on the day. 

Dominika and Patryk I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to capture this special day for you. No doubt you were made for each other and wish you many happy days together!  I can not wait to share the rest of images with you! 


01_Lothian Chambers wedding photos


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Marlins Wynd Wedding: Val + Chris

2016 April 10


This wedding was small and intimate but with big heart! Shooting for the very first time in Malrins Wynd I knew I will have a dark atmospheric light similar to the twin venue The Caves that I had a chance to shoot in last year. What I love about this venues is that they have light that I like to play with and always challenge me for some new perspective. 

Chris and Val are sweet couple who know that they are made for each other after knowing each other for many years. Val has worn very unique dress on the day which suited the venue atmosphere. When I asked Val and Chris what they want me to photograph on the day, they said ” moments”. There ware lots of beautiful moments on your day and I’m so happy I had a privilege to capture them for you! Thank you, thank you! 

At the grand finale Val and Chris  had their first dance which was tango! I had a goosebumps! Just wonderful!  

Take a look at the small collection from that day! 






01_Marlins Wynd Wedding photos


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Barony Castle: Gem + Paul

2016 April 6

We’ve been first time to the Barony Castle and we really like this venue! Even tho we did not had a chance to use beautiful land despite the weather. 

The day started with girls getting ready and very excited and emotional mum which couldn’t take eyes of her beautiful  daughter Gem. 

In the boys room Paul was struggling to tight the tie so needed the instruction and help of his groomsman to get it sorted. Lots of laugh during that release the nerves. 
During the ceremony Gem’s father gave emotional reading and even I had to dry the tear.
After the most important part of the day everyone just got them self together and cherish this day with them! It was wonderful to watch both families blending together since Paul and his family are from Ireland. 
Gem and Paul, I cannot thank you enough for your warmth  and kindness.  I know your wedding photography was very important to you, and I thank you for giving me free hand to create images that I hope you adore as much as I adored capturing them for you!


Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography


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