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Popinjay Hotel – Summer wedding at South Lanarkshire

2016 June 22

We would love to share another wonderful summer wedding , this time from Popinjay Hotel, South Lanarkshire. Wedding season is in high peak and we’re trying to keep up with blogging. It was first time over there and we’re stunned with the outdoor premises of this hotel. There’s not much to be excited about when you stand in front it. It looks just like any village pub from outside. But when you head to the gardens, omg… it’s so beautiful. Starting with the gate on the side ending on the clock in the middle of it. Sharon and Thomson couldn’t choose better venue for their wedding. It feels so cosy and just so them. We’ve had excellent weather so the ceremony itself took place right outside.

Sharon and Thomson I know how much you wanted this day to be fun and relaxed. And it was exactly like this. It was a pleasure to be part of your day and we wish you happy marriage, and all the best in the future.


001_Popinjay Wedding photography

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Airth Castle Wedding day of Mhairi and Nicky

2016 June 11

Today is the day of Airth Castle wedding. This wedding was all about love, family and amazing friendship! It was first Airth Castle wedding for us and we like this venue for it versatility and many options for great photos!  


001_Airth Castle Photos Karolina Kotkiewicz

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Gullane Beach with Katherine and Harry – Save The Date

2016 June 7

Just when the weather started to kiss us with a springy feel I meet with Katherine and Harry and cute puppy Freya for their engagement session at the Gullane beach. I like to go back there with my couples and it seems the popular spot for the engagement shoot. We spend lovely evening shooting with the most beautiful golden light. I like watching these two, their chemistry is wonderful – not to mention capture it! 🙂

The whole scenery and the feel which those two left me with after that day made me so looking forward to their wedding in two weeks time! 

To see more photos please click on the slideshow at the bottom of the post.



001_Katherine and Harry save the date

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Burgh Halls summer wedding

2016 May 31

Today I want to share with you Burgh Halls summer wedding of Jenni and Gary. I will be bombarding you with few weddings this week on my blog, so get ready. Summer peak time is here :))

Jenni and Gary were very lucky with the weather, as you know it can be tricky here in Scotland. They wedding took place in Burgh Halls, recently renovated (2011) venue just beside the Linlithgow Castle, Linlithgow. The palace itself was house of the kings and queen of Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries.

All about this wedding was great. The couple, the ceremony, the people. Everything is perfect when you’re surrounded by the people you love and care about. Specially son of the bride and groom, which was cheerful, and quite happy seeing his mom going through the aisle to meet her hubby to be. Pitty only there was no too many kids after the ceremony for him to play with, althou Jenni and Gary took care of that perfectly. That’s what you call perfect parenthood.


01_ Burgh Halls Wedding photos

Beautiful detailed Jenni’s shoes and ring were lovely to photograph. On top of that the Daisy Dream perfume gift from Gary in the morning for Jenni made perfect match.

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Engagement session Lauriston Castle

2016 May 30

This is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh as I’ve done some amazing shoots there for my personal projects, so it wasn’t too long to think when Eilidh suggested to do their engagement session at Lauriston Castle. One of the nicest places to go for a walk, spend some time in Japanese garden and enjoying beautiful grounds.

Eilidh and Cameron first met at Ye Olde Inn working together. Althou it wasn’t love at first sight, after a while they decide to go on for the first date for a dinner. And so on, five and a half years later Cameron decided to propose. In Eilidh words “finally”.  She obviously said yes 🙂 It wasn’t really romantic as Cameron is not too romantic guy they’ve went for ring hunting in Glasgow. She remembers that day tho as he wrote cute poem for her. 

They are getting marries this coming Saturday at Glencorse House. It’s always great to go back there and enjoy all the love and happiness. Beautiful weather is on the way guys. You’re so very lucky 🙂 Enjoy the day and share the love to each other with your baby Cameron and obviously your cute dog Rambo.


01_ Engagement photos Edinburgh

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Our 14th anniversary

2016 May 25
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

14 years…. when did that time pass? I feel like yesterday when I saw you for the first time in Edinburgh. You were completely opposite personality then me. I was full of energy walking with the head in the clouds, and you stable and quiet guy looking at the world with distance. But when I looked into your eyes the only thing I could see was your big heart, your kindness and warmth.

I know i’m not the perfect person on the world and there are days that its hard to live with me but I thank you and love you for that you still love my imperfections. In this 14 years we have been through many things together, bad and good. We had open our little business and devoted ourselfs  completely to it. We work with passion to make our business and ourselfs better everyday. We failure everyday and learn everyday about each other, and our love become stronger!  

You are my rock, my root. Life is simply better with you by my side, and for that thank you! Happy 14th anniversary Ricky! 

Photo taken by our dear friend Lena Sabala


Recently we have been helping our another friend who work at Studio 5  with his new project and I think he came with it in perfect timing

here is a little video that he makes and show a bit of us 🙂 


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