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Save the date: Lauren + Robert

2015 May 26

I’m always super excited when I have to do engagement session with my couples! Not only because I got a chance to get them know more which is very important for me but also that often they take me and Ricky to the places that we never been before. Some of them are close to us and we never knew about this places before. It’s so exciting! 

That happen when we went with Lauren and Robert do their save the date photos. We meet early evening right before sunset. They took us to the place where Robert grow up on East Lothian. I was blown away by the beauty of this place. Robert was very organized! He prepare picnic place the day before, he hang pompons on the trees and  packed all the food and drink. He is such a romantic guy! Lauren had me at her smile. It was so lovely to see her laughing all the time. 

I’m very looking forward for their wedding day in 3 weeks time and have more romantic and joy moments!


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Wedding sneak peak: Caroline + Ally, Drumkilbo House

2015 May 25

Words can’t describe how much I love Caroline and Ally’s wedding last Saturday at the Drumkilbo House! Not only because I knew Caroline ( she was a bridesmaid for her best friend last year and I was covering that wedding), but for all the emotions,  laugh, JOY, tears ( YES even me tho!! I was crying the whole wedding – hope nobody seen it ;) !! ) and for being simply wonderful day filled with amazing friends and family! On top of that the weather was magic and spread us with sun rays, right at the time, as the ceremony was outside! Not to mention the whole little personalized  DIY details which makes beautiful atmosphere.

Caroline and Ally it was so wonderful watching you getting married and being so happy about it,  so your friends and family! Caroline you are SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN  but your heart is even more beautiful! Ally you are great company for Caroline always cool and fun but I know that you are also humble and strong guy. Watching you together melt my heart!     

It was a honor to be there and document that day for you! We love you and sending once again huge congratulations!




Best wedding photographer 2015 award!

2015 May 22

I’m absolutely thrilled to be awarded  photographer on Best Wedding Photographer Wedisson.

But best thing is that there are three photos that judges decided to give award! The competition is really tough as there is so many amazing photographers from all over the world and being chosen in between them It’s a huge honor for me!

A heartfelt thanks to all my couples  – you’re the reason I do what I do. To be invited to spend such an incredibly important day with loved ones – and made to feel like part of the family – and to be trusted to use my vision to tell the story of your wedding day is something I am eternally grateful for.

Much love to you all!




Thank you for choosing me for your Edinburgh wedding photographer!

Lake Como wedding – Villa Balbianello

2015 April 15
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

Last week was a bit intense! I was traveling again to the beautiful country Italy- Lake Como for a wedding and then just a day after I come back I was shooting a L’Oreal Color Trophy competition in Glasgow. I seriously needed one day to recover! So now me refreshed and relaxed back to the office!

I wish I could share the whole set of photos from this stunning wedding from Italy but unfortunately I can’t and there is only few photos I can show you so here it is a little teaser of what I have been up to!




The ceremony took place at the wonderful Villa Balbianello    where some scenes from James Bond movie was filmed, then reception followed at the very luxury 5 star Grand Hotel Tremezzo!

We’ve been very lucky with the weather, it was warm obviously but not windy – which is very common in this area!  It was so sad to leave this place! But I’m so happy we could be part of it and I can’t wait to share the whole gallery with the couple!

Once again thank you for trusting me and thank you for having us as a part of your wedding day! It was already magical to be back to this venue and be there with you was a true treat.

Save the date: Laura + Gareth

2015 April 8

Week before our shoot with Laura and Gareth I got an email  from them about  their beloved dog Oscar that he isn’t well and they really want to include him to their engagement session. They wasn’t sure if Oscar will even make it. Fortunately Oscar make it and we meet with them in the woods near their house where they like going for a walks with Oscar. Did I said before that I love Scottish woods? If yes then I will say once again I love it! It’s so magical light and atmosphere there. This is the place where I like to clear my mind.

Oscar is such a beautiful Doberman dog and I wish him long happy and healthy life. He is doing quite well so fingers cross. I can see he was so happy that he could join us, so Laura and Gareth.

The natural surrounding made Laura and Gareth relax and we had beautiful walk and fun chat during the shoot. I really like their chemistry between each other. Once their touch themselves the world stop for a moment!  

Thank you Laura and Gareth for fabulous time that day!  Your are wonderful people to be around with and I can not wait for your wedding day in May at the Archerfield House. I’m sure nothing but great things are in store!


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Trey + Steven, Balbirnie House Wedding

2015 March 24

 In the previous post I was sharing photographs from Trey and Steven’s save the date photo shoot today I will be showing you their wedding day which took place at the Balbirnie House, last Thursday.

Working at the Balbirnie Housee is always a pleasure I love the proximity to the garden, the classic style of the bride’s getting ready room, and the kindness of the house staff.

Trey and Steven’s wedding was a fabulous vintage theme with guests dressing in 1930’s and 1940’s attire and the spring weather on that day was perfect for a wedding day!


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Save the date: Steven + Trey, Dunblane

2015 March 5

In just two weeks I will be back to Balbirnie House photographing this two loving life people! 

I did their engagement photo shoot few weeks ago in Dunblane where Steven comes from. The weather was nice and crisp, and those two aghhhh well I never lough so much on the photo shoot! If their wedding is like their save the date session ( which I got a feeling it will be!!! ) nothing but great things are cooking!!

I like the way Steven was taking care of Trey, he was giving her his warm hands when she was cold. Isn’t that perfect man as a husband? :)

Trey, her smile brightens the whole place. I can’t wait to see you on wedding day wearing your perfect dress!

Surly your Big Day will be one to remember !



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Wedding: Silvia + Ferenc, Crowne Plaza Edinburgh

2015 March 3


Beautiful and emotional. Two words which simply and perfectly describe the wedding day of Silvia and Ferenc.

This wasn’t my first wedding in Crowne Plaza in Edinburgh. I shoot there few years back but this time I had completely different view for that wedding. Shooting weddings abroad this place truly reminds me of a little Italy, Tuscany maybe because of the tall trees.  Add on top of that two deeply in love people from two different countries ( Spain and Hungary)  and perfect wedding is in the making.


01_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

I started the wedding with groom getting ready in the beautiful garden at the back of the hotel. Loved groom’s grey pastel suit with pinky flourish tie.

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Wedding sneak peak: Silvia + Ferenc, Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace

2015 January 29

In the next following weeks I will be catching up with blogging. I will be posting weddings from last year and will show you my favorite shoots! Today a small sneak peak of what’s next on the blog! Silvia and Ferenc’s wedding which took place at the Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace. I seriously can’t wait to show more photos from this gorgeous day! Hope this sneak peak will make you excited!  What I like about this venue is that it’s got beautiful small garden at the back which reminds me a bit of Italy :)



Save the date: Lianne + Helen

2015 January 22

It’s been a while since my last post!

First of I would like to wish all my readers Happy New Year! I hope you all have had fantastic Christmas and New Year! I’ve been away and just recently got back to work. Have said that I’m happy to post my first 2015 post here about two lovely ladies Lianne and Helen!

Lianne and Helen are getting married…. oh well TOMORROW!! :) But today I will be showing you some photos from their pre wedding shoot from yesterday. When I first time meet the girls I forgot that time exist! To be honest I felt like I’m dinning out with two best friends! We laughed , talk about our pets and most of all about their wonderful relationship. Helen is a driving instructor and that way she meet Lianne. It was so funny to hear that Helen was deliberately saying that Lianne need more lessons just to spend more time with her ;) I’m sure Lianne is super good driver now and both of them have long journey ahead!

Please take a look at their photos!



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