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Our 14th anniversary

2016 May 25
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

14 years…. when did that time pass? I feel like yesterday when I saw you for the first time in Edinburgh. You were completely opposite personality then me. I was full of energy walking with the head in the clouds, and you stable and quiet guy looking at the world with distance. But when I looked into your eyes the only thing I could see was your big heart, your kindness and warmth.

I know i’m not the perfect person on the world and there are days that its hard to live with me but I thank you and love you for that you still love my imperfections. In this 14 years we have been through many things together, bad and good. We had open our little business and devoted ourselfs  completely to it. We work with passion to make our business and ourselfs better everyday. We failure everyday and learn everyday about each other, and our love become stronger!  

You are my rock, my root. Life is simply better with you by my side, and for that thank you! Happy 14th anniversary Ricky! 

Photo taken by our dear friend Lena Sabala


Recently we have been helping our another friend who work at Studio 5  with his new project and I think he came with it in perfect timing

here is a little video that he makes and show a bit of us 🙂 

Sharon and Thomson’s – Farm engagement photo session

2016 May 24
They met online and they were both closing their accounts when Thomson decided to message just one more girl and then delete his dating account and luckily for him Sharon was that girl!
On the first date they both certainly felt a chemistry and  felt very comfortable with each other straight away. From the dinner at the local hotel that they went for the first date, they both have the same lasting memory of that – that all night they only had eyes for each other, When asked for the bill they realized that the restaurant had emptied and they hadn’t even noticed. Thomson loved the way she made him laugh and he felt he could tell her anything. Sharon on the other hand could completely be herself right from the start so wasn’t a good point for dating more? 🙂
 After three years being together Sharon had picked a ring but Thomson had said that he would only buy the ring and ask when the time was right – a month later they went for a few days to York and after a lovely Italian dinner they were walking back to the hotel and as they passed York Minster he pulled Sharon to the steps and in front of strangers asked her to marry him – very sweet.  Couldn’t have picked a better place as York is one of Sharon’s  favorite places.
 This Saturday they finally will be complete as a couple.  
For their engagement photo session we went to their farm and they show us around their daily life with their gorgeous horses, two dogs and three cats. Life is simple <3 


001_ Sharon and Thomsonsave the date

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Chatelherault Country Park, Save The Date: Mhairi + Nicky

2016 May 20

They met at high school but never spoke to each other until about 3rd year even though they got on the same bus every day. At the third year he sat next to Mhairi in Spanish classes and copy all her answers during the test! Since then their love began…

Nicky was very confident with his cooking skills so he thought that inviting Mhairi to his house and cook his best Fajita dish will be a good idea! He was right – the girl loved it (even tho there where no salad in the fajita 😉 ) and they had great evening laughing and chatting.

One day, 5 years later, at Nicky’s parents house,  Nicky gave Mhairi a letter that he had written every day when he was on holiday with his friends. He went upstairs to pick up something and she opened it. It says in it, how he missed her and the little things that he missed about being with Mhairi and how he knew that she was who he wanted to be with. She was reading it (completely unaware that this was the lead up to the proposal) thinking that it would be a good thing to do whenever he proposed! Once she finished reading it, she looked up and he was on one knee holding the ring and he asked to marry him. It took what felt like ages for her to process what was happening, of course, she said yes!

For their engagement session we went to their neighbour Chatelherault Country Park where they like spending their free time. We had an amazing light and most of all FUN! Looking at this two you can easy say that they are never bored with each other. Nicky and Mhairi are strong and wonderful people individually but together they got the power!   Nicky sweetly making Mhairi laughing and she love it, as she always did! The chemistry between them is so intensive that I can’t wait to see what’s in store on their wedding day next week! 



001_ Chatelherault Country Park save the date

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Braid Hills sunny e-session – Jeni + Gary

2016 May 13
They first met at a work training evening in a posh hotel in Edinburgh. Jenni knew Gary already as they both worked for the same company. There was definitely a spark for Jenni after that meeting! Gary has been transfer into the same shop as Jenni at that time. Saying that it was a good ‘job opportunity and promotion’ but Jenni believe he has asked secretly for transfer so he could be close to her 😉 No wonder why, Jenni looked very attractive to him! 
When we meet for our engagement shoot Gary was a bit shy but the moment I step away from them I could see how he makes Jenni lough and this is what she loves about him! 
7 years after Gary finally popped the question. Jenni had surprised him with a trip to Dubai for his 30th Birthday in 2014 and he asked her to marry him while there were away. She was so excited and busy making him happy for his birthday that when he ask her a question It was complete surprise for her!! 
For their save the date session we went for a nice walk around Braids Hills’ observatory. It was so nice to see their mature love and can’t wait to see when all emotions of love hit them on their wedding day next week! 

001_Jenni And Gary

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Botanic garden wedding with Erin and Andrew

2016 May 6

After a chaotic climate during last week; rain, snow, hail stones and frost, the fickle Gods of Scotland have decided to bless Erin and Andrew with blue skies and sunshine on the day of their wedding. No doubt, it is our lucky charm who brings magic to your special events! 😉 

These precious moments you can admire below were taken on the 30th of April, at the St Andrew’s Church and following by the reception at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, both authentic and inspiring places. 

I was truly amazed with the light on this day and was following it until disappearing late in the evening. 

0001_Botanic Garden Wedding

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Danish wedding traditions at Balbirnie House with Gillian and Rene

2016 April 28

Danish wedding traditions at Balbirnie House’ wedding.

So lovely to be back in our beloved venue Balbirnie House in Markinch, Glenrothes! And great start of the spring with new fresh interior design in some of the rooms!

Last weekend wedding was one of the weddings you’ll remember for long time, as this was mixed wedding of Scottish girl Gillian and Danish guy Rene. I’ll remember weddings like that for their extraordinary atmospheres. Specially that it’s always different wedding traditions in each country. As many of us know the Scottish wedding traditions there’s new once here. In Denmark until the time after the ceremony everything is quite this same. The fun starts at the meal time 🙂 

001_ Balbirnie House wedding photos

I always like to come back to Balbirnie House. The weather never disappoints here.

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