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Arta Wedding: Mali + Graham

2015 July 30

Mali and Graham’s couldn’t pick better venue for their half Scottish and Argentinian wedding! It was my first time in Arta and I completely fall in love with this place!  The moment we went in we felt like we moved to another country! Every detail makes this place magical and exotic. 

We started our day at the apartment  in Glasgow where Mali was getting ready. She completely blown me away with her stunning look and very Spanish style veil!  And then we moved to the Arta by cab for the ceremony.   Mali indicated that documenting the moments and all the details ( which most of them she did by herself ) of the day were the most important thing to her, and they certainly provided us with many tearful, funny, and fantastic moments.  I love how deeply Mali and Graham love their family, their friends, and each other.  


01_ Arta Wedding Glasgow

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Glencorse House Wedding: Abi + James

2015 July 29

Super excited to blog the simply divine wedding of Abi & James. Everything about this couple is romantic.

From the engagement session which we did in Melrose sailing on the boat to the beautiful wedding day which took place at the romantic 17 century Old Kirk followed by the reception at the sweet Glencorse House. I don’t think there is a better venue when you want romantic and easy going day. 

Abi and James looked fantastic and completely complemented their surroundings. She looked amazing in her dress and James and his best man very stylish in their bespoke jackets with personal writing inside the jacket. 

The day went so smooth,  surrounded  by very close family and friends, and six flower girls which were the cutest thing ever! 

At the evening fantastic Ceilidh band Bahookie was entertain people with some traditional and modern mix of tunes! Really recommend this band.

Abi and James, I cannot thank you enough for having me as a part of your day.  Thank you for being so generous and kind.  Thank you for having the wedding YOU wanted to have, just how you wanted it.  It was a joy and an honor to document it for you!


0001_ Glencorse House Wedding

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Balbirnie House Wedding: Deb + Ian

2015 July 28

Deb was super excited for her wedding day. Until the very final day I was getting emails time to time from her about how excited she is to become Mrs.Cannon. Her excitement was really infectious and was spread to all the bridal party and guests! Her beautiful eyes was shining like a stars from happiness and her smile was brighten then the sun on the day!
Ian, when the priest at the lovely Falkland Parish Church announced that you are husband and wife now I could not see you more prouder! I could never doubt your love to Deb – it’s strong, it’s warm and is raw!
The day was truly amazing from the morning preparations till the night! Fabulous Angela the wedding coordinator at the Balbirnie House where the reception was held was always around to help. On the top of that the weather surprised and give us best summer weather for all day!
Can you wish for more on your wedding day? 



01_ Balbirnie House wedding

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Save The Date: Abi + James, Melrose

2015 July 22

People often ask me where I get inspiration from when I do engagement session for couples. Well, the answer is simple: from your love story! There is no better and original story then your own ! Every couple and every person is different and that’s what I like about them! 

Books are my inspiration too but mainly to imagine the scenery, to put that imagination onto the photographs. And today’s save the date session was one of that shoots, that it felt like beautiful romantic book. 
First, I will start with the place where we shoot: MELROSE
Does this name is not  romantic already  itself ? Perfect for the book title! 
She had planned her long weekend with her girlfirends at the Glasgow’s night club. The party was dressing up to 1920-40s and the music was to that times as well. Girls had so much fun and when on horizon a very attractive WW1 officer’s show up Abi felt uncharacteristically brave that moment and for the first time in her life she winked at that man. It obviously worked as he vaulted over a metal railing to follow her, before her friends propelled her into him saying, “this is Abi, say hello.” 
“Hi, I’m James” 
He couldn’t took eyes from Abi as he thought she is irresistibly attractive. 
5 1/2 years later when they were having the holiday of a lifetime in the Amazon forest on the banks of the Tambopata River and were waiting for the sun to go down and it gets cool enough to venture out. They had a 30 min break between treks so he took Abi down to the River and distracted her with a pair of binoculars by asking her if she thought it was a log, a bird or a caiman floating down the river.  When she finally took the binoculars away he was next to her, down in the sand on one knee, holding a very pretty ring and she  never did find out if it was a log or not!
They  both quite similar in how they feel about their families and how important they are to them. They share same values, Abi makes James lough and he really enjoy her company even now after almost 6 years being together, he can’t take his eyes of her. She loves his humor and sense of adventure and if they are ever fortunate enough to have their own family he will be an amazing, positive influence on their lives. 
I know they will have a lot of adventures in their life and having each other is all they need…. 
 He will keep Abi laughing into old age…. and she will be the forever his  irresistibly attractive girl he will look at and grow old with….
I can’t wait to share with them one of their adventure which is their wedding this Saturday! 
001_Melrose Engagement photo session

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Save The Date: Christina + Johnny, Calton Hill- Edinburgh

2015 July 18

When the whole city of Edinburgh was still sleeping those two was getting ready to work. Walking together when the sun was waking up  made their memories special and the love was blooming….

The love and passion for food got them together. Both of them were working at the restaurant – Johnny as a chef and Christina as a manager. Their first date couldn’t be in any other place then restaurant. Johnny chose very posh place ans told Christina that heels shoes are must! The girl felt very special and knew she found a soul mate that she can share her passion and life with. After a year and a half dating in the restaurants Johnny propose her at one of the date in the restaurant ( surprised ? 😉 ).  When there is passion and love between two people the thing we can expect from it, is – yummy love :)

When Christina contacted me I could feel the excitement for the save the session right from reading her email. She is very life passionate girl so the idea of having the engagement session at the sunrise was completely normal! I was very up for it as I love commitment and passion for doing amazing photographs and tell the real story! From the moment their started setting up their picnic at the day I could see that Johnny is perfectionist at what he is doing! He was putting all the food nicely on the wooded board makes me really hungry even tho I just had breakfast! 


They are very caring  for each other. Always looking at another and make sure they both comfortable. I know that their life together will be all about – love, caring and good food! 


To see more photos from Christina and Johnny engagement session at the Calton Hill please click on the slideshow at the bottom of the post.


Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography

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Save the date: Deb + Ian, Glasgow

2015 July 9

Both of them were students at the Strathclyde University and they first met at Graduation Ball. That night Ian put his interest on Dec’s, only to find out from her friends with whom she was with, that she has a boyfriend. If she only knew at that time that he was hanging around because of her….
Their paths went different direction that night, only to be crossed again after three years later when they went for their first date.
Ian was amazed by Deb’s bubbly and warm personality, which put him at easy to talk with her and get to know her. Her dark hair and lovely eyes was something that he will always remember…
No wonder, why was so easy for Ian to be comfortable with her, cuz when he smiles, he makes Deb forgetting the world. Deb love his incredible and casual smile. The girl was on the 7th cloud that when Ian drove her home back and hopping for goodnight kiss, she missed it by jumping out from the car to quick from excitement!
5 years later on Deb’s 30th birthday weekend,  in lovely St Andrews, Ian organized to pop his question. Her first reaction was – “Shut up !!” :) 

Later on same night  they were celebrating Deb’s “Yes” answer with their closest friends which had no idea about the his surprise for her.
This girl was dreamed of getting married since she was a little girl and she found perfect man to spend the rest of her life with…

I’m so happy to be part of their dream and document their wedding day which will be in two weeks!


01_Glasgow save the date
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