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Save The Date – Dalkeith Country Park | Tania + Greg

2017 June 21

I think this photos perfectly fit the recent weather! Sunny, happy and colourful! That’s how it was on Tania and Greg’s engagement session at Dalkeith country park

They look very young but little did you know that they have been together for 12 years! First met at high school and the sparkle between them begun! Both of them were attracted by they looks – Tania beautiful brunette girl with brown eyes and tanned skin and ohh her dimple on her cheeks made Greg even more fall in love with her! Greg tall guy with gentlemen confidence for which Tania couldn’t take eyes off. On top of that, as we all know, the looks is not that important – both of them felt so relaxed witch each other and made each other laugh which is one of the key for the great relationship! 
After nine years on Tenerife holiday Greg pop the question on romantic night out, and of course after all this years Tania said Yes !!! 🙂 
Tania and Greg will make commitment to each other this Friday and they both can’t wait to tell the world that they will be together forever! 
So before wedding comes, lets look at their Save The Date photo shoot with us! 

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Glencorse Kirk wedding – Lisa and Jordan

2017 June 15

We love to shoot weddings at Glencorse Kirk, and it’s just been another one there. We will be going back to Glencorse House again few more times this year.

This time it’s been the wedding of Lisa and Jordan. They live not to far away from there, so it was natural choice for them.

The day begun with very beautiful weather. We’ve started our job by visiting Lisa at her parents house. The party of 6 bridesmaids were very excited to get ready together. Not only they were happy to help Lisa get ready for her beautiful and joyful day, but shared few tears when they finally saw her in the stunning wedding dress.

Jordan got ready at their nearby house. His was accompanied by his mates, and trust me. They’ve had lot of fun :))

The day went really pleasant and stress free. They both looked happy and with their family and friends around really made this day very special for them.

Hope you’re enjoying your married life already and we wish you all the best again in your next steps in life.


Glencorse House wedding

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Keavil House wedding | Lorna + King

2017 June 2

Two weeks ago I had a pleasure to work on the wedding where the couple and family was know to us from earlier weddings. Lorna and King, I met them on King’s sister wedding couple of years ago and I was delighted to hear that they want me to document their day! As from photographer’s perspective when you already know the family, documenting the day its so much easier! Everyone is so relaxed and used to the camera already. Traditionally in China, there must be a tea ceremony where the couple bless their family and opposite. Just after when the groom wins the bride – there are games that braidsmaids give to the boys and the boys have to complete to win the Bride.  Lorna (who is so into Chinese tradition) wore traditional Chinese dress in the morning, which I believe suited her well. It gave her a little quirky look with her beautiful red hair. Later on, for the main ceremony at the Keavil House she changed for white dress.

What I loved about Lorna and King that they don’t take life for granted. They are not afraid to show emotions especially laugh which is very infectious! You can clearly see, that they enjoyed their own company and it was beautiful to watch as they become much more then just a partners – husband and wife. 

Lorna and King I know you are now enjoying your honeymoon in Japan and I’m sure you’re having time of your life. We just want to thank you for amazing time we had on your day, treating us as part of the family! We are so grateful we have such a amazing clients!  Thank you ! 


keavil house wedding

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Principal Hotel Wedding – Teresa and Arthur

2017 May 24

This post will take you slightly back to beautiful stylish 1930’s. Our stunning bride Teresa and her husband Arthur got married at the Principal Hotel in Edinburgh which enclose the final film kinda look. We loved Teresa’s choice of the dress and hair style. The soft waves with delicate pearl earnings and the grace she had was delightful to photograph. The whole day was very emotional both for the couple and family. Everyone came from many different places from all over the world – mainly from France and Germany. And you can see how important it was for Teresa and Arthur. 

A very short story below. Just want to thank Teresa and Arthur for trusting us on the day with all the actions we took to produce best work for you! 


Principal Hotel Wedding Edinburgh

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Playfair Library Hall, Edinburgh | Mairead and Dave

2017 May 16

I think I can easy say that Mairead is one of our most smiley bride ever! I haven’t found even one photo where she is no smiling. She was incredible happy! And yes, it was definitely happy day! 

 Colourful bridesmaids dresses and wonderful flowers made by Mairead’s friend Wildflower Durham  where brighten up the room. I love Mairead dress with little feathers at the front which suit her style so much! Dave was so fascinated about his newly wed wifey. He was so proud and happy to become her husband! The ceremony took place at the Playfair Library Hall and it was sweet and fun with many beloved ones involved. After the ceremony and few drinks we head for some portraits to the Arthur seat. We didn’t climb to the top but high enough to get nice views. Then we head to the South Hall Complex where the rest of the evening took part. There was no ending of laughs and good fun! We loved every minute of it and we are so happy that we were part of this special day for Dave and Mairead. 


Playfair Library Hall wedding

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2017 May 12
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

As the spring approached Scotland very quickly I thought it would be good idea to share the photos from the photo shoot I did last year in summer which I never posted on our blog. These photos were actually published on Boho Weddings Blog which our team was trilled about it!

With two of my close friends which I’m lucky enough to work time to time on real weddings we came with idea to make a photo shoot of bohemian, freedom inspired wedding which hopefully will inspire some of our future couples.

Kirsty from McBride company who is a hair and venue stylist create beautiful details in a farm where our shoot was taking place. She made our beautiful bride wavy and loose hair with beautiful flower wreath. Button hole for the groom and the cake was also made by Kirsty. Brogan our make up artist create flawless make up for all the girls and took also big part in decorating the place. We had amazing time during the whole day. It felt like real wedding and on top of that we had a real band in the evening! 

Scotland couldn’t blessed us with a better weather that day! Sunshine and warm air till late night. So I won’t let you wait any more. Scroll down to see the photos and let us know what you think about a bohemian wedding. 




bohemian wedding

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