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King’s Theatre, Edinburgh | Save The Date: Daniel + Ailsa

2017 July 14

I’m very excited about today’s engagement session that I want to show you! First of would love to introduce you very talented Daniel and Ailsa who are musician and  on the top of that Ailsa is a ballet dancer. When we first talked about the location for their shoot with me I knew its gonna be special. We have menage to arrange shoot in King’s Theatre in Edinburgh which perfectly suited Ailsa and Daniel’s personalities!  

We had the whole theatre for ourselves and we made the most of it! I love the magical connection that Daniel and Ailsa have between each other its like poem written just for them. 
You can easy see how they adore each other and support one another. This can only last forever. So saying that it will be so obvious to say that I can not wait for their big day which will be for sure a spectacular day next week on Thursday at  Cameron House , Loch Lomond
But first let’s take a look at their save the date photo shoot with us! More photos you can see at the bottom of the post by clicking play. 

King's Theatre Edinburgh

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Dean village, engagement photo shoot | Tamar + Craig

2017 July 10

It’s always lovely to hear that love started in early high school years and the sparkle between Craig and Tamar was right there at the first day! Tamar thought that his charming and sporty personality with the handsome appearance was something that she look for in men. Craig couldn’t take eyes of from beautiful girl  and when he get to know her closer he was driven even more towards her, cuz of her sense of humour. And that’s how their story begun.

They have been together for many years – 10 to be exact – when Craig decided to pop up the question. On a winter holiday skiing in Andorra he got down on one knee on the slopes and ask Tamar to marry him. Obviously she said yes otherwise I wouldn’t write this post 😉

So talking about engagement sessions, I met with Tamar and Craig at their (and also mine) beloved Dean village in Edinburgh. What I loved about them is how quick we clicked and had amazing time we had together. Weather was on our side as well! We walked, had laugh and I watched secretly how gentle Craig is for Tamar. He enjoyed every sound of her smile and love watching her being happy and sweet silly. Seriously it was such a pleasure to photograph them together!

And what else I can say that you can probably guess that I can’t wait to document their wedding day which will be held on our fav venue Glencorse house this Saturday!


dean village photos
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Carberry Tower wedding – Claire and Kyle

2017 July 5

Hope everyone is doing well and some of you heading for their holidays or at least planning them. For us this time its incredible busy  with weddings and we are trying to post as often as we can! Today we would like to show you a wedding of Claire and Kyle at Carberry Tower in East Lothian which took place 3 weeks ago. We love this venue for so many reasons but one of them is that whenever we shoot there we are so lucky with the weather! Ha! 😉 On the top of that they have beautiful grounds that guest can enjoy sparkle wine and celebrate with newlywed couple!

Claire and Kyle wedding was no different but beautiful! From the moment of holding hands before the ceremony to the emotional dance that left even kids in awe! We even had a chance to sneak during the meal for some golden light photographs which added to the whole collection of images real summer vibe.

Claire and Kyle, documenting your first day as a husband and wife was better then we could imagine! Thank you for trusting us documenting that day for you!


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Kelvingrove art gallery – Save the date with Joanna and Martin

2017 June 22

We had a little issue recently with our blog and we couldn’t post anything until now. So now we are trying to catch up especially with this photos of Martin and Joanna as their wedding is just round the corner this Saturday! 

Joanna and Martin are so laid back people and they make you feel at ease around them! We are incredible lucky to met people like that! Each of them are so unique with their own story to tell. I couldn’t ask for better job! I’m so excited for Martin and Joanna’s wedding cuz  its going to take place in a beautiful scenery at Crear which will be a first time for us there! 

They have chose Kelvingrove art gallery for their pre wedding shoot as this is the first time they met here. I really like one photo from that shoot when they both standing in front of the Crear painting. Its very meaningful for them. 

Right,  let’s just see their photos! 

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Save The Date – Dalkeith Country Park | Tania + Greg

2017 June 21

I think this photos perfectly fit the recent weather! Sunny, happy and colourful! That’s how it was on Tania and Greg’s engagement session at Dalkeith country park

They look very young but little did you know that they have been together for 12 years! First met at high school and the sparkle between them begun! Both of them were attracted by they looks – Tania beautiful brunette girl with brown eyes and tanned skin and ohh her dimple on her cheeks made Greg even more fall in love with her! Greg tall guy with gentlemen confidence for which Tania couldn’t take eyes off. On top of that, as we all know, the looks is not that important – both of them felt so relaxed witch each other and made each other laugh which is one of the key for the great relationship! 
After nine years on Tenerife holiday Greg pop the question on romantic night out, and of course after all this years Tania said Yes !!! 🙂 
Tania and Greg will make commitment to each other this Friday and they both can’t wait to tell the world that they will be together forever! 
So before wedding comes, lets look at their Save The Date photo shoot with us! 

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Glencorse Kirk wedding – Lisa and Jordan

2017 June 15

We love to shoot weddings at Glencorse Kirk, and it’s just been another one there. We will be going back to Glencorse House again few more times this year.

This time it’s been the wedding of Lisa and Jordan. They live not to far away from there, so it was natural choice for them.

The day begun with very beautiful weather. We’ve started our job by visiting Lisa at her parents house. The party of 6 bridesmaids were very excited to get ready together. Not only they were happy to help Lisa get ready for her beautiful and joyful day, but shared few tears when they finally saw her in the stunning wedding dress.

Jordan got ready at their nearby house. His was accompanied by his mates, and trust me. They’ve had lot of fun :))

The day went really pleasant and stress free. They both looked happy and with their family and friends around really made this day very special for them.

Hope you’re enjoying your married life already and we wish you all the best again in your next steps in life.


Glencorse House wedding

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