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Fasque house Christmas wedding – Kaeti and Phil

2017 January 11

Happy New Year to all our readers and hello in 2017! I hope you all had fantastic festive break and you’ve spend it with beloved ones making lots of good memories!

Today’s post is still with 2016 feel because we would like to present you the last wedding of 2016 which took place on the 28th of December at Fasque House. We drove there in the morning with an excitement as it was our first time in this Castle. The weather looked sunny but crisp and we were driving with big hope that we will carry this weather with us all the way up there. When we met with Kaeti and Phil few days before their wedding day for a engagement photo session in Edinburgh we’ve been super lucky, cuz the moment we finish shooting huge storm attack the city. I was so glad to see that our luck follow us all the way until their wedding day!

Fasque Castle is one of the top country house wedding venues, not just in Aberdeenshire, but in Scotland. It has classic style and unique feel of manor house, while being just a short drive away from the city.

Bride, groom and the whole wedding party was getting ready at the house. while a sneak between the rooms and started document the day….




As usual, when we arrive to the venue I like to go around the location to see the light and photograph all the fine details that are also so important during that day. 

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Villa Julianna Wedding- Poland | Marcin and Ewa

2016 December 30

So this will be the last post of the 2016 and I will be ending it with my cousin’s wedding which took place in Poland – Warsaw at Villa Julianna in November. I was not only a photographer on that wedding but also a guest. 

What can I say…. If its your favourite cousin, close family, beautiful bride, and stunning place things can’t go wrong! Me and Ricky had amazing time watching and photographing Marcin and Ewa becoming husband and wife. I share few tears as everybody else, dance till the early morning ( even injured my hip while dancing lol ) and ate fantastic polish food. 

Marcin, Ewa you know- I love you and I’m so happy I could be with you on the day! 



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Isle of Skye elopement – Loch Coruisk – Kristy + Brian

2016 December 15

Kristi has been planning this little surprise for her husband for two years. They suppose to come visit Scotland from sunny California a year before but family things postponed it to this year. I was getting very excited when the date was getting closer cuz from her emails Kristi sounded as a sweet person. But not only because of that. It was my first trip to Isle of Skye! I know it might sounds ridiculous after 14 years in Scotland!

It was October the 11th when I pack my car and hit the road. Wet morning in Livingston but as soon as I was going north then the weather started to brighten up. Eventually I had an amazing blue sky and it kept being like this till I get to my destination – Elgol. I normally don’t like driving by myself for long hours but this journey was just beautiful! The views which makes your heart crippled and want to stop on every corner to take photo. I have visited Inverness up North before but never been actually on Skye and never had this wonderful weather! So, it was special!

My biggest great is that I’m able to meet so many wonderful people in my life. I believe that each of them give a message to you. I love spending time with them seeing their life from their perspective, seeing them in love, in an intimate moments when everything its just pure heart. I’m truly  grateful for that.

The next morning when I got up from my beautiful B&B  on the hill and looked through the window I thought this is just unreal!! The sunrise and this place! Woow

I couldn’t believe my luck knowing this weather going to last for all day! I prepare myself and head to meet Kristi and Brian for the first time face to face.

Kristi and Brian have been married for very long time. They been planned this trip to Scotland for some time and Kristi thought she will make even more special after finding out that Skye is very popular for elopements. She secretly plan vows renewal.

Arrived at the Coruisk House and lovely owner lady welcomed me so warmly. Seriously all the people on Skye are so lovely! Then Kristi came down… The moment I saw her I knew its going to be special. Very special about this day once I saw Brian as well.

Two people, madly in love… Their feelings for each others were stronger then the sun on the day and this words of Felix Adler from Life and Destiny perfectly describe how I see Kristi and Brian

Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.
Love is an echo in the feelings of a unity subsisting between two persons which is founded both on likeness and on complementary differences. Without the likeness there would be no attraction; without the challenge of the complementary differences there could not be the closer interweaving and the inextinguishable mutual interest which is the characteristic of all deeper relationships.

 and with this words I will leave you here and let you feel it by watching their story…

Thank you Kristi and Brian for wonderful experience with you <3 




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Carlowrie Castle Baptism with Alfonso

2016 December 14
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

Today a little bit different post but still about documenting special moments in peoples lives. We have been photographing lots of different events such as birthday parties, charity events and christenings, but we can’t blog all of them because we basically don’t have so much time. But we do them and we want let people know about that.

So today we would like to share with you a small story about Alfonso’s special day – Baptism. I have arrived in the morning to his house where all family was getting ready to the church including Alfonso. The atmosphere in the house was very happy and everybody enjoyed  a good mood this baby had. When all were dressed we took some family portraits and some with the sponsors. I think its great memory for all of them.

The ceremony took place at the St.Marys Church in Edinburgh. There was a priest which I love to work with. He is very cool man and made you listen to his wisdom words deeply. Alfonso was baptised and he didn’t even cry once! Very brave boy!

After the ceremony we took some more photos in the church and head to the Calrowrie Castle for celebration with larger part of the family and friends.

It was very special day for all the families. Alfonso got blessings not only from all of his closest people but from the God himself.

Thank you for having us yet again on this memorable moment.

Enjoy watching the photos!




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Winter Wedding | Fairmont St.Andrews | Meghan + Tom

2016 December 10

There is something magical about winter weddings. Don’t know if that’s because Fairmont at the St.Andrews or Meghan and Tom who love Christmas and all the atmosphere about it! I believe it’s a bit of both 🙂  Especially that they both are very warm and happy people.

I’m very happy to share this small selection of photos from last Saturday wedding. Red shoes, red lipstick, cute dogs, fairy petals and so much love was happening on the day! Meghan and Tom had been waiting for this day for a year and I know that they have been excited for the photographs. So I have huge pleasure to present few of them here for you! 




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Dollar Glen – Engagement session with Meghan and Tom

2016 November 29

When I met with Megz and Tom at Dollar Glen for their engagement session, after 30mins we had to finish it, cuz it was raining so badly, and our plan to have picnic was just not right for that moment. I always say things happens for the reason so the next  time when we met, Scotland gave us all it’s beauty. Misty fog, dry, and most important no wind. It was actually stunning evening with spectacular views.

The are both running lovers, and this passion got them together. Running in the morning dew and talking about everything life. Megz was totally hooked by Tom. She thought he is so nice to her, making her feels like she is the only one he care about, and not to mention tall and handsome 🙂 He apparently couldn’t believe in his luck how gougers his girl is and that she runs too!

They run their life just under 7 years when Tom decided that its time for another step in their relationship. So just after their land in their holiday in Turkey, and moon walking on the beach Tom ask Megz the question… I wouldn’t do this post if she would say no 😉 

I loved watching them together in the place that they feel good. Alfie their dog was such a cute addition to this photo session, kept us entertain! 

This Saturday is their big day and I know it will be special! Can’t wait! 


To see more photos from this Save the date photo shoot please check animation at the bottom of the post.





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