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Callander save the date: Louise and Kevin

2016 August 9

They met online after their birthdays which are only 6 days apart. They spend long hours talking on chat before they actually met in real life. When you have this feeling that there is nothing you couldn’t say to the person online you wish that it will continue when you meet in real life. So on the first date all stayed the same and even more… They laughed together even more, they felt like they knew each other so well and they were so amazed by this, and so happy that just year after Kevin pop the very important question.

Kevin watched the weather to find good day and suggested going to Callander. Louise was surprised by that, but understood his point when he said that he wanted to go there and see a toy museum. They’ve walked through the trail, down to the bridge at Bracklinn falls, and Kevin used the old ‘have to tie my shoelace’ thing. When he was down there with the ring out, but Louise was too busy admiring the view to notice him on his knee, until he grabbed her attention.  She said yes, and they put the ring on, then took lots of photos all round the falls taking in the moment and the place.

They share same idea for their together future and they so looking forward to the Bid Day this Sunday to make their commitment of love in front of the family and friends.




01_Kevin and Louise save the date

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Loch Lomond engagement session with Cathy and Long

2016 August 2

This engagement photo session with Cathy and Long is close to my heart as we did the shoot in the place I love – Loch Lomond. 

On the day seems to be very nice and hot. Not like Scotland 😉  We meet with them at our favorite restaurant in Balmaha “Oak Tree Inn” and then head to the beach. The moment we start walking and I started taking some photos I was in awe.

Their love is – cozy, their love is delicate, their love is like the warm rain in a sunny day….

Every step we take I loved them even more. I think its a first time that I didn’t want to write anything else apart that I’m counting hours to their wedding this Saturday and let you see the photos. 


001_Engagement photo Loch Lomond

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Inchyra MacDonald Hotel Wedding of Claire + Craig

2016 July 23

It was wonderful day at the Inchyra MacDonald hotel on the Claire and Craig’s wedding day last Saturday. One of many Macdonald hotels in Scotland with stunning atmosphere. The day was filled with lots of emotions, laugh, and happy tears. Was an honour to watch and capture the honest connection between Claire, Craig, their children and family. 

It was first time for us at the Inchyra MacDonald hotel and we really enjoyed working there. 


001Inchyra Wedding photos

As always I start the day with details which I humbly care for.

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Army wedding – Glencorse House, Edinburgh

2016 July 3

Two weeks have passed and we are again in our beloved venue Glencorse house! This time we had beautiful couple Katherine and Harry with their families and friends which are also army soldiers. Boys and girls were getting ready in the lovely Gorton House & Cottages. The day started with a little clouds on the sky but the weather seems to heat up every minute. By the time we head to the Glencorse Kirk, where the ceremony was about to start, sun was shining bright! And how not love this place when every time we work here there weather is just on the spot! 



001_Glencourse House wedding photos

It was first time for us in this lovely cottage and I must say it’s perfect for up to 10 bridal party. So cosy and beautiful!

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Glencorse House wedding – Scotland

2016 June 28

This evening I want to share with you another fabulous Glencorse house wedding. Eilidh and Cameron choose this fantastic venue to share their special day in the peaceful and quiet environment. It was a great day full of emotions and lots of fun spectacular weather and most important – love. You can tell how happy they were at the wedding and hopefully they are now. They share this same affection for each other as they do for they baby boy Cameron Junior. The little one was brave whole day long and stayed up until the dances :)) They had lots of great moments as they smoothly went through the day. 

I wish you all the best in the near future and hope you’ll have lots of fun with Cameron Junior.


001_Glencorse House Wedding Photos

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Popinjay Hotel – Summer wedding at South Lanarkshire

2016 June 22

We would love to share another wonderful summer wedding , this time from Popinjay Hotel, South Lanarkshire. Wedding season is in high peak and we’re trying to keep up with blogging. It was first time over there and we’re stunned with the outdoor premises of this hotel. There’s not much to be excited about when you stand in front it. It looks just like any village pub from outside. But when you head to the gardens, omg… it’s so beautiful. Starting with the gate on the side ending on the clock in the middle of it. Sharon and Thomson couldn’t choose better venue for their wedding. It feels so cosy and just so them. We’ve had excellent weather so the ceremony itself took place right outside.

Sharon and Thomson I know how much you wanted this day to be fun and relaxed. And it was exactly like this. It was a pleasure to be part of your day and we wish you happy marriage, and all the best in the future.


001_Popinjay Wedding photography

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