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Waldorf Astoria Hotel wedding – Claire and Ahmed

2016 November 19


We have just been at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel wedding few weeks back, and here we are again last Saturday on Claire and Ahmed wedding day! This hotel always surprise us with his beautiful rooms and lovely staff! Really pleasant to work there. On top of that, having an amazing weather and beautiful couple what else you could wish for? Its been emotional and happy day for both of the families of Claire and Ahmed. Specially two so different families, joining in celebration for the first time in such wide specter. I feel rally honored that they have choose us to document such a special day for them. I know how photographs where important to them and I can’t tell thank you enough for trusting me. 



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Autumn wedding at Signet Library

2016 November 9

There’s nothing like an autumn wedding at Signet Library. It’s always great to go back to places where you can feel relaxed and special. We’ve had few weddings over there and it’s always at best standards.

This time it’s Suzi and Jon’s wedding. Two traveling loving people how loves to share their time between good whisky and extraordinary travels. You can check their engagement session form Carlton Hill in Edinburgh on my blog.

Suzi and Jon are great couple and I know that their future will be filled with fun and laugh. Even thou if Suzi won’t help build another Lego crane or any other Lego toys 🙂 Take a look at their photos from that emotional day and I know that you’ll find out more about them.

To you Suzi and Jon – Happy marriage. All the best in this future which is already here :)) Stay positive and fabulous as you are.



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Norton House Wedding | Noreen + Stuart

2016 October 31

It was an honour and privilege to work with this family again at Norton House wedding. Two years ago I photographed one of 3 sisters and week ago I photographed Noreen the second sister with her husband Stuart. We don’t have to say that we felt like part of the family for which we are very thankful. Such a warm welcome again. We have good sentimental memories about Norton House as well as it was one of the first wedding we have done in Scotland years ago. 

Having Noreen and Stuart as a bride and groom was such a joy!  I love talking about kindhearted people who love their families and each other.  Noreen and Stuart are just that and the entire day was so warm and enveloping that I didn’t want to leave! They made our job so easy! Thank you for that! 



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Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh | Save the date: Ahmed + Claire

2016 October 27

Meeting online those days is very normal. When it’s comes to first date Claire and Ahmed felt nervous. You just never know how different a person could be from their online profile so they was bracing them self for that. But when Ahmed saw Claire at a distance and walking towards him, he got so excited and he remembered thinking “please let it be her, please let it be her, please it be her”. Claire just notice that he is much more handsome then his profile photo. They clicked so well and they could talk for hours.  On the way home excitement hit them both  thinking about where this could go….

They didn’t have to wait long. Adoring each other and  loving being together makes them happiest people on the world. Ahmed is incredibly fun she says. He has a great sense of humour, his excitement is infectious and when he gets passionate about something it is easy to get swept along with him. He has the capacity to make everyone comfortable in his presence and that became more evident for her when he started meeting Claire friends and family.  Ahmed feel so lucky and grateful that he get to be standing, walking and sitting beside one of the most beautiful girl in the world. She gives him that spark in life where he just feel like he can do anything. She makes him a better person.  And it’s her little quirkiness and sense of humour which really makes him love being around her.

So when all above was obvious Ahmed went to Claire’s parents, originally to ask for advice about a personal project of his. But when he went to their house and after a quick small talk, he told them that he actually wanted to talk about Claire and him instead.

After talking to the parents about their relationship and how much he care for her, he then asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Even though he told them to think about it, they had no hesitation in saying yes. But they had to keep it quiet for weeks, which was not easy for them. Next was Ahmed’s parents to be told, who already knew of this, about coming to Claire’s parents house to surprise Claire on the day of the proposal.
In the meantime, he went to the cafe where they first met and talked to the owner about arranging to use the facility after closing time for private use. They were very accommodating and pleased to help out, whilst also preparing everything for him. ( Special thanks to the owner for such kindness )  
On the evening of the engagement, Ahmed tricked Claire into thinking that they were going out for a meal and cinema, but they just so happens to be too “early” so they went to a particular cafe a few blocks down for some drinks. Claire didn’t think they could go in because it was closed and the staff were tidying up. But they told us to come in. And when we went closer to our table, there were candles around, they sat down at “their” table, had a drink, reminisced about their relationship and he did got down on one knee. When leaving the cafe, Claire thought they were still going to go for that meal, but  actually he took her to her parent’s house to surprise her there, with his parents hiding away in another room and also her grandmother made a late appearance as a final surprise to share the happy occasion. 
The whole thing was incredibly special and Claire felt one lucky girl! Can future be more excited for those two best friends who are going to get married in two weeks time? I believe so! They are team, they support and encourage each other and they have an awful lot of fun together! So what ever future holds for them and what ever they do it can only bring lots of fun!
I know how unpatience Claire and Ahmed were to see this photos from our save the date photo session, and I can not blame them for that cuz we really had fantastic time swimming in this gorgeous summer light at the Royal Botanic Garden  but one of the reason why I kept for so long was when the cold days comes I knew this photos will warm your hearts <3 



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Travel passion – engagement photo session with Suzi and Jon

2016 October 25

They both share the travel passion and love for adventure, and their biggest adventure started online. When they first met face to face, Jon was late, as his train was late and arrived on the meting with frustrated face. Suzi was a bit stressed by this but only to find out later, that this was his worry face cuz he hate being late. At that time Jon didn’t know yet that she is always at least 10 minutes late for everything! 😉 After this evening both agree that they should meet once again. And the rest is history…


Jon loved Suzi’s outlook on life, and she is crazy about his eyebrows, big blue/green eyes and charming personality so 18 month after landing in Tokyo with big jet lag Suzi refuse to go for a dinner, but Jon convinced her it was a good idea. While she was getting ready, he set up the little lego bride and groom , on the window seat with the view of the Tokyo tower. Then he caught her by surprise on one knee with a ring! Of course she said yes!  They went out and had a fabulous dinner, drank sake and rolled home very late. I think adrenaline kicked in and cured their jet lag! 

How excited I am to capture their another adventure, which is their wedding, this coming Saturday at the Signet Library! By now take a look at their engagement photo session which we did at Calton Hill in Edinburgh with beautiful autumn light. We are very lucky to meet amazing people in our life’s like Suzi and Jon. 



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Caledonian Hotel Edinburgh Wedding of Ruth and John

2016 October 19

Few weeks back when I was photographing a weeding Ruth and John at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. The hotel is located very central and it has beautiful rooms for the weddings. Secret garden at the back of the hotel can be used for some photos when its nice weather – which we had – and stunning view on Edinburgh Castle make it even more majestic. I loved how rich and elegant this place is with many lights inside that I could play with.

The day started with sunshine and crisp air. Ruth was very relaxed yet excited in the morning which was nice to see. Boys were getting ready with accompany of Ruth and John’s son Jackson. He was the star of the night! He is only 1 yrs old but  such an entertaining wee charmer! When the ceremony begun a few happy tears went down in the room ending with blast of confetti. 

Documenting the moments of the day were the most important thing to both Ruth and John, and they certainly provided us with many, tearful, funny, and fantastic moments.



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