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Stockbridge – Save the date – Kim and Chris

2017 January 30
They met in 2004 at Newcastle University, where they were lab partners in Microbiology. Luckily having the same first letter of their surname they were matched up alphabetically. Over the next two years they became good friends, sharing a love of fancy dress and partying in Solution (Newcastle students’ union)!
It wasn’t until 3rd year of uni when Kim moved to London for a student placement and Chris remained in Newcastle. That time they started to think, that there might be something else there, so after a few visits back and forward they started long distance dating!  They made it ‘Facebook official’ in March 2007! They continued  long distance relationship for the next few years before finally moving in together.
Chris proposed in January in Newcastle, at the Tyne bridge, were it all began. They’ve been very long time together but now, only 7 weeks until their wedding day! I’m so excited to document their day as I know its going to be super fun – as their are! 
For their  Engagement shoot we went to my beloved place – Stockbridge, where between lovely streets and private gardens we walked with Kim and Chris and their cute dog ! Love how fun and how much impact they have on each other. Those are the people who love life to the fullest! 

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Wedding highlights 2016

2017 January 28


… Then your wedding day came….
( if you haven’t seen our previous post about the engagement photos please feel free to check here
The day when your heart is about to explode with love to other person. When tears are mixed with a laughter. The day when all your family come together to witness your commitment to love and be proud of you. The day when you look so damn beautiful yet innocent. Your friends so happy for you that they celebrate with you all night long! It’s the day when the little flower girl live their own dreams, looking at beautiful You, and wish one day she will be at that moment too. The day when you see your grandparents seating at the front row during the ceremony and you so happy that they could make it. 
The day when you feel the love the most, and you invited us to capture this all for you! 
So thank you for sharing this all emotions with us. Our hearts and eyes every year become more and more sensitive because of you, our wonderful clients. 
Is it the happiest job in the world? I don’t know, but to us it definitely is! 
Our highlight of 2016 its very long because we loved every moment of it. Hope it will put smile on your faces.
We would feel bad, not to mention all the other suppliers that we had a chance to work along last year. So for their wonderful job making couples wedding day even more amazing, Thank you and we hope to work with you again! 


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Our favourite 2016 engagement photos

2017 January 27

2016 was yet another wonderful year. Why? Cuz we did meet amazing people that let us into their lives to capture the most romantic things in life – their love! 

We met their families, friends and pets!! With every single of them we had fantastic time and its wonderful to watch how everyone of you are so unique. With many of you, we are friends now, and that’s what makes us happy. You took us to places that we never been before. Thank you for being yourselves and thank you for trusting us to be your love story teller! 
Let’s go troughs it again starting with engagement photo sessions. 
This is the time when we got to know each other. Before we meet I provide you with all needed information how to get prepared for this shoot. What to expect, but mainly I’m telling you – be YOU!
Remember this little nervousness and uncomfortable feeling when you just arrived at the location? You even emailed me that you are a bit stress. But you didn’t know that all we gonna do its have fun, talk, laugh and just like friends do, wander around. 
I love to see you getting more relaxed through our walk, when I take photos of you unnoticeable. Your smile and more confident laughs, was making me feel good. When you still feel uncomfortable I guide you a little. Made you even more beautiful then you already are together. 
 And at the end of our session it always feels like we know each other for ages!  
TRUST & Relationship was build. And this is the effect of our relationship. 
Thank you. 
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Edinburgh photo shoot

2017 January 20

We are always happy when couples from far and around book us to document event, such a like the visit in Edinburgh. Usually when you go somewhere with beloved one you ask people on the street to take your photo now and then, which sometimes its not what you like. They either out of focus or not cropped the way you wanted. So Yani and her hubby had that great idea to book a photographer while they visit Edinburgh. They both travelled from Indonesia and they don’t have Christmas markets and all that festive mood over there. They were very excited to see what Edinburgh has to offer during that time. It was a boxing day when me and Ricky head to the city centre to meet Yani and her hubby. I have to tell you the weather was worst of the worst! But I was so determinate to go ahead with the shoot cuz this was the only day we could do it.  I was only worry how the couple will cope with the wind, freeze and snow knowing that they are absolutely not use to this weather. 

I like when girls shows their best appearance on the shoot. She booked my lovely friend Lyn McKenzie to do a make up and hair  for the shoot. As always Lyn did a great job! 

For two hours we were walking around the city and we had all the seasons during that time! It was crazy! I loved how brave and fun they were despite this cold. 

I have to thank someone up there again for amazing ending which was beautiful sunset over the Castle on the hill! 



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Fasque house Christmas wedding – Kaeti and Phil

2017 January 11

Happy New Year to all our readers and hello in 2017! I hope you all had fantastic festive break and you’ve spend it with beloved ones making lots of good memories!

Today’s post is still with 2016 feel because we would like to present you the last wedding of 2016 which took place on the 28th of December at Fasque House. We drove there in the morning with an excitement as it was our first time in this Castle. The weather looked sunny but crisp and we were driving with big hope that we will carry this weather with us all the way up there. When we met with Kaeti and Phil few days before their wedding day for a engagement photo session in Edinburgh we’ve been super lucky, cuz the moment we finish shooting huge storm attack the city. I was so glad to see that our luck follow us all the way until their wedding day!

Fasque Castle is one of the top country house wedding venues, not just in Aberdeenshire, but in Scotland. It has classic style and unique feel of manor house, while being just a short drive away from the city.

Bride, groom and the whole wedding party was getting ready at the house. while a sneak between the rooms and started document the day….




As usual, when we arrive to the venue I like to go around the location to see the light and photograph all the fine details that are also so important during that day. 

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Villa Julianna Wedding- Poland | Marcin and Ewa

2016 December 30

So this will be the last post of the 2016 and I will be ending it with my cousin’s wedding which took place in Poland – Warsaw at Villa Julianna in November. I was not only a photographer on that wedding but also a guest. 

What can I say…. If its your favourite cousin, close family, beautiful bride, and stunning place things can’t go wrong! Me and Ricky had amazing time watching and photographing Marcin and Ewa becoming husband and wife. I share few tears as everybody else, dance till the early morning ( even injured my hip while dancing lol ) and ate fantastic polish food. 

Marcin, Ewa you know- I love you and I’m so happy I could be with you on the day! 



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