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Aberdour Enagagment photo session | Lorna and King

2017 March 6

I met King and Lorna few years back on King’s sister wedding that I was photographing. When I got email from them that they are getting married and they want me to document their day I got so excited! I have great memories from that wedding and I know meeting them again and their families will be so much fun! 

Their engagement photo shoot with me was nothing less then that! We met on Aberdour beach, Lorna and King’s special place. It was beautiful autumn day and they fitted perfectly into the scenery and the mood. I loved the way they were dressed up, the way they look at each other and the way they share something very magical about their relationship that you can feel miles away. It was such a shame that we have to finish the shoot cuz the midges was starting to eat as alive.

May is their month and I literary can’t wait for it!

Hope this photos will make you excited to see their wedding day!


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Lewisvale Park engagement session with Caroline and Charles

2017 February 22

In this not to warm weather I want to take you back to some summer mood, and particularly to Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh to Caroline and Charles engagement session.

We did this session quiet some time ago when it was nice sunny and warm :)) Few things that you can’t stop thinking these days. But it’s finally coming, and believe me, it’s coming fast. So as these two fantastic people wedding. It’s only just over one month to their wedding. Have a look at their photos and you’ll know it’s gonna be great and fun 🙂 But first here’s their short story;

They’ve met through their mutual friends, at the gig where Charles was performing with his band. Friend wanted to introduce them to each other as they’re quite tall so you know: “They will naturally fit with each  other” 🙂 Despite Caroline leaving in the middle of that gig, she made big impact on Charles that day.

After the “half gig” they decided to go for a date. It went quite well as you may imagine and Caroline didn’t have to implement her date escape plan. 🙂

Five years later, after buying their own flat together they went for a wedding in USA and some holiday after that. One of their stops was Chicago’s Willis Tower. They’ve decided to have a private breakfast at the Skydeck. It’s on the 103rd floor at around 1000 feet above the ground. The views are spectacular there. That was the place where Charles decided to go ahead with his big question, secretly asking Caroline’s dad if he can marry his daughter. Those who don’t know Charles you must know that he’s scared of heights, so the question had a big impact on him as well. But he managed to kneel in one of the glass boxes to ask his girlfriend to marry him. As you may guess, after saying few times “Shut up” she of course said “Yes” !

They both are happy and can’t wait to get married this April. Whole family and friends in one place, big party and whole lot of fun that’s what’s in front of them. As well as whole life together. I specially love what Caroline said that “in married life you’ll always have your partner in crime with you and someone to talk to about anything”.

Really can’t wait to shoot their wedding. Bring on the fun !


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Engagement photo shoot at the farm | Cubby + Karen

2017 February 17

Karen and Cubby met at their friend’s wedding after not seeing each other for very long time. They were sitting next to each other and their story begun… He made Karen laugh a lot at that time ( and still do)  and was a great listener which made her fall in love very quickly. Cubby was mesmerised how beautiful she was inside and out.

How romantic is that to propose in the away house, with no power as it was cut, and lit by the candles and fireplace. Until today Karen thinks Cubby plan that power cut! 

Both of them can’t wait to call each other husband and wife. You can really see that!

For their engagement shoot we went to Cubby’s family farm. It was raining that day but we were hiding in the barns and I think we made most of the shoot. I know whatever weather’s gonna be on their day, it’s going to be great! Those are the people that you want to hang out with all night! 

April is their month! 


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Newhaven Harbour photo session | Jacky and Patricia

2017 February 13

They meet when they were 7 years old introduced by their parents. They continued their friendship through childhood until teenage years, when both went their own paths and lost contact for a while. Patricia  said it’s because he started ignoring her once he got busy in life and he moved away to study and work. But he has a different story. He says he became invisible to Patricia, that’s why their lost contact.  It was funny to listen their debate on our meeting who’s fault it was that they lost contact for quite a number of years! Anyway Jacky says that he things that Patricia was kind of innocent first love to him as she was first female friend to him. How sweet is that ? 

Finally they met each other and had a catch up few years after. Jacky was working in HK at that time and Patricia was there for holiday. They connected so well, like never been apart from each other. Through time as Patricia got to know him better all over again, she realised what an amazing person he has turned out to be and that’s when she started to fall for him.  Jacky started to think that she is one of the kindest person he have met, always caring and thinking for others. Secondly, she finds him funny. She does not judge so he can really be himself. He just feel he want to make her smile for the rest of his life so their relationship blossom into being the foundation upon which their dreams grow. 

Jacky have always collected things that highlighted or marked their journey as a couple. Tickets and souvenirs from events and places they’ve been. He decided to create a memory trail with candles and envelops of the mementos and notes/messages to hopefully remind her of the journey they took to arrive at this point. She would have preferred being proposed to in private and intimate seeing, without distractions. It was lucky for him as he don’t like being the centre of attention. He decided to propose at her house, when she least expected, after a late work night shift. The trail took her around the house lit by the hundred candles and to the upstairs bedroom when the last envelop instructed her to look out into the back garden. He was waiting for her by a light display that asks her to marry him. With happy tears Patricia said YES! 

They both super excited to start new journey as a husband and wife. Jacky can’t wait to see Patricia innocent and happiest smile at the wedding. He can’t wait to start family of their own with his wife. Finally Patricia can’t wait to have him all for herself at their own house. They both want to grow old together always knowing that they will be at each others side regardless of what happens to either of them. 

As they plan to wed in April, they planned an engagement session in Edinburgh, at Newhaven Harbour. I was thrilled to spend more time with this amazing couple and I can’t wait to document their first day as husband and wife soon! 

I loved how easy their snug into each other forgetting the whole world around them. 

To see more photos from this Save the date photo session in Edinburgh please click on the slideshow at the bottom of the post!


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Voodoo Rooms Wedding of Mikay and Lee

2017 February 8

I know Mikay for many years now and when he message me that he is finally getting married with his long term partner Lee I was so happy for them! Then he asked me if I could document that day for them! There was no hesitation for me as I did not want to miss that day! 

Mikay and Lee are genuinely beautiful people in and out! Their spirit lift yours if you are around them! Always smiling and happy no matter what! 
Being on that day made me so emotional! I loved every minute of it! From their friends which are so supportive and family who loves them to bits. Mums and witnesses who shed  few tears. Lee’s grandma – such a sweet lady – was so proud of them! Just wonderful to watch!! 
They had their ceremony at Lothian Chambers  following with the reception at the VooDoo Rooms which perfectly match their style and personalities! 
Lee and Mikay – seeing you together finally making a commitment to each other makes my heart so happy. Thank you for allowing me to capture this wonderful day for you! We wish you forever happiness!  
Enjoy this small selection of your story! 

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Stockbridge – Save the date – Kim and Chris

2017 January 30
They met in 2004 at Newcastle University, where they were lab partners in Microbiology. Luckily having the same first letter of their surname they were matched up alphabetically. Over the next two years they became good friends, sharing a love of fancy dress and partying in Solution (Newcastle students’ union)!
It wasn’t until 3rd year of uni when Kim moved to London for a student placement and Chris remained in Newcastle. That time they started to think, that there might be something else there, so after a few visits back and forward they started long distance dating!  They made it ‘Facebook official’ in March 2007! They continued  long distance relationship for the next few years before finally moving in together.
Chris proposed in January in Newcastle, at the Tyne bridge, were it all began. They’ve been very long time together but now, only 7 weeks until their wedding day! I’m so excited to document their day as I know its going to be super fun – as their are! 
For their  Engagement shoot we went to my beloved place – Stockbridge, where between lovely streets and private gardens we walked with Kim and Chris and their cute dog ! Love how fun and how much impact they have on each other. Those are the people who love life to the fullest! 

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