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Caledonian Hotel Edinburgh Wedding of Ruth and John

2016 October 19

Few weeks back when I was photographing a weeding Ruth and John at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. The hotel is located very central and it has beautiful rooms for the weddings. Secret garden at the back of the hotel can be used for some photos when its nice weather – which we had – and stunning view on Edinburgh Castle make it even more majestic. I loved how rich and elegant this place is with many lights inside that I could play with.

The day started with sunshine and crisp air. Ruth was very relaxed yet excited in the morning which was nice to see. Boys were getting ready with accompany of Ruth and John’s son Jackson. He was the star of the night! He is only 1 yrs old but  such an entertaining wee charmer! When the ceremony begun a few happy tears went down in the room ending with blast of confetti. 

Documenting the moments of the day were the most important thing to both Ruth and John, and they certainly provided us with many, tearful, funny, and fantastic moments.



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Dalkeith country park – Save the date: Noreen + Stuart

2016 October 18

There is nothing more classic than a fall engagement session in Dalkeith Country Park.  The trees are starting to change, the light is glowing and warm, and the wretched summer heat gives way to cooler autumn days. It was so nice to spend  late afternoon with Noreen and Stuart, also great to get to know them a bit more, and to spend a gorgeous few hours wandering around with the delicious light! 

I’m very happy that I will be documenting Noreen and Stuart’s wedding day this coming Saturday! I know that it will be fantastic day! Few years ago I have photographed Noreen’s sister wedding and I can’t wait to meet the family again! Feel very honored to be chosen one more time for such a special day for the family! 



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Errol Park Autumn Wedding – Holly + Ross

2016 September 30

Was this the best day ever? I know for a fact that for Holly and Ross it definitely was. Why? Cuz when two people who meant to be with each other making a commitment if front of beloved ones, surely have to be the best day ever! And its not hard to tell, when you will look at the photos how happy Holly and Ross ware. 

Since very early morning when I arrived at the hotel where Holly was getting ready, she was like a little girl who is so excited to see her birthday cake. I’m always so honored to witness beautiful emotion between parents and their child, when Holly’s mum had her moment in the morning, when she looked at her daughter, there where no dry eye in the room. Just beautiful pure love!
I have never seen groom  so grounded and  passionate about his girl. Everything seems just right – to marry love of his life. 
Errol Park was completely surprise for me as we shoot there for the first time and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph in such a stunning location! Tumbs up for the couple for choosing this venue. Very classic yet elegant and timeless. Holly and Ross spend a lot of time before the wedding to do DIY decors and  the results was outstanding! If you’re looking for somewhere to get married near Perthshire that’s a little classic, a little vintage, and still extraordinary beautiful, this is an amazing venue to consider. 
Holly and Ross I know how important photographs are for you and I cannot thank you enough  for sharing your day with me. From the tender moments you shared after the ceremony through Ross’s eloquently flawless speech to Holly at the reception, the day was full of gorgeous moments.  It was an honor to witness and document your day! 



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Dunblane Cathedral and Roman Camp Hotel Wedding of Beth and James

2016 September 16

It’s absolutely right to say that wedding of Beth and James at the Dunblane Cathedral and following by the reception at the Roman Camp hotel was elegant, remarkable and sweet. Both of the location was new to me and I loved it! Especially Roman Camp hotel where you have a feeling that walls can talk. So cozy and beautiful. I think this place perfectly fit Beth and James. Both of them are sweet like honey and so loving their families and closest friends. Beth chose unusual sunflowers to be her flowers on the day and I think they were a lucky charm and brought sunshine that day! If you could see the weather the whole week before the wedding you will know what I mean! 🙂 

Beth and James I cannot thank you enough for the honor of being your wedding photographer.



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East Lothian beach – Save The Date photo session with Holly and Ross

2016 September 8

When you know it, you know it. That how it was for Holly and Ross. After dating for 3 month they said “I love you” to each other…

They meet at restaurant where Holly worked first, when Ross moved from Belfast. Holly thought he was a nice guy and apparently she was flirting with him then, but from all this butterflies she barely remember that week! 

Time fly by and Ross was then transferred to manage the sister restaurant in the city center. They didn’t have contact with each other until the Christmas party made by the company. That day Ross couldn’t forget gorgeous girl with blue eyes from Skye… Ross immediately made Holly feel comfortable around him but still excited and had butterflies every time they met. He made her feel like she was the most important person and just really special….that’s true – she still is…. Watching them on our photo shoot just proved me how gently and sweet he is with his girl. 

Skye… Holly favorite place on the world – home.

Holly always thought she’d know when it was going to happen but eventually she had no idea! For once she really was speechless! Unbeknownst to her, he had been planning for months having the ring made in March and after their trip was postponed twice she don’t know how he managed to keep it in for so long! He wanted to take Holly to her favorite places in Skye, but with it being November the weather was horrible and everywhere they tried to go it was blowing a gale and poring rain! They had booked to go to a lovely lodge and restaurant on their last day and on the drive down once again the weather was awful. They arrived and it was still blowing a gale. By this point Ross couldn’t wait any longer!  They go out of the car and as they were heading in, he called Holly and as she turned round he was getting down one one knee… 

Their family and closest friends are very important to them and making a commitment in front of them its a thing that they can’t wait for!

I must just say that I’m so blessed that I’m meeting such a wonderful souls. Ross and Holly are not only perfect for each other but they also such wonderful people to hang out, be friend with. 

On the other hand those blue eyes from Skye got me as well! 😉  Is this engagement photo session on the East Lothian beach perfect? Yes!!!  I can honestly say it is perfect! Two loved people, gorgeous light and lots of fun! What else would I need ?

The days has been counted already for your big day, and I seriously can not wait! 

p.s. To see more photos from Holly and Ross’s Engagement photo session please click play at the bottom of the post. 




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Save The Date at the heart of Edinburgh – Calton Hill

2016 August 28

Time flies fast and the big day of Beth and James is closing very fast. They gonna tie the knot in next few weeks and I’m happy to finally post their save the date session, which we did at the heart of Edinburgh, on Calton Hill. 

Long story short, from James’ brother wedding, through beautiful rooftops of Florence they will get married at the stunning Dunblane Cathedral at the beginning of September. 

We had an amazing weather on the day of the shoot and I was really happy that they both looked relaxed and happy. You can see from the photos that they are really amazing together and I can’t wait for their wedding.


001_save The date Edinburgh calton hill

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