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East Lothian, Save The Date | Claire + Adam

2017 May 3
Hogmanay was the day when they first met. This night lead them to the first date spend on having few drinks and ending up dancing all night long. If you can dance with someone all night, this is the man for you! And if that person (Adam) is cheeky, funny and gentlemen at the same time you can’t help it but just like him more and more. Good look was something we should mention too. 
They spent 4 years together when Adam decided that this gorgeous and fun woman have to have more meaning to him. So he decided to ask her a big question. And as gentlemen should do, it should be done with class! 
He proposed to Claire on their 4th year anniversary. Celebrated by going up to Edinburgh castle for the afternoon. As they both hadn’t been there in years, the plan was to go out for dinner afterwards. She met him at the bottom of Edinburgh castle after work and they had wonder around. Adam was acting a bit differently. It felt like a first date, but obviously it was just nerves, which Claire didn’t realise at the time. He said there was a exhibition on at 3pm which he fancied going to see, in the great hall at the castle so they headed down there. He went off to speak to the security guard to find out where it was and the guard lead them up to a private room over the great hall. He opened the door and…. The floor had candles all over it with a table at the end of the room with a rose sitting on it with the ring.. And this is when he proposed. As you know I wouldn’t post this story if she wouldn’t say yes! Claire was completely taken by surprise. They phoned to their family  during the dinner at the Balmoral later on, to share their happy news! 
We know Adam and Claire from couple of their friends’ weddings we were photographing and when they contacted us we were so happy with the opportunity to work with them! Not only they are so generous and good people but also people that you can have lots of fun with! 
You can definitely see looking at the both of them that they are made for each other, and both of them make each other a good person! 
We can’t wait to be part of their day in June but for now lets see they pre wedding shoot! 

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Balbirnie House wedding| Sarah + Alan

2017 April 21

As the wedding season is a full swing I would like to share today Balbirnie House wedding. We did this two weeks back and it was wonderful.

Lovely bride, handsome groom, loving family and fun friends. What would you wish for at the wedding? And yeah… great weather! I must say that soon we will add on our website that it’s never rain on our weddings lol 😉 

Sarah looked beautiful and radiant with her bridesmaids wearing blushing pink dresses. Boys… ohh boys I will never forget my tummy pain the next day after all this laughs! Seriously great bunch of people who I’m sure made Sarah and Alan’s day unforgettable!   

Sarah and Alan. We wish you again all the best and happy life together. Hope your life will be as much fun and happy as your wedding day 🙂


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The Dene – Stockbridge, Save The Date: Dave + Mairead

2017 April 18

And we are back again to our beloved spot in Edinburgh – Stockbridge. This time this lovely Dene walk was with Mairead and David who rock the shoot! We have met before, on one wedding few years back when Dave was a usher on his friend’s wedding. I was delighted when they contacted me asking if I could photograph their wedding day! It’s always special as I know people have seen me working at the day and also the results. On the other hand Mairead and Dave are such a generous people that you can talk with for hours! I loved watching them flirting during our session like no one was watching! Ahh… they stole my heart and I’m counting hours to their wedding day this Saturday! 

Take a look at them! 

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Hopetoun house wedding – Patricia and Jacky

2017 April 15

As the wedding season started few weeks ago I would like to share with you one of the first – Hopetoun house wedding. The day that was filled with incredible amount of emotions. And because it was Asian wedding we knew it will happen a lot on that day! From the early morning preparations in close by Dakota hotel girls and boys ware getting ready. Then for very early ceremony at the Hopetoun house where all emotions hit everyone, especially Jacky who was incredible moved when he saw Patricia walking down the aisle with her dad. Following by the speeches straight after the ceremony where another amount of emotional moment happens when Jacky’s dad gave speech.  It was beautiful to watch their bond with family. Before moving for dinner to “Imperial Palace”, we had a chance to take few portraits of bride and groom around the land of Hopetoun house and inside as well. It was first time for us in here and we absolutely love the place for the so many options for great photographs! 

Wedding breakfast at the authentic Chines restaurant was like going to another country. There was games, tea ceremony and karaoke. Countless time of fun!  Not to forget about great food! 

Than in the evening we got back to Hopetoun House for the amazing first dance of Patricia and Jacky which was choreographed to the lovely “Stand by Me”. After the show everyone hit the dance floor and continued to have more fun of this wonderful day! 

Patricia and Jacky you have no idea how lovely it was to be part of your day! There was no minute that I didn’t want to document! We hope you having amazing time on your honeymoon right now but we just wanted to say THANK YOU! and wishing you as warm and happy life as your wedding day was! 


Hopetoun house wedding

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Family photo shoot- Edinburgh

2017 April 12

Today I would love to show you a family photo shoot I did last month for this gorgeus family. They got gift voucher from their friends to use in our service (you can get them by contacting us), as the new family member arrived into the family. We had very lovely afternoon and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. 

When we’re not shooting weddings, we do portraits. We come to your house or it can be done outside and all we do have great fun with little directions if needed. 




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Roxburghe Hotel spring wedding with Kim and Chris

2017 April 2

No one would believe looking at this photos from beautiful  Roxburghe Hotel in Heiton if I would say that three days before this wedding, Scotland was covered by snow with minus temperatures! But it was really true!! How lucky Kim and Chris were! Over 20 degrees, everyone outside for all day and even some of them get burnt by the sun!  Definitely perfect start of the wedding season for us! 

Being first time at the Roxburghe Hotel and having that weather this place really stole my heart! Beautiful conservatory in which ceremony took place was perfect lit by the sun and the plants in it just made it looking cosy and whimsical. The place was decorated with flowers by talented friend of Kim – Kelly Vaughan-Clinkscale. Flowers looked fresh and very summery. Tim, one of our favourite celebrant made ceremony fun and unforgettable. I loved looking at the Kim and Chris’s family  how emotional they were about this day. Chris’s dad holding mum’s hand during the vows, Kim’s sister shade few tears when the couple put the rings on, then granny being so excited to finally welcome Kim in the family. And at the end everyone’s having super fun on the dance floor including Kim’s dad who I believe had the most of it! 
It was an honour to document and be part of this special day! Kim and Chris we wish you all your life to be as bright and loving as your wedding day! 
 Roxburghe Hotel spring wedding

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