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Both of them were students at the Strathclyde University and they first met at Graduation Ball. That night Ian put his interest on Dec’s, only to find out from her friends with whom she was with, that she has a boyfriend. If she only knew at that time that he was hanging around because of her….
Their paths went different direction that night, only to be crossed again after three years later when they went for their first date.
Ian was amazed by Deb’s bubbly and warm personality, which put him at easy to talk with her and get to know her. Her dark hair and lovely eyes was something that he will always remember…
No wonder, why was so easy for Ian to be comfortable with her, cuz when he smiles, he makes Deb forgetting the world. Deb love his incredible and casual smile. The girl was on the 7th cloud that when Ian drove her home back and hopping for goodnight kiss, she missed it by jumping out from the car to quick from excitement!
5 years later on Deb’s 30th birthday weekend,  in lovely St Andrews, Ian organized to pop his question. Her first reaction was – “Shut up !!” 🙂 

Later on same night  they were celebrating Deb’s “Yes” answer with their closest friends which had no idea about the his surprise for her.
This girl was dreamed of getting married since she was a little girl and she found perfect man to spend the rest of her life with…

I’m so happy to be part of their dream and document their wedding day which will be in two weeks!


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To see more photos from Deb and Ian’s save the date session in Glasgow please see the slideshow below.