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Save The Date: Elaine + Ross, Culross

2015 November 28

Elaine was a dancer with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Ross’ friend played the keyboard in the band and first introduced them at his birthday party. After the party Ross all of a sudden started coming along to gigs ‘supporting his friend’! 

It took Elaine a while to realize Ross started coming along to Chilli gigs to see her. Ross thought that Elaine is genuinely nice and she laughed at his jokes ! 😉 So the month after they had their first date their lives were forever changed. Making Elaine laugh every day and surprises her every now and again with romantic gestures, their relationship blossomed into being the foundation upon which their dreams grew.  Years later, Ross took Elaine for romantic night out at their favorite Houston house , where he surprised her by getting on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of their lives together. After a few happy tears later she said ‘yes’. Soon they will go back to Houston house for their wedding day.

For their engagement session, they returned to the place they fell in love: Culross. They walked hand-in-hand through the beach and later in the village…


01_Elaine and Ross engagement

02_Elaine and Ross engagement 03_Elaine and Ross engagement 04_Elaine and Ross engagement 05_Elaine and Ross engagement 06_Elaine and Ross engagement 07_Elaine and Ross engagement 08_Elaine and Ross engagement 09_Elaine and Ross engagement 10_Elaine and Ross engagement 11_Elaine and Ross engagement 12_Elaine and Ross engagement 13_Elaine and Ross engagement 14_Elaine and Ross engagement 15_Elaine and Ross engagement 16_Elaine and Ross engagement 17_Elaine and Ross engagement


To see more photos from Elaine and Ross’s engagement photo session in Culross please click play below.

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