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It’s been waaayyy to long since I posted on my blog. The last two years have been really emotional and strange on so many levels. I hope everyone has been keeping safe and well during these difficult times.

Before I start posting regularly again and get all my wedding posts from the past two years here, I wanted to post a video I made first. I just realised I haven’t posted my 10 years anniversary video here yet, which should be here last year, but as you all may know it’s not been a great year or so for anybody.

I was so looking forward to 2020, not only because I was going to have some fantastic couples who were going to get married but it was also the year I have completed my first 10 years in the wedding photography business!
It will be unforgettable for sure now!

10 years!!! How did that happen?? Crazy right!? Funny enough the lockdown got me thinking on a few things which I probably wouldn’t have thought much if I was busy shooting weddings. What I realised is that I’m so incredibly grateful for my life, that I do what I love! I’ve always said that, of course, but these strange times have made me even more thankful!

During these first 10 years in business as any other artist, I had had some ups and downs. I worked my butt off to improve my photography skills, tried to get to know the wedding industry more and so on. During all of this, I also became a mum, which made things even crazier.
Yes, things changed over the decade but one thing did not change for me. That is my love of photographing people! Their stories, their emotions, reactions, their beauty – this is my drive. YOU are my drive!!! And for that, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for trusting me to document your story. I remember every single wedding, all your names and stories. My clients have been supportive and kind to me. I laughed and cried with you. THANK YOU for allowing me to experience that! I have been so lucky to have such fantastic couples. It’s been an incredible 10 years and I’m so looking forward to another decade of fabulous people and weddings!

To celebrate it I have created 10 years anniversary slideshow of all of my weddings that I photographed till 2020.
10 YEARS in 10 MINS!!

I have spent 3 days choosing the photos for this animation and it was an amazing blast from the past! I wish I could add more photos but you would have to spend all day in front of the screen.
Grab whatever you want to drink but since it’s the weekend and you are part of this celebration with me- grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy!

Potential new clients, enjoy my 10-year-journey, too, and get in touch if you are looking for a photographer and you think I might suit your style.
I also want to thank all of the suppliers and venues that I had a chance to work with during these 10 years. You are amazing!

I will be posting a video of “Best of 2020 and 2021” before the end of the year. So keep your eyes peeled.