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Botanic Garden Edinburgh engagement session | Jen + Ant

2017 July 17

Work is usually the place where the couples met for the first time and that was the case with Jen and Ant. That’s how they become friends. 

Spending more and more time together, this slowly started to become something much more than a friendship.

Jen really warmed to Anthony’s kind and caring personality. He would always go out of his way to arrange for them to spend time together. Ant loved Jen’s kind and caring nature, supporting him through hardships, throughout their relationship. Her continued encouragement has also driven him to working hard despite hisill-health.  Out of the blue one day, Anthony told her how he felt, and she was so happy to say that she had began to feel the same way about him.

At their first date, Ant wanted to open up Jen to the Asian culture by taking her to a sushi restaurant. It was a bit risky but it turned out that she loved it so much that it became her most favourite food ever since. 

After being together for over 4 years, Anthony felt that it was the perfect time to start the next chapter in their life. He planned to surprise Jen by proposing to her on the same day as her birthday in order to act as a cover up for it. The plan was to arrange a table at local restaurant and to ask the question there, however, for some reason on the day he was given a completely inappropriate table without even enough room to get in and out of our seats. As a plan B (which he always have!), he took Jen to view the Christmas lights on George Street and had that as his alternative. That did not go to plan as the cold weather drew Jen away and blew his second chance away as well. After these failed attempts, he felt that the only way is to act impulsively and proposed as soon as they stepped foot into the house.  After hearing ‘I’ve been trying to do this all night!’ and looking at the most beautiful ring she have ever seen she said YES! 

They are so excited to turn the next page and set the foundation of their future together. And they will say I do’s this coming Sunday. They look forward to dating together for the rest of their life’s.


Botanic Garden Edinburgh engagement session

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Penicuik House, engagement session | Lynsay and Stuart

2017 July 17
by Karolina Kotkiewicz

In case of Lyndsey and Stuart The saying “the way to the men heart is through the stomach”  is just right. Both met at Ikea where they worked and Stuart use to visit Lynsay at the restaurant on the break for some foodie where she was serving. Lynsay caught Stuart’s eye with her amazing smile and beautiful eyes, so he started to chat to her and things goes on.  It was that time when he got to know her. He knew that she was the one as their shared a lot of the same values and ambitions.

Lynsay really enjoyed talking to him and agreed to meet up outside of work. Things just carried on from there. When they first got together though they seemed to be doomed as a couple!…. Lynsay went on holiday for a week to Tenerife and ended up, stuck because of the ash cloud. Once she finally got home Stuart then went off to Florida for 3 weeks. Then, once he got back, she ended up in hospital. During her recovery, Stuart drove out every single day to see her. She was in a lot of pain and he really looked after her. He got her bowls of ice cream, tried to make her laugh and gave the best cuddles. He was like a best friend and she loved spend time with him. That’s when she realised just how amazing guy he was and that she was absolutely head over heels for him.  Their relationship has just grown stronger and stronger from there.
Few years later, they  moved into their first house together. The Christmas time was the time, when Stuart thought it will be the right moment to ask the big question. They woke up in the morning and Stuart brought their stockings through to open. They had both opened their own when Stuart revealed a third stocking that was for Lynsay. It has the usual assortment of bath goodies etc, but when she got to the bottom there was a little box in the shape of a stocking. Lynsay thought it was a decoration for Christmas tree, but Stuart told her to open it up. When she  opened it, there was a Haribo ring inside, she looked at Stuart to say “very funny” but he wasn’t there beside her. She then realised he was in fact down, at the side of the bed, on one knee with another box. Then he opened the box and asked her to marry him and of course she said yes! She cried of happiness a lot that day ! 
And now after some year of preparations the Big Day is about to happen! They both so excited to see each other on the aisle and spend the rest of their life as a new Mrs. and Mr. Mitchell! 
For their engagement session we went to the Penicuik House where Stu and Lynsay like to spend their free time. I love to watch them and see how bubbly and loving chemistry they have. Take a look at their photos! (To see more images from this shoot please scroll down to the bottom of the post and hit play!).

Penicuik House engagement session

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King’s Theatre, Edinburgh | Save The Date: Daniel + Ailsa

2017 July 14

I’m very excited about today’s engagement session that I want to show you! First of would love to introduce you very talented Daniel and Ailsa who are musician and  on the top of that Ailsa is a ballet dancer. When we first talked about the location for their shoot with me I knew its gonna be special. We have menage to arrange shoot in King’s Theatre in Edinburgh which perfectly suited Ailsa and Daniel’s personalities!  

We had the whole theatre for ourselves and we made the most of it! I love the magical connection that Daniel and Ailsa have between each other its like poem written just for them. 
You can easy see how they adore each other and support one another. This can only last forever. So saying that it will be so obvious to say that I can not wait for their big day which will be for sure a spectacular day next week on Thursday at  Cameron House , Loch Lomond
But first let’s take a look at their save the date photo shoot with us! More photos you can see at the bottom of the post by clicking play. 

King's Theatre Edinburgh

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Dean village, engagement photo shoot | Tamar + Craig

2017 July 10

It’s always lovely to hear that love started in early high school years and the sparkle between Craig and Tamar was right there at the first day! Tamar thought that his charming and sporty personality with the handsome appearance was something that she look for in men. Craig couldn’t take eyes of from beautiful girl  and when he get to know her closer he was driven even more towards her, cuz of her sense of humour. And that’s how their story begun.

They have been together for many years – 10 to be exact – when Craig decided to pop up the question. On a winter holiday skiing in Andorra he got down on one knee on the slopes and ask Tamar to marry him. Obviously she said yes otherwise I wouldn’t write this post 😉

So talking about engagement sessions, I met with Tamar and Craig at their (and also mine) beloved Dean village in Edinburgh. What I loved about them is how quick we clicked and had amazing time we had together. Weather was on our side as well! We walked, had laugh and I watched secretly how gentle Craig is for Tamar. He enjoyed every sound of her smile and love watching her being happy and sweet silly. Seriously it was such a pleasure to photograph them together!

And what else I can say that you can probably guess that I can’t wait to document their wedding day which will be held on our fav venue Glencorse house this Saturday!


dean village photos
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Carberry Tower wedding – Claire and Kyle

2017 July 5

Hope everyone is doing well and some of you heading for their holidays or at least planning them. For us this time its incredible busy  with weddings and we are trying to post as often as we can! Today we would like to show you a wedding of Claire and Kyle at Carberry Tower in East Lothian which took place 3 weeks ago. We love this venue for so many reasons but one of them is that whenever we shoot there we are so lucky with the weather! Ha! 😉 On the top of that they have beautiful grounds that guest can enjoy sparkle wine and celebrate with newlywed couple!

Claire and Kyle wedding was no different but beautiful! From the moment of holding hands before the ceremony to the emotional dance that left even kids in awe! We even had a chance to sneak during the meal for some golden light photographs which added to the whole collection of images real summer vibe.

Claire and Kyle, documenting your first day as a husband and wife was better then we could imagine! Thank you for trusting us documenting that day for you!


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Kelvingrove art gallery – Save the date with Joanna and Martin

2017 June 22

We had a little issue recently with our blog and we couldn’t post anything until now. So now we are trying to catch up especially with this photos of Martin and Joanna as their wedding is just round the corner this Saturday! 

Joanna and Martin are so laid back people and they make you feel at ease around them! We are incredible lucky to met people like that! Each of them are so unique with their own story to tell. I couldn’t ask for better job! I’m so excited for Martin and Joanna’s wedding cuz  its going to take place in a beautiful scenery at Crear which will be a first time for us there! 

They have chose Kelvingrove art gallery for their pre wedding shoot as this is the first time they met here. I really like one photo from that shoot when they both standing in front of the Crear painting. Its very meaningful for them. 

Right,  let’s just see their photos! 

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