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Beautiful and emotional. Two words which simply and perfectly describe the wedding day of Silvia and Ferenc.

This wasn’t my first wedding in Crowne Plaza in Edinburgh. I shoot there few years back but this time I had completely different view for that wedding. Shooting weddings abroad this place truly reminds me of a little Italy, Tuscany maybe because of the tall trees.  Add on top of that two deeply in love people from two different countries ( Spain and Hungary)  and perfect wedding is in the making.


01_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

I started the wedding with groom getting ready in the beautiful garden at the back of the hotel. Loved groom’s grey pastel suit with pinky flourish tie.

02_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

03_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

Ferenc’s best friend was his witness. The guy which you want to be around when party is on! 🙂

05_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

 Silvia’s mum and best friend were looking at the guys through the window and getting more excited.

 The beautiful pastel roses bouquet was elegant addition to Silvia’s wedding dress and her style.

07_Wedding photography Edinburgh Crown Plaza

 Loretta from Lipstick, Lashes & Locks was creating beautiful vintage hair for Silvia. Below you will see how stunning the hair were!


 With the help from mum and best friend the dress has been tight for Silvia. Not to mention that during that time they had lot of fun and surly Silvia got a bit relaxed.



 Isn’t the Silvia’s hair Beautiful? And the Vintage hair comb was like a cherry on the top of the cake!

 The room in Crowne Plaza where Silvia was getting ready is wonderful! Big window from the floor to the roof was making beautiful soft light that was delight to work with!

And Silvia ohhh you were just sooooo FABULOUS !!

 While I was taking Silvia’s portrait her mum was seating on the bed and couldn’t stop being emotional watching her beautiful daughter just about to get married! 

Truly beautiful moment !


 I love creating simple but volume speaking portraits. The light was just perfect!


It was fun and happy moment when one of the Silvia’s brother came to the room to say hello. He was Silvia’s witness.


 The bride was surrounded  by her best friends and mum in the morning. Great support from them!

 I’m proud to be photographer a special for the moments like this when I know this photo will be in family album for decades! Very special moment between the father and the bride.

 Crowne Plaza have beautiful function room which is ideal for small weddings.

 Unplugged wedding? YES!!!


 The emotions before the ceremony was getting high!

 And burst at the ceremony. The loved look Silvia gives to Ferenc – unforgettable !


 Funny moment when best friend of the bride who was carrying the rings wasn’t sure when she should come out with the rings 🙂



In Hungary there is tradition of breaking the bread. Ferenc really want to use that back home tradition and see who will be the boss in their marriage. Apparently the one who break bigger bits will be the one!

 Love bride’s mother reaction on this game! Not difficult to guest who will be the boss!

 Ferenc couldn’t cope with that and just stole the whole bread from Silvia and announced he is the winner!

 Best men took very serious his role and he entertain the whole wedding. 

 The groom have very strong connection with his grandma. And I was honored to catch them in intimate moments during the whole wedding! Precious! 

 After the ceremony we took some photos of the bride and groom at the back of the garden. Loved that they weren’t put off from the little rain which was on the whole shoot we were outside.







 The dinning room where the ceremony was before was beautifuly decorated for the meal. All the little details made by the bride and groom made it even more special!


 Three languages on the speeches – that’s the  way you do it when everyone comes from different countries. But there is still body language which connect people without the words. The Bride holding grooms grandma’s hand – just heart melting.


 Silvia was amazed how beautiful speech Ferenc made and how well all enjoyed it.


 Proud granny. Another precious moment between them two.

 This room is just so beautiful to create photos like that!

 After the meal we had some more time for the photos of the bride and groom. When everyone left the room we stayed and used the window for little dramatic but still romantic look.

 And used front of the hotel street for some different background.



The bride shoes was cute at the bottom!



 This wasn’t only special because Silvia and Ferenc getting married there was one more special thing happening. Before bride and groom’s cake arrived there was surprise for Silvia’s parents who celebrate their 34 wedding anniversary! They couldn’t be more happier! 




 After the first dance girls were getting ready to hit the dance floor!

 There was some latina – flamenco music where bride and her mum was showing their best moves!

 Some fun with props always required !

 Bride is definitely  favorite sister for her brothers and they do show it!

Silvia, Ferenc, it’s been amazing to get to know you both! From the meeting to our engagement shoot at the Cramond 

I knew your wedding will be special! Thank you for having me to capture one of your best moments in life!