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Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the wedding of Brogan and Nathan at the stunning Cambo Estate. Brogan has always been more than just a client to me; She has been a muse. From the very beginning, our creative journey has been filled with trust and collaboration. So when she asked me to be a part of her wedding day, I was beyond thrilled. As Brogan’s muse, I was honoured to document this unforgettable occasion. What made it even more remarkable was the warm embrace of the family and guests, turning a day of work into a joyous celebration.

As her photographer, my aim was to capture the essence of her love and happiness and to reflect her unique personality in every shot. Brogan’s radiance and genuine joy made my job feel effortless, and every frame was a testament to the love shared between her and Nathan.

Cambo Estate proved to be the perfect canvas for Brogan and Nathan’s love story. Nestled amidst nature, this country house boasts a whimsical courtyard and a breathtaking beach, creating an idyllic setting for their special day. The quirky courtyard, adorned with vibrant flowers and charming details, added a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. The sprawling beach, just a stone’s throw away, provided a perfect backdrop for intimate moments captured on film.

From the moment I arrived at Cambo Estate, I was greeted with open arms by the warm and welcoming family and guests. Their hospitality created an atmosphere of genuine connection and camaraderie. It felt as though I was documenting the union of not just two individuals, but an entire community coming together to celebrate love. Their infectious energy and warmth transformed the day into an extraordinary experience, where I was able to capture raw emotions and intimate moments without intrusion.

Photographing Brogan and Nathan’s wedding at Cambo Estate never felt like work. It was a labour of love, where every click of the shutter held the power to freeze time and capture the immense happiness surrounding us. From the anticipation-filled moments of preparation to the tearful speeches and exhilarating dance floor, every part of the day was infused with undeniable magic.

Brogan and Nathan’s wedding at Cambo Estate was a true testament to the power of love and the beauty of genuine connections. As I immortalised their special day through my lens, I was reminded once again of the incredible privilege it is to be a wedding photographer. The picturesque setting, Brogan’s radiant presence, and the warm embrace of their loved ones created an unforgettable experience. Documenting their love story was not just a job, but a journey of celebration and joy.

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