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Stuart and Lauren met in Summer 2011 and although travelling between Brighton and Edinburgh didn’t stop them or made them question that they were meant to be together! Hundreds of flights and 3 and a half years later Stu made the move to Scotland to live with Lauren in Aberdeen and now 6 years on from when they first met they’ve had so much excitement along their way: getting married, buying their first home, welcoming their puppy Harley to the Axten family and starting their own business together. Some may call them inseparable… they call it unbelievably lucky ♥️

Let’s get back when then the ring pop into Luren’s finger…
They have always loved a red wine night in their flat in front of the fire with bread, oils, antipasti and merlot! An Italy tour was always a dream for them for the vino, food and culture! They had the most amazing three weeks travelling Italy starting in Milan, Lake Como and moving onto Verona… they had their first trip to the opera planned for the second night in Verona so Stu had asked to go up to the view point in Verona to see the city at sunset the night they arrived! Hiking up the hill (Lauren beginning to moan she’d straightened her hair and is now sweating!) they arrived at dusk to take in the gorgeous view. Taking a few compulsory photos (all those that know Lauren, knows she loves taking a photo of almost everything.) Stu knowing this all too well waited until the viewpoint was near deserted and asked an unsuspecting tourist to take a photo of them with the skyline in the background. As the stranger kindly took Stuart’s phone, Lauren turned to sit on the wall and when she turned round Stuart was down on one knee! All those that know Stu well, will know everything is done with good intentions but nothing ever quite goes to plan – this moment however was just perfect and Stu managed to pull off the most romantic idea he had ever had to make sure she said yes! Lauren was overwhelmed and they celebrated their engagement drinking champagne on the wine bar terrace well into the late hours of the night so happy to start the beginning of their forever…

We chose Circus Lane in Edinburgh for their engagement shoot with us. The street which almost as romantic as streets in Italy 😉 We had glorious light, but quite chilly day. Those two kept the air temperature high! Loving, funny people which I can see can achive much more then a wedding!


If you want to see more photos from this enegagement shoot click on the slideshow at the end of the post.

Circus Lane engagement session