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I haven’t shoot Polish wedding for a long time and I couldn’t wait for Ela and James’s wedding. It was in Poland last year in autumn. We flew there and we were very surprised by the weather! Very unusual as it was very hot. Literally like a summer! We couldn’t wish for better autumn wedding!
We arrived to Stara Stajnia in Zawidowice a day before the wedding and Ela and James had “Meet&Greet” Grill/BBQ with their family.
Ela and James live in Ireland and James father is a wedding photographer. I was honoured to be chosen also by the professional. I know James’ father had given his own opinion when choosing the photographer for their wedding. We arranged skype meeting with Ela and James and things got even better from there. The next thing we did was fantastic engagement session in Paris (which you can see here).
Long story short when we met with Ela and James day before the wedding we felt like coming to our friends’ wedding. As for Polish wedding tradition – parents gave blessing to their children to marry one another. This happened night before the big day as the schedule for next day was tight.
Early morning on the wedding day we woke up again to the stunning weather and I went wander about through the stables to look around. Then I went to see how people and especially my bride and groom are getting ready for the ceremony.

Ela had stunning dress that perfectly matched her style. The dress wasn’t white but dashy pink. Her girls was having multicolour dresses, that compliment the weather and Ela’s style.
Boys was hanging around helping James get ready and make sure everything is prepared for the ceremony. Then he left to the Orangery in Dobrzyca with his cool blue vintage car.
The ceremony decoration made by Kwiaciarnia Anna Korzeniewska was beautiful and classy. Simple details and greenery didn’t overload the already lovely place. Ceremony was translated so everyone could understand the words. The whole ceremony was accompanied by cvartet Sonore which played some romantic tunes. Ela and James walked out happily as a married couple with massive confetti cannons. Normally in Poland there is no time for couple portrait shoots on the day. Usually is done the other day, but obviously we didn’t have another day, so we needed to work quick and do the job! This is what we like! Adrenaline! All the guests made their way back to the reception and we did mini photo shoot with Ela and James using everything what we had around us. On the way to the reception we stop on the road to take last bit of sunshine in the car.
Traditionally Ela and James were welcomed by toast.According to the tradition they had to break the glasses for good luck. After they were welcomed with bread and salt. With live band Mixtura the reception begun. It was lots of food, very typical for Polish wedding! So if you ever be invited for one then make sure you don’t eat for at least two days before the wedding 😉 Singing, dancing, speeches and games. Really great experience for those who travel far and never been on the Polish wedding. Ela and James first dance was on the cloud nine, literally! And she never stop dancing until very early morning the next day! She is incredibly fit! Pimp my Bar was making sure everyone had yummy cocktails apart from vodka. Just before midnight Ela and James made a lovely thank you announcement to their parents. It was emotional, beautiful and after that the wedding cake arrived. Next it was time to chose new bride and groom with fun games. The party continued until early in the morning.

It was great to be part of Ela and James’ wedding day for which we are very thankful. I have to mention someone who actually hold everything together and made sure every detail was perfection was the lovely Agnieszka Nowak Wedding planner. Fantastic cooperation ! She and her assistance made our job much much easier! Thank you!
If you managed to finish reading this well done to you! Now let’s see how it was on the photos!