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Hi all! How are you in this sunny- frosty day? Outside the window, there is sun but still bit of winter can be felt. I hope that my daffodils in the garden does not suffer from it. Anyway, I appreciate that days gets longer and you can start organize photo session in locations. And today I’ll show you pictures from engagement session of Bogusia and Michael. The session took place a month ago. We made it in the studio and beautiful city Edinburgh. The weather was cold but Bogusia with Michael had so much love and joy that they would be able to warm up the whole Edinburgh. Thank you very much again for the super time that I spent with you! You are wonderful!

Bogusia’s make-up has been made, by my dear make -up artist Kasia Czech-Paluch. I invite you now for watching and commenting 🙂 Happy day everybody! Do not forget (especially men LOL ) that tomorrow is National Women’s Day. 🙂 It would be nice to put some flowers in the empty vase at home :))