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The moment I met Richard and Esther I knew it’s gonna be great collaboration! For me it clicked straight away, the vibes they both share to each other and the whole idea of the wedding day. I could have wedding like this on my own!
Let’s talk first where this idea came from. So Esther and Richard attend for the Diner en Blanc  in Paris which is a worldwide event, spanning six continents, in which people gather in a public space and set up a temporary, chic dining area. Guests come dressed in white to enjoy quality food and wine. Diners are required to provide their own food, tables, chairs and tablecloths. And they just simply loved it! You can read more about it here Fete en blancThey decided to make their wedding in this style at the back of their home garden in Scotland! They both already have grown up children, amazing family and friends so they want this wedding to be relax and informal.
When I arrived in the morning all suppliers were preparing the marquee which already looked stunning! Beautiful hanging flowers made by Narcissus were the only colours in the marquee giving a rustic feel to it. Award winning Hickory catering which I have already pleasure to work with many times before was preparing their delicious and pretty food. Everything was coming together nicely and Esther and Richard were very relaxed in the morning.
One of the benefits to do it at your own home is that what ever pet you have will be part of your day. Marmo their black and white collie was one of the cutest dog I’ve met. He is gentle but very playful. He patiently waited for anyone who was willing to play with him.
Esther’s daughters helped her put an incredible cotton lace dress from Fashion Bride. It was stunning and perfect for this whole informal look, pairing with tight summer shoes. She looked beautiful and fresh. When we talking about everyone wearing white, we mean groom wearing white too. Richard had white suit as well with open button under the neck to give relaxed style.
To be honest I couldn’t quite imagine how it’s gonna look when everyone will wear white, but when people start to arrive despite the weather (we’ve had some rain and forecast) they brighten the whole place! Esther was very excited about that in the morning when she was getting ready. She kept looking through the window at her guests arrival wearing white. Seriously it was like Miami Party!
Ceremony time was really special.  First of all it was contributed by Esther’s friend Lorna Irvine, who make it unforgettable. I loved the fact that their all children and mums were in the circle around them so they can be as close as possible and join the whole ceremony. Beautiful reading and speech by each of them made everyone shed few tears. In the middle of the ceremony Esther and Richard wanted to sing with everybody a song “It must be love” by Madness. It was great wee moment! Everybody had some inflatable instruments to play and microphones to sign to. The ceremony end with confetti and bubbles and the party began.
Everyone had such a great time. People had fabulous cocktails, food, laugh and cry from the happiness. It was lovely to see the love their friends and family have for them. During the day we had maybe about 10min to do quick portrait of Esther and Richard and some family group shoots. Before buffet was served, Richard gave outstanding speech which made everybody belly laugh. The real party started when Richard and Esther cut their wedding cake by Liggy and began to dance their first dance. Then something unexpected happen. The power cut. No lights, no music. Thankfully it’s Scotland, so having a party late evening doesn’t affect the brightnes of the day. And then, comes the best friend with pipes which piped Esther and Richard before the ceremony. He played for little while when the electricity was being fixed. It was great moment of integration and helped everyone to have a blast!
Once power was fixed the madness of party continued, as the Pink Toast band make sure everyone are on their feet! The evening end up with sparkles. I wish Esther and Richard never lose the sparkle they have between each other, their young souls and kindness they have for other people. It was an honour to be part of this day and get to know them. It was fantastic experience which I will treasure for a long time.
Thank you!