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Over the years I have been asked a wide range of weird and wonderful questions. I have compiled them here to hopefully help you. We have divided them into separate categories making it easier to navigate. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


How did you get started in wedding photography?

I’ve been photographing for some time before my passion became professional. Photography was one of my dearest hobbies and I mainly did portraits, to begin with. However, one day out of the blue my friend asked me to photograph her wedding. She insisted that I was entirely capable of doing it and would not accept no for an answer. I resisted slightly because I had never done weddings before. It was something new and unexplored for me which can be quite scary, but this is why, in the end, I decided to accept the challenge. As you may have guessed, I completely fell in love with wedding photography. I adored seeing the emotions that people went through and the adrenaline rush I felt when capturing the special moments. Every wedding I photographed left me with excitement and the feeling that I wanted to do more. Each wedding gave me the motivation to keep getting better. This is why I’m very grateful for all of my first clients who trusted me when I was just starting my journey. They inspired me to keep documenting weddings with great love stories. Thanks to them I could develop my craft, bringing me to this point. Even today, I am extremely grateful that my clients trust me enough to capture their big days. It gives me so much joy and motivation.


What is your photography style?

It’s hard to describe my style because I take photos with feelings and follow what my heart tells me. I would say my style is an elegant documentary with a touch of fashion and editorial. I believe in capturing the moments in an authentic and natural way. I want you to be able to look back on every smile, tear and emotion you felt during one of the most special days of your lives. I also think that classics never die which is why my photos reflect the true colour. I don’t use any filters that would change the colours of your wedding style. I keep the original shades rather than changing them to become unrecognisable.


What inspires you?

I think that people inspire me the most with their individual personalities and emotions. I really like to watch them and see their beauty. I believe that everyone is beautiful inside and outside, which is why I love capturing that in photos to show them and to other people how increíble they are. Also capturing the evanescence of human emotions is fascinating. During a photoshoot there are many different emotions. It gives me so much satisfaction to be able to see them and to capture them forever in photos. Apart from that, movies and any other types of art inspire me.


What is your education and experience?

I’ve been doing photography since I was 15 years old. All my knowledge and skills have been developed by practice and self study. Back in the day I thought about studying photography but then I thought I didn’t want to be influenced too much by other people’s perspectives and rules. I wanted to develop my own style.


What services do you provide?

Karolina’s focus is on wedding photography, but she also provides a variety of different services, including private portrait sessions either engagement, personal or family, birthday parties, baptisms, christenings, bar mitzvah or photography for other various events.


Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Mid Calder, Livingston, West Lothian, the United Kingdom.


Do you provide a videography service?

No we don’t, but we have amazing videographer friends that we can highly recommend. Just ask and we will be happy to send you more information.


How do you edit the photos? Can you make me look better or skinnier?

Karolina edits photos using industry standard software including Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This is a key part of her role as a professional photographer. She doesn’t use filters and ensures the colours in your photos reflect what you see with your own eyes. Anything glaringly obvious can be retouched but as a rule she doesn’t offer this as standard. Retouching is very time consuming and she tries to work around this by avoiding sensitive areas/views of people by shooting at different angles. If retouching is something you would really like, we can discuss further however an additional fee would be applied.


What is my client portal?

The client portal is a new addition to our website. It’s a specific page that is dedicated to all our wedding couples who are waiting on their photo gallery. It can be accessed after you are emailed the password which allows you to view the editing queue to see if post production has started, is in progress or is completed. 


Can we have an engagement photoshoot?

Yes, of course. Some of our packages include engagement sessions. It’s great to have one in our opinion, as you’ll get to know Karolina and the way she works. You’ll feel more relaxed and prepared on your big day in front of the lens. You can have a look at the engagement portfolio on our website to see some of the amazing couples photographed over the years.


What is the cost of your services?

To find out our current prices please get in touch with us by email where we will provide you with an information brochure that includes our prices.


Can I see full galleries to have a better idea about the rest of your work before booking you?

Yes, of course. We would actually recommend this. Here is a link to Karolina’s blog where you can see almost full wedding galleries from start to finish.


How do I secure my booking with you? How does it all work?

To secure your booking we require you to sign our contract and pay the deposit. Once this is complete Karolina is officially your photographer.


What is your wedding payment schedule?

Our payment schedule is divided into three stages:

  1. Deposit – due at the time of booking to secure the photoshoot.
  2. 50% of the balance – due 6 months before the photoshoot date.
  3. Final payment – due one month or 30 calendar days before the day of the shoot. 


Can you hold a date for us without a deposit? 

Unfortunately, we can’t book the date without a deposit.


What if someone else is asking for the same date?

In these instances, we use the ‘first come first served’ approach. If you are the couple who ask about the date first, we contact you to inform you that someone else is showing an interest in the same date. You have priority over the other inquiry. We allow 48 hrs from the time of notifying you before releasing the date.


Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, they do.


Can we make part of the payment after our wedding date?

No, our payment schedule requires full payment before the photoshoot date. The last payment should be made 30 calendar days before this date.


Do you offer discounts?

Sometimes we run offers for prints or albums. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see our current offers and stay tuned for new ones.


Can we have a cheaper package for a mid-week or off-season wedding?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a cheaper package for mid-week or off-season weddings as the time involved is just the same.


What if we need to postpone our booking date due to COVID -19 pandemic or any other reason?

In this instance you will have to pay a £75 administration fee. If Karolina is not available on your new chosen date, your contract will be cancelled with no refunds.


What if we decide to cancel our booking or want to change our photographer?

You can do so at any time but a cancellation fee is payable. This is compensation for the missed opportunity of other bookings and time involved with the associated admin. The fee also depends on how far in advance you cancel. 



How do we receive our photos? What is the online gallery?

You will receive your photos in a private password-protected gallery sent to you via email. This gallery is hosted on a password-protected website. In this gallery, you can view and download your images, as well as order prints or albums. You can share a link to this gallery with anyone you wish.


What is our online gallery expiry date and how does it work? What if we want to access our gallery after the expiry date? Can we?

Your gallery will be online for 6 months. After the expiry date, you can still gain access by contacting us. This may however come with an additional fee which is why we always suggest downloading the photos as soon as you have access. We also recommend making back-ups for yourselves. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about losing your photos. We always have them backed up and never delete them from our archives. 


Are your digital files watermarked?

Yes and no. We watermark only the photos devoted to sharing on social media.

In your online gallery, you receive two versions of the final photos. One is for social media and the other is for high-resolution print.


Do you edit every single photo we receive?

Every single photo Karolina selects from your wedding is carefully processed for you. She will make sure that your final photographs are created to perfection.


Can we see the raw images that didn’t make the cut to our gallery?

No, I’m afraid not. Karolina doesn’t show any raw images. She believes these would detract from the carefully edited selection created and serve no purpose. Most don’t make the cut because there are issues with facial expressions, background distractions, or technical issues.


How many photos do you deliver per wedding?

Karolina delivers about 600+ photos for a full-day wedding but it also depends on the time schedule and how long she is with you on the day.


What format, colour profile and resolution of the photos will be?

All of your photos will be in JPG format with an sRGB color profile and high resolution for print.


Do we have a right to make our own prints?

Yes, however, we cannot be liable for the quality of prints purchased outside our services. We encourage you to use our online shop for prints as we partner with one of the nation’s premier print labs. Whilst being competitively priced, the print quality is noticeably superior to the average high-street print shop.


Do you offer albums and other products?

Yes, we offer a range of products through our online shop which includes coffee table books, prints and print boxes. In addition, we also design bespoke fine art albums in various sizes and formats. If you are interested please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


What if we decide we want an album after seeing our final photos? Is it too late?

It’s never too late to order an album from us. You can order prints or albums weeks, months, or years after you receive your gallery. Savings can be made if you book the package that includes an album.


What if we want to order extra prints? How does it work?

Our online shop is available to you at any point after your gallery is live. From the day you receive your password-protected gallery, you can order prints anytime within the following 6 months. If you wish to order after that time we can extend the access, however, extra charges may apply. Please ask for more information. 


How does the album design process work? 

  • We email you a specific link for your album photo selection
  • You select the photos you wish to include and choose cover options
  • We design the album
  • We email you the online proof
  • You approve the design or ask for changes 
  • We email you the amended album (if required)
  • You give final approval
  • We send artwork to our lab for production (up to four weeks turnaround)
  • We deliver your album to your chosen address.


Can we see the proof of our album before it is sent for print?

You can see the proof and have the opportunity to make changes before it is sent for print. Please be sure that you like the layout and album as a whole. Only after you give approval will the final artwork be sent to our lab.


Can I print my images myself?

Yes, you can print your own images. Signing our contract includes printing rights for personal use but NOT commercial use.


Can I see samples of your albums and products?

Yes. During meetings, we are always happy to share our selection of products from albums to prints.


Do you back up your images?

Yes, and a backup for backups! Karolina ensures she has back-ups of everything; equivalent camera bodies, lighting accessories, lenses, memory cards, batteries and flashes. She also ensures her cameras have dual memory cards in case something happens. After taking photos they are backed up to three separate drives to ensure everything is secure.


How long do you keep our photos backed up for? Do you keep raw images or edited ones?

Karolina keeps your photos forever. We still have photos of the first wedding she did at the beginning of her career. RAWs and JPEGs are kept for months. The RAWs stay with me for about 1-2 years with the edited pictures (final) being kept indefinitely.


What is in your camera bag?

Karolina is a devoted Nikon user. My cameras and lenses are detailed here:

Nikon D780 x2

Nikon D750 x1

Nikon D810 x1

Lenses – 28mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm 1.4, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8,

Sigma Macro 105mm f3.5

Strobe flashlights x 4

Video lights


What happens if your camera breaks?

Karolina always has back ups with both her and her assistant having two camera bodies each just in case of emergency.


What does copyright mean and who has it for our photos?

Whoever owns the copyright of a photo owns that photo and has the right to do with it as they wish. As with the majority of photographers in the UK, the photographer owns the copyright of the photos they take. They then give you a license to use the photos for unlimited personal use. This means you can post them on social media, share them with friends and family, and get albums and prints made. You can pretty much do as you please with them. However, we would appreciate it if clients did not edit, crop or apply filters to photos. The only limitation for you is using the photos for commercial or business purposes.


Do we need permission for some locations to take photos for our engagement shoot or wedding date?

Sometimes permission is required. If you wish to have photographs taken in a castle or on private grounds you need to contact the owner or person responsible for location. Mostly, they don’t have any issues but on some occasions it can require paying extra fees to the land owner. 


What if you can’t attend our wedding day?

If for some reason Karolina is unable to attend, we will be in contact with you as soon as we can and do everything possible to book a replacement photographer. If you decide that you do not wish to accept then you must do so at the first contact with us after you are made aware of the situation. If a replacement photographer cannot be found or you refuse to accept the replacement for any reason we will refund your money minus the deposit. If the replacement photographer is accepted by you, we will continue to liaise with you and will be responsible for re-production of the final set of photos if it’s practically possible. If it is not possible the replacement photographer will ensure the contract deeds are met appropriately and the final gallery is provided on time. Your contract also explains this in more detail.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for equipment and public liability.


When should we book you for our wedding?

As soon as you get engaged. If you wish to have Karolina capture your special day we recommend you book as soon as you know your date. We are usually booked up to 18 months in advance. Karolina also limits the number of weddings to allow her to keep energised.


Can we meet you before our wedding date?

Yes. If practical, Karolina prefers to meet with you face-to-face or via video call if necessary. It is very important to establish a good understanding of each other and ensure you are all on the same page. During face-to-face meetings, getting to know each other, feeling good vibes and familiarising yourself with each other is so much easier.


Will you need any information about our wedding before the wedding date?

Yes, please. We like to be very organised which is why we created a pre-wedding questionnaire. It contains various questions from timing and locations to personal information about family dynamics helping us to prevent awkward or uncomfortable situations. The questionnaire is sent to you straight after signing the contract. We would appreciate it if you send it back to us at the latest 3 weeks before the wedding date to give us time to read through and prepare.


If we have a rehearsal for our wedding day, can you attend?

From experience, the information we gather from our pre-wedding questionnaire is enough for us to know how best to capture your special day. Karolina’s attendance at a rehearsal is not necessary 95% of the time. A quick call to discuss any issues should resolve your concerns. If however, you feel it necessary, Karolina will accommodate you if it’s not too far from our studio in Mid Calder.


What is the wedding photography guide/booklet?

Our wedding photography guide is a book that Karolina created with the information she has gathered from years of experience photographing weddings. It gives tips and tricks to make the most of your wedding day in a very photogenic way. It has information that can help you create beautiful photos and better experiences for you and your guests.


Do you offer pre-wedding/engagement shoots?

Absolutely! We recommend them as it is a great way to get to know you before your special day. You can see how we work and get to know us a little too. It helps couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera and know what to expect on their wedding day if they eventually choose us.


Can you help us with styling, location and ideas for our pre-wedding shoot?

Yes, I absolutely can help you with this! During our pre-wedding shoot discussion, we can decide on these details together taking into consideration your preferences. We can find out which style will suit your expectations about the final product and then I can suggest you the best locations, outfit ideas, etc.


Are you the right wedding photographer for me?

It really depends on your preferences. Usually, couples who book Karolina don’t want ‘cheesy’ posed prom photos. Typically their top priority is having natural, documentary photos with elegance. When choosing your photographer we would advise you to view around 100 – 150 photos from at least 10 photographers. A small selection of the best 15-20 photos from a single wedding would not give you a good understanding of what kind of gallery you would receive. We strongly recommend looking through Karolina’s blog to better understand her style before booking.


What if you are late on our wedding day?

For more than 10 years it has never happened. Hopefully, it will stay that way! We arrive hours before any wedding day, usually around 2.5-3 hours before the ceremony. This ensures we arrive safely and have enough time to capture the preparations for your big day. However, if something did happen to cause us to be an hour or so late, we believe we will still have enough time to capture your special day.


What is your working style on the wedding day? Forward or discrete?

Karolina is the type of photographer who likes to connect with people. She loves interaction and capturing action shots which is why she never stands in the corner with a large zoom lens taking paparazzi shots. She wants to interact with you and your guests to make you all feel comfortable capturing natural precious moments. Is she pushy? She would say she’s confidently decisive. She believes this is necessary to help keep everything on track and stick to the schedule. Giving some direction avoids extra time spent on portraits or group photos. She is definitely not bossy but likes to give you instructions in a fun way to help get the most beautiful shots in an effective way. None of her clients or their guests have ever mentioned she is overbearing or too much. Finding the right balance is the key.

Do you do destination weddings and how does it work?

Yes. Karolina loves destination weddings. She has traveled to many beautiful places all over the world for weddings. Normally she arrives at least one day before the big day to ensure she avoids any issues such as flight cancellations or delays. If time allows, she will visit the wedding venue on the same day and try to meet you for a final chat before the big day. She flies back to Scotland the day after your wedding. Her arrival and departure all depend on flights. The package prices stay the same as in our brochure with the only addition of travel and accommodation costs (if required). Please see our brochure for additional costs for weddings abroad.

We do not charge travel costs for weddings that are up to 60 miles from our base here in Livingston, Scotland. For weddings in mainland Scotland which are further than 60 miles, we require a two-night stay to ensure we have enough time in the morning of your day and can stay as long as needed at the end.

Do you help with styling and fashion advice for wedding portrait sessions?

Karolina has accumulated years of experience in this area and yes, would be happy to share useful tips with you but most of the time you won’t even need to ask for any advice.

What if you have never photographed at our wedding venue? Does it matter?

Karolina has photographed weddings around the UK and overseas for over 10 years and believes it is not necessary to visit a venue too long before a wedding. She would normally arrive at an unknown venue early in the morning of the wedding to familiarise herself with the space and check out lighting and opportunities for shots.

Our venue is quite dark. Is that going to be a problem for you?

No that’s not a problem. Karolina works with different types of lighting (natural and external lighting) and loves the challenges darker venues bring.

How long does the full-day wedding package cover? What time do you arrive and leave? 

Our full-day package follows your schedule. We don’t have specific hours because every wedding is different. Usually, Karolina likes to start around 2,5 – 3 hours before the ceremony. She has found from experience that this is enough time for the ‘getting ready shots’, details and to have a chat with the bridal party. The day finishes when she knows she has gathered all the shots needed to tell your love story. Most of the time we finish photographing before the evening buffet starts giving you space to eat. However, every wedding is different and we always discuss what our preference is.


Do you pose the bride and groom? How and why?

Karolina’s aim is to capture you as a couple in a natural way. If she sees you struggling with certain poses she will always help. She will reassure you and give directions throughout the day to make sure you’re not stressed. She loves creating beautiful images for you and has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you relax and have fun.


I am/my partner is uncomfortable or awkward in front of the camera. What can we do?

The best way to relax in front of the camera is to book a pre-wedding or engagement session with Karolina. This gives you an idea of what to expect and experience how she works. However, if this is not an option, her personality, experience and skill will be enough to make you feel relaxed. We recommend checking our client reviews or with any of our previous other couples if you can. 


Alternatively, you can meet with Karolina for coffee before your wedding date which might help to break the ice. However, we’re confident enough that you will have a great time during your special day and Karolina will definitely make you comfortable in front of the lens.


Can we have some formal group photos at our wedding? Which part of the day is the best time to do this? How long do we need for this?

Of course! Formal group photos are important, especially those with your parents or closest family members. These shots usually end up in albums and prints. Group shots with friends or extended family should go on the list too but we recommend more candid shots of these guests taken throughout the day rather than formal posing. The best time of the day for group shots is after your portrait pictures. Your portraits normally happen around half an hour after the ceremony and after you have had time to mingle with guests. We recommend taking family shots before the wedding breakfast which means everyone is fresh and looking their best. Taking the pictures with your family and bridal party usually takes around 15 minutes but it might take longer depending on how everyone cooperates.


Can we provide you with a shortlist of photos we really want to have?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend not taking too much inspiration from other photographers’ work as you want your photos to be personal. You want your wedding to be special and unique which is why Karolina creates photographs that show the personality of the couple, family and friends. Being inspired is great but Karolina always wants to create different and personal images for every couple.


Do you photograph wedding details and decorations?

Absolutely yes! Karolina feels wedding details and decorations are a really important part of any wedding day. They are often extremely important for couples because of their sentimental value in completing your wedding which is why she ensures she documents them for you. 


Can our guests also take pictures on our wedding day?

Of course! However, when it comes to taking pictures during the ceremony we can tell you from experience that it really can disrupt our work. Guests often step out in front of us blocking our view and ruining crucial moments. For this reason, we recommend guests refrain from taking photos and enjoy the wedding, leaving it to us, the professionals, to capture every moment for you. 


Can we have an additional photographer for our wedding day? For example a family friend or another photographer we booked separately?

You can have an additional photographer if you wish, nevertheless, you should be aware that more people photographing the same views could cause issues by getting in each other’s way and could delay timing.


Do you take photographs during the wedding meal?

No. We like to give you and your guests a break from the cameras and allow you to have your meal without interruption. We also take our break at this point too and look through the shots we have taken so far, back them up and have a meal to keep us going.


Do we need to provide a meal or accommodation for you on our wedding date?

For a full-day wedding or other occasions during a long session, we appreciate a hot meal being available for Karolina and her assistant. It certainly helps us to keep up our stamina. 

Providing accommodation depends on the location and the length of the wedding. When the venue is up to 2-3 hours away from our base in Mid Calder, we don’t need accommodation. In cases where the venue is further away, we may need it. Further information can be found in our brochure.


How many weddings do you shoot each year?

Karolina usually photographs approximately 25 weddings each year.


What if we want you to stay much longer, can you?

We can stay longer but a few factors need to be considered before confirming. For example, what else is needed, how long it is likely to take, and how long our return journey home will take. There may also be an extra fee depending on the request.


What if we are running late on our schedule? Will you stay late?

Yes, we can if the wedding is booked for all day. If it is booked per hour, we can also stay longer but an additional fee will be applicable.


What do we get in a full package collection?

To see what is included in our packages please look here for more in-depth information about them.


Will the photos be in colour or black/white? How do you decide?

The final photos contain a mix of colour and black & white. The majority will be in colour but Karolina decides which photos look best in black and white based on the composition, lighting and emotions. Through years of experience in the wedding industry, she has the expertise needed to make these choices.


Can we change our wedding package after we sign the contract?

Yes, you can upgrade your package or order additional services. If you book a digital-only package but later decide you would like to change it you can order prints or albums retrospectively anytime.


How long does it take to receive our photos after our wedding?

This varies and will be stated in your contract at the time of booking. This is the latest date you can expect your photos. Karolina will however do her best to deliver your photos as soon as they are available. She carefully edits each photo making sure they look the very best.


Can I share my wedding photos with our other suppliers for them to use?

We have no issue with other suppliers using your branded photos as long as they credit us and tag us on social media posts or printed photos. 


Do you have specific vendors that you like working with?

We have lots of vendors that we like working with. If you’d like any recommendations please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with all the information.


What is the quality of the photos we get as part of a wedding package?

You will receive high-resolution images that are of the best quality available at the time of your booking.


Should we have a second photographer for our wedding?

Karolina is more than happy to shoot your wedding with an assistant. However, we suggest that couples who are getting married in multiple venues and have 120+ guests consider adding a second shooter. Having a second shooter allows us to equally cover morning preparations for both the bride and groom and allows us to take more candid shots throughout the day. It is not essential but nice to have. More information can be found in our brochure.


Do you work with an assistant?

Karolina always works with an assistant during weddings. They help with equipment, adjust lighting and organise guests to allow her to completely focus on documenting your day. They also help take shots if needed as sometimes it’s necessary to shoot in two locations.  An example would be the assistant capturing the groom and groomsmen’s prep while Karolina takes photos of the bridal party. They might also take extra ceremony shots and candid pictures if needed.

Still need more info? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at or call us on +44 77 659 22 658