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Today’s post will be little longer then usual. Only because the wedding we photographed last year of Eilidh and Ben took place in the place where we have never been before and it blown our minds! Not only the venue was fantastic but the whole wedding party is worth to show you!

So this incredible venue is Myres castle which is in Perthshire area. It has beautiful castle with many rooms which you can accommodate your guests. But let me tell you about the grounds… well I have praise the owners for keeping the grounds so lovely! The gardens are breath taking! So many opportunities for great shots! And when you getting married in summer like Eilidh and Ben did and been lucky to have gorgeous weather then it’s a dream day!

Eilidh got ready with her braids maids early in the morning and the atmosphere was just lovely. In between the preparation there was time to chat about all memories this girls had together until that moment. Lots of laughs and tears.

Ben and his boys were in the cottage near by, just a minute away. His excitement shined through his face! Little shot of Scottish whiskey was a must for keeping the nerves away!

Eilidh had a special place in her’s dad heart. It was clear to see that she is apple of the eye for him. They had emotional moment when he pick her up from the room.

They got married at  St. Salvator’s Chapel in St.Andrews University grounds where Eilidh and Ben studied. The priest knew Eilidh and Ben and made unforgettable ceremony for them.

Ben and Eilidh didn’t want so many posed photos, instead they wanted us to document the day as it is. We love doing that, so you can show the real story and personalities of people we take photos of.

We had couple of moments during the day for some portraits but really it was maybe about 5 minutes. First one was when all the guest were heading to the bus after the ceremony we took a chance to take lovely swish veil photo outside the Chapel and then when the glorious light hit the ground in between courses at the reception. We sneak for two minutes and made the most of it.

After the ceremony everyone spread themselves on the Castle grounds sipping drinks and enjoying the weather!  Some of them played games, while musician played nice music in the background.

At some point where everyone was about to head to marquee for a speeches  and wedding breakfast big surprise for Ben was about to reveal! Suddenly from the back of the garden drum noise begun. It was a world champions Dollar Academy pipe band! They were walking towards all the guest leaving them with jaws dropped, especially Ben who did not know anything about it! It was a surprise made from Eilidh and her dad. They did an amazing show and everyone left them with big applause.

The orchestra lead them to the reception and wedding breakfast with emotional speaches has begun. During the meal guest could pop outside and take a photo shoot at the farm truck.

That was not the end of the surprises. At the end of the meal one of the couple’s cousins has turned 16th and she was shocked when the small birthday cake appear in front of her and everyone sang happy birthday. What a nice gesture from the bride and groom.

When the sun started to going down everyone was invited to the apple room fot cut the cake following by the first dance in the marquee. I loved watching Eilidh and Ben taking their time and enjoying every minute of it. Then everyone join the dance floor and the real party has started!

The day has end up with a sparkle run and they lived happily ever after…. : )

I want to thank you Eilidh and Ben for having us on this special day. For their generosity and fun that we had with them! To their families for being so kind especially Eilidh’s mum who gave me lovely advice’s regards birth ( I was 7 month pregnant at their wedding) – thank you!

There is also few thanks that has to go as well – Olesja Mechislavovna who helped us on the day! And amazing suppliers that made this day even more special for Eilidh and Ben:

Make up artist –  Helen McNeil

Hairstylist –  Gail Rankin

Florist –  Oor Fleurs

Cake –  3D Cakes

Caterring – Lazy Sunday

Band –  Edinburgh Sounds

Wedding dress-  Ava Hamilton

Kilt –  Geoffrey Tailor

and the owners of the venue – Myres Castle – Thank you it was pleasure to work with you!

Now let’s see what I’ve wrote is true 🙂


Myres castle wedding