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They meet at the ski resort in France, he push her in the snow, she push him back and they met their match!

First date involved Kim coming to Scotland to visit from Hertfordshire where she lived. They spend all weekend like a tourists hanging around Edinburgh including trip to Loch Lomond where Danny organize romantic dinner at the lovely restaurant. He centrally want Kim to fall in love with Scotland and probably not only Scotland… The cheeky side of Kim attracted Danny so much and the way she put him at easy when they chat made him want her stay forever.

Weekend get to end and in the next few month they been travelling Edinburgh – London just so they can spend some time with each other. They were hooked! One day Kim handed her notice at work, move up to Scotland and never look back. Best decision ever? Sure it was! She love his smile and the way his eyes light up. She felt that being with Danny is best feeling in the world so why not to feel that all the time!? 🙂

You can literally say their love was on fire!

A year after being with each other they planned romantic weekend ‘nessy hunting’ in Loch Ness. As Danny is romantic everyday Kim didn’t found it strange when he start fussing around with lighting candles for the dinner and makes room ambient. He asked Kim to get the champagne flutes which she got. After missing the ring In the cupboard and being redirected, she spotted it and was speechless….

However as she reached to retrieve the ring her pashmina got caught by Danny’s very romantic candles. He had to get up from one knee to put out the flames! Once the fire on Kim’s pashmina was put out, Danny got back down on one knee and said the most beautiful things and asked Kim to be his wife, of course she said yes 🙂

Danny is  most excited about seeing Kimberley walk down the aisle. And this dream will come true this weekend! She obviously cant wait to see his reaction to it!

Having someone to share life’s experiences with, starting a family and knowing that no matter what their face, Danny and Kim always be able to get through it together.  This is what they look forward after the wedding day.

And I can’t wait to document begging of their married life at the beautiful Loch Lomond this weekend.



01_Danny and kim save the date

02_Danny and kim save the date

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To see more photos from Kim and Danny’s engagement session please hit play below