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Are you not sick with this weather outside? You get up in the dark, and when you finish work is already dark. You Can really get depressed. I decide to deal with it. Hope it will help you too. Those who have an opportunity to go out at noon outside, I recommend to go for a walk. When the sun is up so high. Even if you have a break for lunch head to a Coffee shop around the corner. Do not stay in the office. Go for a short walk, and breathe the fresh air. It will make you get a daily dose of light that will bust your good humor and the fresh air will make the mind fresher for further work. I just got back from a walk and want to show you today a family photo shoot that I did in the new years day.

Veronique – mum, father – Francois, Oriane and Axelle – doughters and the boy Hugo come from France. They came to visit family for Christmas. This photo session was a Christmas gift for them. We had hoped to go for fun relaxed walk where snow will surround us but unfortunately this year we have a very poor winter. In the last moment we stayed at home because it was raining. Despite that only dad spoke with me in English I had a great contact with the kids and mum. We understood each other without words. Wonderful family. You can see that their love to each other is really great and that they like to spend time together. I could photograph them all day! 🙂