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14 years…. when did that time pass? I feel like yesterday when I saw you for the first time in Edinburgh. You were completely opposite personality then me. I was full of energy walking with the head in the clouds, and you stable and quiet guy looking at the world with distance. But when I looked into your eyes the only thing I could see was your big heart, your kindness and warmth.

I know i’m not the perfect person on the world and there are days that its hard to live with me but I thank you and love you for that you still love my imperfections. In this 14 years we have been through many things together, bad and good. We had open our little business and devoted ourselfs  completely to it. We work with passion to make our business and ourselfs better everyday. We failure everyday and learn everyday about each other, and our love become stronger!  

You are my rock, my root. Life is simply better with you by my side, and for that thank you! Happy 14th anniversary Ricky! 

Photo taken by our dear friend Lena Sabala


Recently we have been helping our another friend who work at Studio 5  with his new project and I think he came with it in perfect timing

here is a little video that he makes and show a bit of us 🙂