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I met King and Lorna few years back on King’s sister wedding that I was photographing. When I got email from them that they are getting married and they want me to document their day I got so excited! I have great memories from that wedding and I know meeting them again and their families will be so much fun! 

Their engagement photo shoot with me was nothing less then that! We met on Aberdour beach, Lorna and King’s special place. It was beautiful autumn day and they fitted perfectly into the scenery and the mood. I loved the way they were dressed up, the way they look at each other and the way they share something very magical about their relationship that you can feel miles away. It was such a shame that we have to finish the shoot cuz the midges was starting to eat as alive.

May is their month and I literary can’t wait for it!

Hope this photos will make you excited to see their wedding day!


To see more of this lovely couple photos click on the slideshow below.