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Hello all.

Searching for the photos on my hard drive on the blog I came across crunch sessions from last year that I still did not show you. I still have some of them.

It’s great occasion as last weekend the  spring already visited us and these photos shows Scottish spring mood. Scottish because it was not without a  springy rain 🙂 Kinga and Chris were expecting their first baby when they called me. Kinga was already almost 9 month pregnant. She looked incredibly beautifully and had a lot of energy. She told me that she feel great and it’s an amazing time for her so they decided to do a photo session with me. Kinga and Chris live in Glasgow so I was very willingly to go there in search of new locations for the sessions. They took me to an amazing Pollock Grounds. Beautiful Georgian house which is also used as a wedding venue . I hope I will have a chance to photograph wedding there in the future because there are so many wonderful opportunities to do beautiful photographs.
This day with Kinga and Chris I  remember very warmly. From the first moment we felt like we had known each other for years. Kinga loves photography so we had a lot to talk about! Chris on the other hand as a massage therapist, gave me valuable advices on how to behave at the working desk. As you know, long sitting and editing photos is not beneficial for my back. I could  just write and write about them how lovely and relaxed  they are, instead I better just invite you to look at the photos and a small animation with more photos. Hope you will enjoy this 🙂


01_Family portrait Glasgow
02_Family portrait Glasgow
03_Family portrait Glasgow
04_Family portrait Glasgow
05_Family portrait Glasgow
06_Family portrait Glasgow
07_Family portrait Glasgow
08_Family portrait Glasgow
09_Family portrait Glasgow
10_Family portrait Glasgow
11_Family portrait Glasgow

Please feel free to watch animation below with more photos from this session 🙂