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Today a little bit different post but still about documenting special moments in peoples lives. We have been photographing lots of different events such as birthday parties, charity events and christenings, but we can’t blog all of them because we basically don’t have so much time. But we do them and we want let people know about that.

So today we would like to share with you a small story about Alfonso’s special day – Baptism. I have arrived in the morning to his house where all family was getting ready to the church including Alfonso. The atmosphere in the house was very happy and everybody enjoyed  a good mood this baby had. When all were dressed we took some family portraits and some with the sponsors. I think its great memory for all of them.

The ceremony took place at the St.Marys Church in Edinburgh. There was a priest which I love to work with. He is very cool man and made you listen to his wisdom words deeply. Alfonso was baptised and he didn’t even cry once! Very brave boy!

After the ceremony we took some more photos in the church and head to the Calrowrie Castle for celebration with larger part of the family and friends.

It was very special day for all the families. Alfonso got blessings not only from all of his closest people but from the God himself.

Thank you for having us yet again on this memorable moment.

Enjoy watching the photos!




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