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If you ask me what’s my favourite place to shoot engagement session probably I would say the city! I think shoots in the city give you lots of variants of backgrounds from lovely parks to textured walls and buildings. Also it gives you possible to rest and take photos from different angle. I had a photo shoot like this with Philippa and Robin last year. 

They both had great chemistry between each other and they made my job super easy! Once you focus on your love, things are getting smoother with photos;)
They met when they were just babies as their parents were friends before they were born! Their mums and dads all became friends through Edinburgh Ski Club and their mum’s used to see each other a lot when their were children. Robin and Philippa met again properly in their mid 20’s after university when their parents both convinced them to join Edinburgh ski club. They eventually both went along to a ski trip up to the Cairngorms and that is how it all began!
Robin proposed at their flat in Edinburgh in May, after cooking for Philippa a lovely brunch/ breakfast as that is her favourite meal!  Obviously she said yes and then they visited the Botanics and went to celebrate with their parents before having dinner at one of Philippa’s favourite restaurants.
They now gonna get married this year and I will be documenting that day for them. Looking at both of them I know its gonna be very special day!
But first let’s see their photos from our photo shoot at Stockbridge in Edinburgh!