Contact Karolina Kotkiewicz

Very often I gets such requests on e-mail:

 “Good morning I have a question: Do you do, portraits but not to models? I love your pictures and I always dreamed to have a professional photo session but unfortunately I am not a model.

Dear Dreamer, and everyone who want to have a beautiful photographs taken by me.
Of course I’m doing portrait for everybody !!! Many people thought that all people photographed by me are models! Absolutely not!
 When I’m doing my own projects  I do a search in model agencies but very often this happens that I choose the person from the group of friends or the random girl from the street that has inspired me.There is no rules! We are all beautiful!
It does not matter if you’re a girl working in the office, making sandwiches in the coffee shop, or a mother of two! We all want to be beautiful! 🙂
 Creating personal portraits I always try to look into the soul. It is the most beautiful in us. Your story always attracts me. More than that me and my team (makeup artist, hairstylist, stylist) we will help you feel even more beautiful! Sometimes you will discover new you !. You will see things in you that you might probably never seen before. You will meet yourself again. It’s a great adventure! 🙂

I like to show you how others see you. It happens  that some girls who come to me  did not feel fully conscious of yourself and in their beauty. We will change this feeling!
I love their faces when they look at the finished photos with happy tears in their eyes ! These moments touching me the most! Then I feel fully happy and I love my work even more!

Now I will explain how the preparation is running for this kind of session, and how to do it.

First: Contact me! This is the first step which  you have to do it! The rest  I’ll take care of! 🙂
After that we will arrange meeting for coffee and I want to get to know you better. Who you are.
This is a very important process for me because I want the image to reflects you. Your personality, beauty which you have in you. I’ll study your face, body, and  get to know your story. And then I propose you a small metamorphosis. Changes may be very small or very big. It all depends on you. We do nothing against you!.
At the session, we choose those clothes which highlights your figure, we will add glamor make-up, and we will style your hair so that they frame your personality.
Sessions will take place where you feel the most comfortable. This may be a studio, house, street or anywhere you feel good! It all depends on our idea for the session. Once we have done all of this the only thing left is to have a lot of fun!

After the session, I’ll take your pictures to my digital darkroom and make sure that they become for you, your own piece of art. So, the whole YOU!

So do not hesitate! Email me if you want to feel even more beautiful and experience adventure with me and my team!

Today’s pictures will show you sample how this session run and their results.

Claudia-working as a receptionist. She is beautiful young girl  (20-25yrs) who likes fashion and having a good time. I was enchanted by her mystery in her eyes and her modest.
Claudia has beautiful long hair bleached at the ends giving a nice caramel efect. So there was no question of putting them up. It turned them up in a nice waves which gave beautiful glamor effect as a hair shampoo advertising. 🙂
Eyes was mysteriously highlighted to double the effect. We have selected a dress code that was feminine and glamorous.
Some of the photos we did in the studio and some on the outside  where we used a romantic outfit and a chair which added a little magic to the pictures.

Thank you Claudia for trusting me and my team. We so much enjoyed that day! You are stunning!! 🙂

I invite you all who want to feel more beautiful and experience an unforgettable adventure 🙂

On that day my hair and makeup artist was – Kasia Paluch.

Enjoy and have a FAB weekend!




This is before and after photo.


Ohh Claudia – these eyes! I could simply sink myself in them.



Small backstage from the studio. Justyna thank you for the help on that day 🙂


 To see more photos of Claudia and some behing the scenes please Click on the slideshow below.