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When I met with Megz and Tom at Dollar Glen for their engagement session, after 30mins we had to finish it, cuz it was raining so badly, and our plan to have picnic was just not right for that moment. I always say things happens for the reason so the next  time when we met, Scotland gave us all it’s beauty. Misty fog, dry, and most important no wind. It was actually stunning evening with spectacular views.

The are both running lovers, and this passion got them together. Running in the morning dew and talking about everything life. Megz was totally hooked by Tom. She thought he is so nice to her, making her feels like she is the only one he care about, and not to mention tall and handsome 🙂 He apparently couldn’t believe in his luck how gougers his girl is and that she runs too!

They run their life just under 7 years when Tom decided that its time for another step in their relationship. So just after their land in their holiday in Turkey, and moon walking on the beach Tom ask Megz the question… I wouldn’t do this post if she would say no 😉 

I loved watching them together in the place that they feel good. Alfie their dog was such a cute addition to this photo session, kept us entertain! 

This Saturday is their big day and I know it will be special! Can’t wait! 


To see more photos from this Save the date photo shoot please check animation at the bottom of the post.





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