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When you know it, you know it. That how it was for Holly and Ross. After dating for 3 month they said “I love you” to each other…

They meet at restaurant where Holly worked first, when Ross moved from Belfast. Holly thought he was a nice guy and apparently she was flirting with him then, but from all this butterflies she barely remember that week! 

Time fly by and Ross was then transferred to manage the sister restaurant in the city center. They didn’t have contact with each other until the Christmas party made by the company. That day Ross couldn’t forget gorgeous girl with blue eyes from Skye… Ross immediately made Holly feel comfortable around him but still excited and had butterflies every time they met. He made her feel like she was the most important person and just really special….that’s true – she still is…. Watching them on our photo shoot just proved me how gently and sweet he is with his girl. 

Skye… Holly favorite place on the world – home.

Holly always thought she’d know when it was going to happen but eventually she had no idea! For once she really was speechless! Unbeknownst to her, he had been planning for months having the ring made in March and after their trip was postponed twice she don’t know how he managed to keep it in for so long! He wanted to take Holly to her favorite places in Skye, but with it being November the weather was horrible and everywhere they tried to go it was blowing a gale and poring rain! They had booked to go to a lovely lodge and restaurant on their last day and on the drive down once again the weather was awful. They arrived and it was still blowing a gale. By this point Ross couldn’t wait any longer!  They go out of the car and as they were heading in, he called Holly and as she turned round he was getting down one one knee… 

Their family and closest friends are very important to them and making a commitment in front of them its a thing that they can’t wait for!

I must just say that I’m so blessed that I’m meeting such a wonderful souls. Ross and Holly are not only perfect for each other but they also such wonderful people to hang out, be friend with. 

On the other hand those blue eyes from Skye got me as well! 😉  Is this engagement photo session on the East Lothian beach perfect? Yes!!!  I can honestly say it is perfect! Two loved people, gorgeous light and lots of fun! What else would I need ?

The days has been counted already for your big day, and I seriously can not wait! 

p.s. To see more photos from Holly and Ross’s Engagement photo session please click play at the bottom of the post. 




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