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We are always happy when couples from far and around book us to document event, such a like the visit in Edinburgh. Usually when you go somewhere with beloved one you ask people on the street to take your photo now and then, which sometimes its not what you like. They either out of focus or not cropped the way you wanted. So Yani and her hubby had that great idea to book a photographer while they visit Edinburgh. They both travelled from Indonesia and they don’t have Christmas markets and all that festive mood over there. They were very excited to see what Edinburgh has to offer during that time. It was a boxing day when me and Ricky head to the city centre to meet Yani and her hubby. I have to tell you the weather was worst of the worst! But I was so determinate to go ahead with the shoot cuz this was the only day we could do it.  I was only worry how the couple will cope with the wind, freeze and snow knowing that they are absolutely not use to this weather. 

I like when girls shows their best appearance on the shoot. She booked my lovely friend Lyn McKenzie to do a make up and hair  for the shoot. As always Lyn did a great job! 

For two hours we were walking around the city and we had all the seasons during that time! It was crazy! I loved how brave and fun they were despite this cold. 

I have to thank someone up there again for amazing ending which was beautiful sunset over the Castle on the hill!