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A few days ago I visited my June’s bridal couple who live in Sunderland. We spent a wonderful day above a photo book and animation I brought to them from their wedding day. Certainly I wrote this already but I will write this again that I love my job that let me get to know such amazing people with whom I’m really close with.
Do you believe in destiny?
Hmm… The story began on the airport last year.I was returning from the wedding I photographed in Poland. Waiting for a check up at the airport gates in front of me stood a girl who started to get nervous that her hand luggage will not be accepted especially since she had the bike helmet with her. I think we all know how some airlines are able to be relentless in this case. We start chat about it … Ala because that is her name, went through check in smoothly and we sat next to each other on the plane. Two and a half hours have passed do not know when. Ala impressed me with her incredible energy for life. Her passion for cycling (Which her fiance infected her), and above all, her passion for her work – she is a doctor. We exchanged our numbers and we agreed to meet some time for a bike trip.
Time went..
One day, few months later I got an email from Alicia. quote …. “Hey, It’s Ala from the plane ….” Immediately smile appeared on my face.. I knew exactly who it is. She Wrote: that as we talked on the plane she and her boyfriend are engaged and they planning a wedding, and they looking for a wedding photographer (I mentioned at that time that i’m the wedding photographer) So they would love me to capture this special day for them. That was also a great opportunity to meet!Ala and Michael as keen cyclists and camping people, they offered us to go for a cycling and camping for two days. The aim was a nice trip, nice to spend time together, discuss the details of their wedding and engagement session to do! Me and Ricky maybe funny to talk on the forum but We’ve never were camping before so we found that this is a great opportunity to finally do it!We went over to Loch Lomond. It was a memorable weekend! We lacked nothing (except maybe a few more degrees at night) 😉 It was laugh, joy, sun, relax, nature and most importantly how wonderful feeling to be yourself. From here, once again i want to thank Michal and Ala for unforgettable weekend.We spend amazing time with you!
Today I would love to present you pictures from their engagement session and some pictures of us from that trip. But most of all I invite you to watch a slideshow where the whole story will be shown from that day.
Happy weekend all 🙂

Ala and Michal are fascinated about old fashion photographs from their grandparents albums so they wanted to have one photo like that. Serious poses 😉

It’s amazing chemistry between them. They make each other laugh all the time.
The view was breathtaking.