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If someone asks me what I miss about my country,  I would say one  of them is visiting my aunt and uncle’s  Farm. When I was a little girl, every year in the summer I visit them and had amazing adventure with all the inhabitants of the farm. Aunt and uncle had a lot of land and animals, so it was a lot of work, but it was very  exciting for a little girl from the big city. Instead of plush toys we had a favorite sheep, cows,  cocks  and  even we tipped them names. It was wonderful carefree time.
This summer, the memories came back. I was asked to do a family session in Scotish Borders on their farm. I was over the moon! The family gave me feel like at home! What a great people! You can feel their love for each other and everything around them from miles away.
They showed me their whole farm and its inhabitants. And they also had their favorite animals and give them names as i did when I was little. You will meet them below. Have a look at photos and a small presentation at the bottom of the post for more images.
Thank you again for this wonderful time. Time flows slower on the farm. Stop, Think and love.




Ahh joy.

Two beautiful ladies.





The main thing you need to have on the farm is  the wellies and a friend. 


 Meet the Sheep – Smurfy. Mum’s favorite. 


 Guess which animal is hiding behind the ladies?  Answer can be found in the presentation.

And this is Misty, dad’s favorite.


There is nothing better than fresh scrambled eggs in the morning made from your own breeded chickens.