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Happy New Year to all our readers and hello in 2017! I hope you all had fantastic festive break and you’ve spend it with beloved ones making lots of good memories!

Today’s post is still with 2016 feel because we would like to present you the last wedding of 2016 which took place on the 28th of December at Fasque House. We drove there in the morning with an excitement as it was our first time in this Castle. The weather looked sunny but crisp and we were driving with big hope that we will carry this weather with us all the way up there. When we met with Kaeti and Phil few days before their wedding day for a engagement photo session in Edinburgh we’ve been super lucky, cuz the moment we finish shooting huge storm attack the city. I was so glad to see that our luck follow us all the way until their wedding day!

Fasque Castle is one of the top country house wedding venues, not just in Aberdeenshire, but in Scotland. It has classic style and unique feel of manor house, while being just a short drive away from the city.

Bride, groom and the whole wedding party was getting ready at the house. while a sneak between the rooms and started document the day….




As usual, when we arrive to the venue I like to go around the location to see the light and photograph all the fine details that are also so important during that day. 

Kaeti and Phil had green and gold theme with tartan touch. I loved their wedding stationery. 

The winter light is so soft and tender. It can help you be more creative.

Girls were getting ready in the lovely green and golden room which perfectly matched their theme! Not to mention those stunning bridesmaids dresses. 

I would always say “YES” to the wedding golden shoes! My favourite! 

Isn’t that toe nails cute? When you still want to have some Scottish tartan on you – think of your toe nails! 

Mother and daughter moment always gets me. 

While girls was bubbling over the Champagne Phil and his dad was slowly getting dressed and waiting for the rest of the boys to visit them.

Personal gifts from the bride to the girls are always emotional but this flower girl was just over the moon with her little prezzie.

Kaeti being an English girl, showed her love to Scotland and to her further husband in the chicky way 😉 

Flower girls Tete a tete.

The bridesmaids dedication for helping Kaeti to get dressed was wonderful to watch. They were making sure about every detail.

Time to get married! Kaeti’s father was really moved when she stood at the top of the stairs. 

The 19th Century chapel of Prime Minister William Gladstone’s family is where the bride and groom was getting married ,

It’s located within the Fasque grounds just a minute from the main door.

Kaeti and Phil have very special love to each other. The moment their seen each other I couldn’t take my camera out of them. Truly special feelings! 

Very happy “going away” with petals confetti. 

Sometimes, just one stop point, gives us a chance to create beautiful undisturbed photos of the couple.

We love it cuz we know that we can create stunning images on the go!

Flower girls are very close to Kaeti and Phil. This day couldn’t happen without them.

I simply love this portrait of Kaeti. Despite of her amazing bubbly personality and being very confident lady,

in this photo I manage to capture the “sweet side” of her.

These two are dream to photograph! I love the way Phil is looking at Kaeti. 

We always look for uniqueness  on each weddings. The little sweet moment between bride and bridesmaid is a great sample of it! 

If we weren’t lucky already with the weather, this dramatic sky was cherry on the cake! 

One of the best speeches we’ve heard in 2016! Truly emotional even for us!

Not to mention, there was a birthday cake for one of the flower girl who’s birthday was on that day. She was very surprised. 

As mentioned before this girls are very special to bride and groom and I’m so happy I was able to capture their relationship on this two photos. 


Weddings are full of many moments, both big and small and Kaeti and Phil’s day was full of them! 

Thank you for letting us be part of it!