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Last week I have missed a post here but just because I want to keep quiet and share with you this amazing news!
I am very happy  to announce  that today was published another magazine (Flawless Magazine) with my pictures in it!! So over the moon!! 😀
This publications is very special to me as the concept and styling was created by me. Of course that wouldn’t happend if not my dream team that i have been working with on this project!

Make up by – Sharon Lumsden
Hair by – Jenn Matchieson
Female model – Magda Zalejska ( ModelTeam)
Male model- Jamie Hillen
Photographer Assistant- Ryszard Malarz
( I love you guys! 🙂 )

To create “Fontange symphony” I was taking  inspirations from the few things – movies (Edward Scissorshands, Sweeny Todd), the hairstyle which have been very fashion at the time of XVII century (The orginal name for these styles is “Fontange“) but mainly I wanted to base on XVII century fashion style which I love so much!  

I’m so proud to have these photos published! Thats the way you start monday 😉

Hope you gonna like it too!

I will just post sneak peak here but more photos you can check on the magazine website here (Page 53! ) …
And my print version is on my way! Can’t wait to hold it in my hands! 🙂 

Have a Fabulous day!



Fontagne symphony editorial

Fontagne symphony editorial 2

And here is a photo from the backstage!


Thank you Peter for doing the backstage! Yes! Backstage is coming soon and it’s been created by Studio 5 Photography