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You may not believe this but last Saturday me and Ricky were celebrating our ten year anniversary!! OMG 10 years!!

I never even felt the time flying by, I think this is often the case for couples who are never bored with each other.

Over the last ten years we have had amazing adventure and a wonderful time together. We have got to know each other. Of course, we have had some bad days too but I think that these days have made us stronger and is why we are still together.

I want to thank my partner for who he is as a man, for being there with me in good times and bad. I am so grateful to God for this wonderful love , I feel every morning when I see you! I could not ask for a better partner!

For this special occasion I have made a little collage of our photos from the first moment we met. It was very difficult because of course, photographers never have photos of themself. 🙂

I laughed at some of these photos when I was doing it, because I hadn’t seen them for a long time and you can see how over the years we’ve changed 🙂 Some may even given some fashion inspiration from the past 😉 LOL

It’s an amazing feeling to have the right person beside you, so I wish for everyone out there, that they to will find their other half and spend their lives happily together!


Have fab day !





And that how we spend our Anniversary day last Saturday! 🙂


photo 2

Ricky really want to catch some tan that’s why anywhere he can he is without a t shirt 😉

photo 1