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And here are the long-awaited pictures from my trip to Ethiopia. So I thought I’d leave those pictures for the winter season when the sun in the sky will no longer heat You. So I`m going to warm Your winter evenings a bit heheh. Seriously, it was a lot of reasons, including number of these pictures and permission to publish them.

As you know, and those who do not know, at the half of this year I had to make a quick decision to go to Ethiopia. I was asked to take photos of a charitable foundation Daughters of Charity which helps all needy children in Ethiopia ( not only the childrens). I did not hesitate at all, a series of vaccines, memory cards and go! And so on June 10th I set off to third world countrie – Ethiopia.

This trip was a great experience for me. I fought my weaknesses as well as it was a great oportunity to reflect on my own life. So do not expect that these photos will be the typical images from a holiday, some of them break the heart….

It was very difficult to choose pictures to show You from among many shots that I`ve made there. I chose the ones that are closest to my heart.


Here we go! Please feel free to comment 🙂

From this place I would like to thank the sisters who took care of us and for their great dedication in what they do. You are great!