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As a dog owners we are super happy when our couples bring their dog’s for the engagement session. And last year we meet many paws including sweet black and white Springer Spaniel – Luna which you are going to see in this post. 

Ross and Katie first met 16 years ago when the new 1st year students of the Royal High School in Edinburgh. They were in the same class so saw a lot of each other at school. Years was passing by and they were still at the same class together and still just a friends…. until Ross started to see Katie in a different light. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he fancied Katie and went about showing it like any teenage boy would do – breaking her stuff and annoying her! 

Katie must have like it too as they started dating after a friend’s party. 

Things wasn’t easy for their relationship at the beginning  Ross moved to Dundee for University and Katie started Uni in Edinburgh. It wasn’t easy, but due to their commitment and dedication to make the relationship work, they made it through University. Katie moved to Dundee to finish her last two years of her degree and they had a great time together as students.

They decided to move in together when they moved back to Edinburgh after graduation. Being together for almost 9 years live was getting even more sweeter when they decide to get a dog…

I always think that when you decide to get a dog there is  some serious decision about to happen….

Then came the proposal.

One day in October 2014 Katie came through the front door to find Ross missing, but a card in front of her with ‘Read Me’ written on it. The card told Katie that Ross had a surprise in store and that she was to do a treasure hunt round the house, and gave her directions to the first location.

The last clue told Katie that a taxi would pick her up in an hour and she was to put something pretty on. It took her to Chambers Street where she was instructed to open the final clue, which told her to head to the Tower Restaurant at the National Museum of Scotland. When she got there she was directed to the private roof terrace on top of the museum, overlooking the castle all lit up at night, where Ross was waiting, looking smart, and asked her to marry him.

She said yes!

For their engagement shoot we went to Como Walk in Edinburgh with their beloved dog Luna. I like the fact that after that many years together Ross still fancy Katie like when they were teenagers – annoying her in the most sweetest way 🙂 

I’m very happy that I will be able to capture their new chapter in their life which is the wedding day. Just week to go! 



001_Katie and Ross engagement photos

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To see more photos from Katie and Ross’s save the date photo session in Edinburgh please hit play on the window below.