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In this not to warm weather I want to take you back to some summer mood, and particularly to Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh to Caroline and Charles engagement session.

We did this session quiet some time ago when it was nice sunny and warm :)) Few things that you can’t stop thinking these days. But it’s finally coming, and believe me, it’s coming fast. So as these two fantastic people wedding. It’s only just over one month to their wedding. Have a look at their photos and you’ll know it’s gonna be great and fun 🙂 But first here’s their short story;

They’ve met through their mutual friends, at the gig where Charles was performing with his band. Friend wanted to introduce them to each other as they’re quite tall so you know: “They will naturally fit with each  other” 🙂 Despite Caroline leaving in the middle of that gig, she made big impact on Charles that day.

After the “half gig” they decided to go for a date. It went quite well as you may imagine and Caroline didn’t have to implement her date escape plan. 🙂

Five years later, after buying their own flat together they went for a wedding in USA and some holiday after that. One of their stops was Chicago’s Willis Tower. They’ve decided to have a private breakfast at the Skydeck. It’s on the 103rd floor at around 1000 feet above the ground. The views are spectacular there. That was the place where Charles decided to go ahead with his big question, secretly asking Caroline’s dad if he can marry his daughter. Those who don’t know Charles you must know that he’s scared of heights, so the question had a big impact on him as well. But he managed to kneel in one of the glass boxes to ask his girlfriend to marry him. As you may guess, after saying few times “Shut up” she of course said “Yes” !

They both are happy and can’t wait to get married this April. Whole family and friends in one place, big party and whole lot of fun that’s what’s in front of them. As well as whole life together. I specially love what Caroline said that “in married life you’ll always have your partner in crime with you and someone to talk to about anything”.

Really can’t wait to shoot their wedding. Bring on the fun !


To see more photos from this lovely engagement photo session in Edinburgh please click on the slideshow below.