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Today, I’ll present you a small and not completed story. Veronica was early 8 months pregnant when we  plan her belly sessions. Date was set and we had a great idea for the photo session. Two days before the photo shoot…. Bummm  got a phone call that Veronica give birth to the beautiful baby boy!  What a surprise!  It was far too early! 🙂 But  John was born healthy and happy. I was so pleased for Veronica and I laughed with her that probably will need to do belly sessions with a pillow under the dress;)  So to make up for the losses we had a newborn session. John was extremely good to me. Bravely bear all changes of accessories and even decided to give us a beautiful smile. 🙂

Don’t forget if you want a photo session with your newborn baby I highly recomend to come to me when baby is up to 10 days old. Baby is sleeping most of the time and we can create beautiful portrait of your little one.

I  can’t wait for the spring! So beautiful photo sessions are planned!  We just need a bit higher temperature and sunshine to make it happend 🙂

Stay Fabulous!


01_Newborn photo session Edinburgh

02_Newborn photo session Edinburgh

03_Newborn photo session Edinburgh
04_Newborn photo session Edinburgh