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It was an honour and privilege to work with this family again at Norton House wedding. Two years ago I photographed one of 3 sisters and week ago I photographed Noreen the second sister with her husband Stuart. We don’t have to say that we felt like part of the family for which we are very thankful. Such a warm welcome again. We have good sentimental memories about Norton House as well as it was one of the first wedding we have done in Scotland years ago. 

Having Noreen and Stuart as a bride and groom was such a joy!  I love talking about kindhearted people who love their families and each other.  Noreen and Stuart are just that and the entire day was so warm and enveloping that I didn’t want to leave! They made our job so easy! Thank you for that! 



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Make up- Danni burnside make up artist

Hair – Signature hair by Kirstie

Flowers- Val Hamilton

Cake – 3D cakes

Band – The Numbers band

Dress- Gwenne’s Edinburgh