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Many times I have to explain to my couples what means “paparazzi wedding guests” in my contract. I found a video which perfectly explain and show what I mean. I believe that you hiring the photographer not only for your beautiful photographs but also for your family and friends so they can fully enjoy this special day with you.   Imagine this scenario: your mum holding your dad hand while you exchanging the vows. She is so emotional. She can’t help it so she take a tissue and dry her happy tears falling on her cheek, dad looking at her gently and holding her hand stronger. You won’t have that if she is holding the camera and trying to take a photo of you. If you pay that much money for the photographer please let us professionals do the job and you and your family enjoy this time. You can mention that on the wedding day to your guests or priest can do that for you,  and I promise you you will not regret that! You will have amazing, emotional photographs from that day. So please guests DON’T BE THAT GUY WHO JUMP INTO THE CAMERA FRAME WITH YOUR CELL PHONE AND SPOIL THE IMAGE THAT COUPLES PAID FOR ! 🙂 Instead enjoy this special moment with them, I’m sure they will appreciate it much more.

With love



Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.