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It was one intense day in Paris engagement session last summer with Ela and James. We always say to our couples that we like adventures and we can take photos anywhere. We were visiting Ricky’s cousin last summer in Paris and we told Ela and James that we are gonna be there if they want to have a shoot in one of the most romantic place in the world. They got excited and within few days they got back to me that we gonna meet them there for shoot! I was so happy cuz it was one of the dreams to make romantic photo shoot in Paris! And ohh we had real couple in love!!! What else you could ask for!

We had very long day with a afternoon break. As you know Paris is very busy place especially in summer. And all this famous spots like Trocadero, Alexander the III bridge, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, and of course Eiffel Tower are full of tourists so to avoid that we met at 5.30am at Trocadero to take some sunrise photos. And it was sooo worth it! Amazing sky and almost no people!!! I loved specially when Ela put her red dress on. All those photos reminded me of Jack Vettriano The Singing Butler painting. 

When I talked to Ela about their shoot, she asked me if we can make it as a little fashion style shoot but still keeping it natural. I was very excited about this idea. You might not know that but my background is fashion and portrait photography! I have to mention something here, as Ela is photographer herself and James’s father is a wedding photographer too, so I was slightly under pressure here. But this did not scared me. Instead, motivated me to push my limits!

After some time at the Trocadero and being enjoying the sunrise we move on to the new spot – Alexander the III bridge. While we were driving my eyes was all around my head to look for something which will inspire me and just before we should turn to the Bridge, I saw beautiful light coming out of the something like looking like a park. I immediately said stop and we run to this park! Ela changed her outfit  for a long polka dress which perfectly matched the atmosphere. When I take photos, especially in famous places you want your photos to stand out- be different then others. I think those photos from the park are one of my favourite as include everything in unique way – amazing soft light, Eiffel tower from different angle and beautiful couple! What I loved about the James and Ela is that they worked so well together! I almost didn’t direct them at all! They look hot together and you can really feel connection between each other even at the end of the day where tiredness slightly hit us, there was still  a sparkle between them! Imagine their wedding! Woow can’t wait for it! 

We finally get to the Bridge and continue shooting. You can just imagine me – stunning place, amazing light and this couple …. I was in heaven! I saw inspiration everywhere! 

It came to a break time as the sun was reaching the highest point of the day and it was very hot. We decided we will meet around 5pm again to take some more photos in other places! We wanted to make sure we make the most of this great time in Paris! 

We met at Sacre Coeur Cathedral and walked between the streets with casual look. Looking at the wonderful drawing and painting at Montmartre and stooping by the interesting architectures. We really enjoyed that part as it was more relaxing and felt like being tourist shooting only one couple 😉 Then Ela and James made quick outfit change and we were ready for the last part of the evening shooting at Notre Dame and Louvre. The Louvre was quite challenging as there was so many tourists and other photographers with couples, so we have to wait for our turn and be quick with the photo but it was worth to wait! We end up with the lit up Eiffel tower at the background and we couldn’t be more happier with the overall results of the day! I was so excited! We not only spend great time shooting but we had a chance to get to know James and Ela more which turns out that they are genuinely amazing people that you want to hang out with. We so look forward to shoot their wedding in Poland! 

So if you’re up for Paris engagement session get in touch :)) 

Now it’s time to take journey with the photos hope you gonna like it and let us know which one are your favourite ones! 

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To see more photos from this amazing shoot in Paris click on the slideshow below.