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They roamed the hallways of their high school at occasionally the same time but it wasn’t until they went to the same University when their relationship blossomed.

 Few years after when Kyle had no doubt that Claire wouldn’t say no, he decided to propose her on her Birthday weekend at Kilchoan. Claire had expected that and it turns she was completely right. She even said  she had picked out some pretty socks that she wanted to wear for the occasion.
Kyle was nervous that weekend, cuz he was constantly thinking of when he was going to propose. In the end he popped the question while they were out for a walk over the rocks by the beach at Sanna Bay. The weather was even kind enough to stop raining for them for that walk! From that day Kyle knew he will have the kindest and cutest person on the world, who never fail to make him laugh for the rest of his life.
Claire said having Kyle beside her makes her life better. She’s loving his sweetness and support that he is giving her.
For their engagement session we went to Pentland Hills Regional Park, which we never been to from this side. We had moody weather which push us to be creative at the end of the session, and hide beside one of the benches with little roof.



To see more photos from Pentland Hill Regional Park save the date of Claire and Kyle please click slideshow below.