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Today’s post will be dedicated to our eco Christmas tree and decoration which we have at home .This year I have a great need for creating things. So when I was thinking about festive time and Christmas tree I wanted to do something really different. Pinterest is great place for inspiration. I check my loft and shed for materials which would be handy to do the  decoration. I found wooden board which I took a while ago from the street after someone’s house renovation, thinking I will use it for background for my portrait sessions.  Boards was still at the shed after 2 months of planning the background so it was a great opportunity to utilize them. I asked for the help of my reliable Ricky to help me with this project. We needed a machine for cutting wood, hammer, nails, a ruler, pencil, and a gray paint Dulux (Urban Obsession matt ) . First we drew a shape of the Christmas tree on wood then to cut it out. When the shape was ready I start to paint. I have to paint two layers so the colour was nice. On the second day when the paint had dried I could start my  decorating. Because I had 3 main colours  gray,  red and cream I decided not to hang too much decoration. In the B&Q I bought a cool lamps and a few ornamental Tree decorations. Using small nails, I started to hang them. When I have done it  and decorated the rest of the house with  a few other things that I  will show You we could say we are ready for Christmas ! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it. This is our first Christmas tree like this!  When we were little with my sister, every year my mum was doing with us paper decorations for the tree. It was so much fun! And we were very proud that our crafts was hanging in the centre of the house. So yes we are proud of our new Christmas tree! 🙂 Hope this Christmas will bring everyone smile on their faces, we hope that all your desires will come true in 2014 and don’t forget even if the Santa didn’t bring you what you want remember you have the best gift in the world – LIFE.




01 _Christmas decor tree

02 _Christmas decor tree
03 _Christmas decor tree
04 _Christmas decor tree

I think our cat Jeff like the tree as well 🙂

05 _Christmas decor tree
06 _Christmas decor tree

This  reindeer photo collage  was inspired by Marta Potoczek who run  Lazy Sunday Cooking  blog about lifestyle and many more.

Definitely worth to see.

07 _Christmas decor tree

I love decorate house in a way that when someone new is coming to visit us  they can see who is  living in the house.

This poster I have designed by myself. It’s a heart with two halfs.

Both of them are maps. As me and Ricky we both came from Poland but from two big  different cities I wanted to show this somehow.

Is funny because  like England and Scotland they don’t like each other. It is same for Krakow and Warsaw.

But we are clear proof that Love don’t chose where you live 😉   

08 _Christmas decor tree

My beloved old  arm chair which I got from my dad.  Love seating on it and read my books.
Next book which I will be reading  will be  cooking book because is my turn to do Christmas dinner this year.

09 _Christmas decor tree
10 _Christmas decor tree

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you next year.