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Those who know me, and I hope that those who regularly watch my pics  know that my passion is to tell the story through pictures. Recently I mentioned that I will show you some story that I did while ago.
When doing my own projects is incredibly exciting when you have to prepare the model, location, and other props to capture the atmosphere of the story,  what is happening. Now, in this fast, modern world it’s extremely hard to get a unique vintage stuff which I could use for the session. Even more exciting is when you find yourself these gems. Help comes always from my dear mum who likes to collect vintage things. Oddly enough when I was young I did not like it very much. House was like a  one big museum. Now I thank her for that, and with joy I go back home to dig up some things for sessions. Friends also already know that I very willingly embraces everything that can be used for the shoot. So if you ever want to get rid of some old things give me a shout! 🙂

My fascination with the  40s’and 50s’ probably comes from the fact that I really like to listen to rock and roll music but not only that. Hairstyles and dress code at that time was very feminine and yet very expressive.
The story I want to show you today it’s not really merry but contains a lot of emotion and should never end like that … Love is a journey of good and bad things.  As long as we keep beloved ones in our heart we will never walk alone.

I want to thanks Harriet  Gallon for beautiful make up and hairstyle that she done for this session. Macoula Dembele the model for putting so much effort to give the emotions I wanted. You were amazing girl! and as always Ricky for to be my spare hand. You are always in my heart.

Special thanks to Graham for giving us opportunity to shoot with his lovely vintage Morris Minor.

Here are few fav snaps from that session but  It is very important to see the slide show to see whole story. 
I’m also happy to say that couple of images from this project has been published on Italia Photo Vogue page.
Happy Friday!
With love
Hit play and enjoy!