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Hello everybody. Spring round the corner in Scotland and that giving me so much positive feelings and energy. Since i come back from my trip to Morocco in december i have so much work that i even didn’t have a chance
to download the images yet from this trip. 🙂 I’m very excited because i have so much to show you. Recently i’m doing my own projects as well so stay tuned the will be on soon.

Ok now a very nice news which i get yesterday via email. I read that my photo has been featured as a photo of the week on one of the photography website
Model is Ela Siemczyk. Thank you everybody who voted for me. This photo will appear on this website until next friday so you can still click Like button under this photo 🙂

Right time to start busy weekend! Lots of exciting photo session coming up! Stay tuned!

Wish you great weekend all! 🙂