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They first met on a night out after going to a night club. Rachael’s friends had gone to get food from the take away around the corner but she didn’t want anything. She was standing, waiting for them, when she spotted Iain and thought, she have to go and talk to him! It was the first time she had ever approached anyone like that, but it obviously worked out well!! She definitely knew there was something special about him, as soon as she saw him, cuz she would never have gone up to someone she didn’t know but something must have drawn her to him!

Also being tall, dark and handsome with blue eyes of course attracted her! He made her eat a slice of his pepperoni off his pizza outside the takeaway to prove she wasn’t a vegetarian, as he couldn’t cope with that! It gave Rachael a little glimpse into his personality!

After that night they met on their first date which went super quick for them, so second and follow up dates were planned…

5 years and so many dates later a trip to Vegas was planned and things changed over there. Iain asked a question after the show to Singing in the Rain had finished.  Rachel stopped videoing it and turned around where Iain got down on one knee in front of everyone. She got so shocked but  of course said yes!