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Hello all after Xmas break. I hope You had a peaceful and happy time with your family. It`s very important time, especially for those who for various reasons have to spend their holidays separate from their loved ones straight after Christmas. I wrote this cause before Xmas I had a photo session with lovely couple which will have to split for a while after holiday.

Sarah wrote to me about a month ago that she want to have a photo session with her boyfriend. She wanted this very much cause Jonty – her boyfriend is studying to be a navigation officer on cruise ships so very often he leaves for couple of months to sail on the open seas. Both of them come from South Africa and they are with each other for over a year. They met through a friend (his cousin) and it really was love at first sight! Sarah just sent her application in to do child nursing at university and she hope to go on to do neonatal nursing (premature babies). Very ambitious Couple!

Jonty told me at the pre shoot meeting how important this photos means for him cause they help him survive time at sea. I knew back then that this session must be unique. We did this session at their favourite spot where they often meet together.

Here a few words Sarah wrote about Jonty: “Jonty really is always up for an adventure which is what I love about him, I’ve never met someone who’s dreams and aspirations are more like mine. It’s never boring when we’re together! It’s difficult being apart for so long but he’s definitely worth the wait.. :)”


Despite really bad and cold weather thank You both for great session and lovely time we had. It was a privilege to meet You.

Underneath you can see some pictures from this lovely session and at the end as usual short animation with more pictures.


19_portrait photography
18_portrait photography
17_portrait photography
16_portrait photography
15_portrait photography
14_portrait photography
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01_portrait photography Edinburgh

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