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Welcome back!
Coming back from Spain was a hard thing, as the weather was just so lovely there! But I couldn’t complain because just after next day I get back I had a Engagement photo session with two beautiful people and the weather didn’t desapoint me!  

Regina and Paul meet in Egypt. Regina orginaly from USA and Paul from Scotland are currently live in Indonessia. Both of them  are english teachers and they are enthusiast cyclist! It’s so funny that I draw people who loves cycling as this is not the first couple I had photographed!   

Right I’m so excited to show you their photos so I better stop typing and let you watch it!
I’m also  super excited for their wedding which gonna take place this Wednesday. After you see the photos you will know why  😉

Paul and Regina thank you so much for this lovely afternoon.  You’re such a fabulous couple, and I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday.

Happy Tuesday!

Make sure you watch animation with more photos at the end of the post!






07_engagement wedding photography Edinburgh




























35_engagement wedding photography Edinburgh

I highly recommend to see the animation below with more photos in and the beautiful song  🙂