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Like most of the young people they met on the day out at the night club and things get further. Their first date was Chinese and a movie. Both of them felt very nervous. Craig wanted to really impress Jordan as he straight away felt she is the one! He thought she is beautiful and have good sense of humor. Have said that Jordan had butterflies all that evening and remember that day like it was yesterday. What’s Jordan really likes about Craig is that  he is different from anyone that she have ever met, very shy but very persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

As Craig knew from the very beginning that she is the one he doesn’t want to wait long to propose her. So after 6 months being together he decided to ask the question and the perfect place for that, was taking Jordan for a holiday  to Spain where Jordan spend every summer with her family and she call this place “secret garden”. Having already so many beautiful memories from that place Craig wanted to make it even more memorable and special for her. With a help of Jordan’s sister they arranged the proposal to take place within the garden.  Jordan and Craig went for dinner alone whilst her sister arranged a candle display within the garden. Later that evening he proposed to her. Obviously Jordan couldn’t  dreamed  for a better proposal – and she said YES!!

They both really excited for this coming weekend as they are going to tie the knot in style! But the future is bright for them as they will raise their family together! 




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To see more photos from Jordan and Craig’s engagement session in West Lothian please click below on the slideshow.