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I feel very bad because for the last two weeks I didn’t  posted any posts here. List of topics and photos to show you getting longer  and longer but I just simply did not have time. So probably for the next two weeks I will try to catch up.

Today I will show you pictures from the Engagement  sessions  of Kirsty and Roland. Their wedding is just around the corner 08/03/13!! Can not wait because I’ll have the opportunity to talk in my native language as  the groom is Polish. 🙂 Looking forward to meet all his family and friends.

I haven’t meet before a person who is so crazy about museums. So we start our photo session in National  Museum of Scotland where Kirsty –  who loves to explore new things – looked like a little girl discovering the old/new world. It was a wonderful sight. She read  all informations  and touch everything around! After the museum we went to visit the nearby vintage clothing shop where we had a lot of fun. Kirsty and Roland love going for dress up parties so there was no question that they wouldn’t try some outfits.

One of the reasons why I like my job is that I meet  great people  who share their stories and places which I never been in. One of them is Cramond Island (yes I know being in Edinburgh 10years already I should visit it but somehow always was afraid of not manage to come back). We were lucky because we went on the right time when the tide was low and we were able to walk to the other side. The weather was beautiful. All thou we barely get to the place cause half way there started to be very windy.

At some point it become very scary as it looked like storm was going to come. Fortunately, little rain fell and that was it, so we could continue our photo session.
I do not know if I mentioned this before but I love girls with freckles, and if they have also  beautiful blue eyes as Kirsty is, there’s nothing but fall in love!

I count days to their wedding , surely will be very interesting, two different cultures, lots of love and fun  and those blue eyes …Do you count days too?

To see more of Kirsty and Roland’s photos feel free to watch the sideshow at the bottom of the post.

Have a Fabulous weekend!

HOT ! 😀









07_Save the Date portrait Edinburgh photographer Cramond



























33_Save the Date portrait Edinburgh photographer Cramond