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I do believe that Sun is following me. Every time I had to head for a shoot I’m worried about the weather ( heh I shouldn’t care as i live in Scotland 😉  ) but somehow every time turns an amazing sunshine. Just like yesterday…


Liz and Mark come from England and they just arrived couple of days ago to Scotland for their big day on Saturday at the Archerfield House. They menage to find spare time in between busy organization for the wedding day, for a mini engagement session with me. They stayed in beautiful lodges at the Archerfield and we took some photos in there. Mark and Liz love playing Scrabble. Even tho Liz constantly looses she is very determinate and hoping to beat  Mark one day. They have lots of fun when playing and this is what it’s all about. 🙂

After the game we went for a nice walk to the nearest beach…. And it was just perfect! What I love the most about Liz and Mark that they are very relaxed people with great sense of humor. You can’t be bored with them! And I’m expecting their wedding to be not bored at ALL! 


001_Liz and Mark save the date

015_Liz and Mark save the date 016_Liz and Mark save the date 017_Liz and Mark save the date 029_Liz and Mark save the date 030_Liz and Mark save the date 035_Liz and Mark save the date 038_Liz and Mark save the date 044_Liz and Mark save the date 055_Liz and Mark save the date


To see more photos from Liz and Mark’s engagement photo session in East Lothian please click on slideshow below.