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There was a month, where I’ve had to postpone lots of engagement sessions due to wet weather. With Louise and Stephen it was twice. That one day we were suppose to shoot with positive looking weather but half way through driving for the session I saw massive dark clouds. Not long after that it started to rain like mental. I was nearly on location at  Yellowcraigs Beach, so didn’t want to come back. When I get to the cart park I saw Louise and Stephen seating in the car a bit disappointed (so was I). The rain stoped slowly, so we’ve decided that we’re gonna goahead with the shoot. We’ve begun in the woods where we could hide in case heavy rain would start again. It end up that we managed to have great shoots in the woods and some at the beach too! Their beloved dog had so much fun  and he definitely didn’t mind some rain! I loved the light and the Louise and Stephen’s attitude. Their wedding is next week and I’m very excited about it! Let’s check their photos from their engagement shoot before official wedding ones comes up!